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Geeze, the credits must be a mile long!!

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Matthew Wilder - Guitar, Piano, Programming, Producer

Betty Wright - Vocals (bckgr)

Rick Todd - French Horn

Desmond Child - Producer

Bruce Dukov - Violin

Evan Rogers - Vocals (bckgr), Producer

Cathy Dennis - Producer

Carlos Alvarez - Engineer, Mixing

Louis Biancaniello - Arranger, Keyboards, Programming, Producer, Engineer, Mixing

Charlie Bisharat - Violin

Debra Byrd - Vocals (bckgr)

Chris Camozzi - Guitar

Jeff Chestek - Engineer

Steve Churchyard - Engineer

Bob Clearmountain - Mixing

Brian Coleman - Production Coordination

Larry Corbett - Celli

Kenneth Crouch - Organ

Clive Davis - Executive Producer

Joel Derouin - Concert Master

Tony Duran - Photography

Doug Emery - Arranger, Keyboards, Programming, Engineer

Stephen Ferrera - Percussion, Drums, Producer, Mixing, A&R

Josh Freese - Drums

Berj Garabedian - Violin

Paul Gendler - Guitar

Larry Gold - String Arrangements, String Conductor

Jimmy Hoyson - Engineer

Peter Kent - Violin

Rhett Lawrence - Guitar, Scratching, Arranger, Programming, Producer, Mixing, DJ, Pro-Tools

Lee Levin - Drums, Engineer

Clif Magness - Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Piano, Arranger, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Programming, Producer, Engineer

Stephen Marcussen - Mastering

Tony Maserati - Mixing

Cindy Mizelle - Vocals (bckgr)

Peter Nocella - Viola

Steve Pearce - Bass

Dave Pensado - Mixing

Csaba Petocz - Engineer

Tim Pierce - Guitar

Michele Richards - Violin

Olle Romo - Guitar, Pro-Tools

Robin Sellars - Engineer

Mike Shipley - Mixing

Tommy Sims - Bass

Leslie Smith - Vocals (bckgr)

Carl Sturken - Keyboards, Producer, Drum Programming

Chris Willis - Vocals (bckgr)

John Wittenberg - Violin

Ken Yerke - Violin

Andy Zulla - Engineer, Mixing, Pro-Tools

Dave Arch - String Arrangements

Matt Howe - Engineer

Jim Watts - Pro-Tools

Jimmy Briggs - Mixing Assistant

Conesha Owens - Vocals (bckgr)

Danielle Brisebois - Vocals (bckgr)

Suzie Katayama - Orchestra Manager

Dan Warner - Guitar

Sam Watters - Arranger, Vocals (bckgr), Producer, Engineer

Sharlotte Gibson - Vocals (bckgr)

Randy "The Emperor" Jackson - Bass

Steve McMillan - Mixing, Pro-Tools

Frank Harkins - Art Direction

Cesar Ramirez - Assistant Engineer

Pathik Desai - Guitar

Quentin Dunn - Engineer

Mike Elizondo - Bass

Emma Kummrow - Violin

Charlene Kwas - Violin

Gregory Teperman - Violin

Mary Griffin - Vocals (bckgr)

Dino Hermann - Engineer

Steve Mac - Keyboards, Producer

Brett Kilroe - Art Direction

Greg London - Engineer

Darrin McCann - Viola

Al Hemberger - Engineer

Jules Gondar - Engineer

Gordon Goss - Assistant Engineer

Andrea Derby - Production Coordination

Chris Laws - Engineer

Daniel Pursey - Assistant Engineer

Abe Laboriel Jr. - Drums

Craig Lozowick - Engineer

Wayne Rodrigues - Scratching, DJ

Bob Becker - Viola

Jim Gasior - Piano

Patrick Woodward - Mixing Assistant

Rich Balmer - Engineer

Kevin Harp - Assistant Engineer

Corky James - Guitar

Jeff Kanan - Engineer

Kelly Clarkson - Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)

Conrad Golding - Engineer

Dabling Harward - Vocal Editing

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saw her on 'the tonight show' last night. the song was worse than the others she had to sing before. some sort of garbage with a droning hard rock guitar riff....she really sounded out of her element (and bad). oh well, it didn't take long for her 15 minutes.

...just think it took that many people to make a bad record. well, i guess the old saying about too many cooks is true.

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Did I really count 26 :rolleyes: Engineer/Assistant Engineers? But, Hey, it's all about the music, right. ;)

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Yeah, Clarkson also sang some 'heavy' tune on American Idol a couple weeks ago - and it was pretty lousy, and didn't fit her at all, IMHO.

Gotta confess, I've been watching most of the American Idol episodes this time around. My wife got me hooked - I can't help it!!

Talk about a guilty pleasure... :P

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96 people!

That's pretty sad.

I don't know where the original list came from, but it's kind of sad that Kelly Clarkson is the third from last on the list, just two above the vocal editor. Heck, the photographer is only number 21 on the list. I recognize a few names on the list. I think they might have given production credit to anyone famous who visited the studio.

It's refreshing to see that it's all about the music.

I posted a link to the adventures of Mixerman a while back and got no bites on it. If you're curious how they could end up with 96 people in the mix. Mixerman's tale is very telling (and very funny!). I'll post the link one more time. Trust me, it's really funny.



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Hopefully it will die a slow, painful death. The record, not her.

She's cute and all, but that's about it.

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Thanks, Rooster Ties. I was just curious about the order of the list.

If I was Clarkson, I'd be really embarrassed by this. She seems to have some talent.

Yeah, where is Simon?

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That credit list is about as long as the full-page spread the FW Star Telegram devoted to her yesterday. Free publicity at it's finest, yet it amounted to nothing more than a teen-zine type review (shtuff like Kelly's Top Faves or something like that was included).

So I guess if that's all it takes to get free publicity (be from Texas, be cute (damn, that counts me out), round up about 452,975 producers, musicians, hair stylists, etc to make a record), SIGN ME UP!

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Isn't Texas the state where if you can polish off a huge steak you don't have to pay for it? Well if that's the case then Kelly Clarkson's against their principles because this one is all sizzle and no steak. <_<

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I can't stop reading the adventures of Mixerman. I just finished week 2 and really should be doing some work but I can't seem to pull myself away. I can't wait until tonight when my wife goes to sleep and can read it for a while.

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