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Hi all,   I hope it's okay to start a new thread.   I'll post my Bandcamp recommendations here instead of the obscure album thread.  It's not very obscure when I post a link to the material.  Most of what I listen to today are lesser known musicians trying to grow an audience. 


First up is Arthur Vint and Associates

Death Rides A Horse

released July 14, 2017 

Arthur Vint - drums 
Ian Stapp - bass 
Jon Cowherd - piano 
Tony Scherr - electric guitar 
Roy Williams - acoustic guitar 
Andrew Halchak - bass clarinet, flute 
Rich Perry - tenor sax 
Blanca Cecilia González - violin 
Yvonnick Prene - harmonica 

All songs written by Ennio Morricone and arranged by Arthur Vint 
Produced by Arthur Vint 



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Wax & Wane

by Brandee Younger

Evoking the musical equivalent of rare gems, Younger emerges from the legacies of Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane as she ushers in a new era that celebrates the unsung titan of string instruments. 

Born during the REVIVE Music and Blue Note Records sessions for “Supreme Sonacy Vol. 1,” Younger’s latest album is a testament to her musical forebears that fuses classical technique with the persistent groove at the core of the Black music canon. Produced by Casey Benjamin, “Wax & Wane” features flutist Anne Drummond and long-time members of Younger’s quartet, tenor saxophonist Chelsea Baratz and bassist Dezron Douglas, who trades in his upright bass for electric. Joining them are drummer Dana Hawkins and esteemed guitarist Mark Whitfield. Celebrated string duo Chargaux joins Younger for the project’s interludes. 

“Wax & Wane” builds on the jazz/hip-hop/funk foundation laid down by Younger’s “Dorothy Jean”, Supreme Sonacy Vol. 1’s lead single that premiered on “Wax Poetics” in July of this year. “Exploring the depths of Ms. Ashby’s music was certainly a treat,” says Benjamin. “I can’t think of a better person than Brandee to channel the true essence and continue the lineage of Ms. Ashby’s work through her own voice, spirit and experience. I’m happy to ride along on the...  more
released February 19, 2016 

Wax & Wane 
Featuring Anne Drummond 

Brandee Younger, harp 
Anne Drummond, flute 
Dezron Douglas, electric bass 
Mark Whitfield, guitar 
Dana Hawkins, drums 
Chelsea Baratz, tenor sax 
Chargaux, violin & viola 




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Samantha Boshnack: The Nellie Bly Project

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re: dawn (from far)

by Jeremy Cunningham Quartet

Drummer Jeremy Cunningham has been a staple on the Chicago jazz scene since moving to the city in 2009—he’s played with everyone from Von Freeman to Caroline Davis, and is getting his Masters in Jazz Performance at DePaul—but one thing was always missing: an album under his own name. But that was then. This is now: re: dawn (from far) will be released on June 17 from ears&eyesRecords. 

re: dawn (from far) is Cunningham’s solution to what he used to see as a “missed opportunity” to record something tangible with his closest colleagues and mentors. On the highly collaborative album, he’s joined by guitarist Jeff Parker (Tortoise), Josh Johnson (a 2012 Thelonious Monk Institute fellow), and Matt Ulery (Loom). Years ago, Cunningham and Johnson played a number of times with the renowned Parker, a mentor figure to both of them. The seed of the album was planted when, at one gig, Parker mentioned offhandedly that they should all consider making a record. “We were too scared to take him seriously,” Cunningham laughs, and before long, both Johnson and Parker had moved to Los Angeles. Initially, Cunningham saw this as a wasted chance; soon enough, though, he decided to call them...  more
released June 17, 2016 

Jeremy Cunningham - drums (Caroline Davis, Meridian Trio) 

Jeff Parker - guitar (Tortoise) 

Matt Ulery - bass (Loom) 

Josh Johnson - alto saxophone (Holophonor, Thelonious Monk Institute) 

Dustin Laurenzi - tenor sax (Twin Talk, Snaarj) 

Andrew Toombs - wurlitzer, piano (Davey Knowles) 



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Cat Toren's HUMAN KIND

by Cat Toren's HUMAN KIND


These compositions are inspired by both the free form jazz of the 1960’s and a personal expression of the resurgent civil rights movement that is upon us. Jazz has always been music of expression and of the people. In the late 60’s, as John and Alice Coltrane and their contemporaries were bringing jazz to new levels of experimentation and cross-culturalism, the sociopolitical climate was fraught with tension. There were benefits held for the Congress Of Racial Equality (CORE) at the infamous Five Spot Cafe, Nina Simone was singing “Mississippi Goddam” at Carnegie Hall and producer/concert promoter Norman Granz was demanding that venues adhere to mixed seating for his Jazz at the Philharmonic tours which featured artists such as Dizzy Gillespie and Ella Fitzgerald. America has come a long way, but this recent regression is a wake up call that the work is far from over. Some feel uncomfortable as liberal values creep into their communities (when you’re used to privilege, equality feels like oppression - anon.) while others don’t see civil liberties as a primary issue. In keeping with tradition, this album will benefit organizations that fight for civil liberties and human rights. 

“Well, I think music, being an expression of the human heart, of the human being, itself, does express just what is happening.” 
—John Coltrane Interview with Frank Kofsky 1966 

The HUMAN KIND project believes in an understanding that what happens to your neighbour is held in humanity’s shared unconscious mind and is passed down generationally until our efforts transcend this unconsciousness. Americans recently decided how they would cast their vote based on their personal priority issues. If our collective priorities do not include making a considerable effort toward the public good - gender equality, racial equality, equal rights for the LGBTQ2 community, freedom of religion, the right to clean air and water, basic healthcare and quality education for all - as a minimum requirement, then we suffer as a global community. When the perceived health of one’s tax bracket is of greater concern than the health and happiness of others, we enable this suffering. This music is meant to nourish the initiative to crack the door open to see outside one’s sphere. It is meant to abate ignorance and stoke the fire of compassion. It is meant to energize the soul so that we the people can mobilize, organize and get out there! It is meant to touch the spirit and keep the faith. It is meant to inspire so that we might begin to take steps to transcend unconsciousness. 

Cat Toren 
New York, 2017 

This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal. 
— Toni Morrison


released January 21, 2017 

Cat Toren - Piano/Keyboard/Compositions 
Xavier Del Castillo - Saxophone 
Yoshie Fruchter - Oud/Guitar 
Jake Leckie - Bass 
Matt Honor - Drums 

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Outra Coisa

by Anat Cohen & Marcello Gonçalves


The connection between Moacir Santos and the guitar has been on my mind ever since I heard Baden Powell play Moacir Santos's music on the album “Baden Powell swings with Jimmy Pratt.” 

I've always loved the rich orchestral sounds of Moacir's compositions but could not imagine how to transfer the large ensemble sound I heard into my solo guitar. Last year, reading Moacir Santos's scores directly from his songbook, I was surprised how perfectly it fit the 7-string guitar, in the original key, as if the music was composed for the instrument. 

I spent a year working on that repertoire and when Anat visited Brazil, I proposed that we get together so I could show her the arrangements I’d been working on. The clarinet was Moacir’s first instrument. If his compositions sounded so beautiful on the guitar, I could only imagine how special they would sound played by Anat on the clarinet. Anat proposed meeting directly at a recording studio and so we did. When we started playing, Anat, who has known me for many years, said: “I have never seen you so happy!” I responded: “I’ve never been!” This recording documents those two happy days in the studio. 

I hope you enjoy listening to this music as much as we enjoyed playing it. 

Marcello Gonçalves, July 2016
released April 28, 2017 

Anat Cohen - clarinet 
Marcello Gonçalves - 7-string guitar 

All compositions by Moacir Santos 
Arrangements by Marcello Gonçalves 


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Listen to the samples on this one:


"It’s hard to imagine a more poignant recording. Given the background of this album and its sheer musical force it’s impossible not to be profoundly moved by it. This may well qualify as the jazz album of the year." ***** John McBeath, The Australian Nov 21st 2015

"Ades writes songs that have this infectious, buoyant vibe at the center. This disc is superbly recorded and well balanced so that all four members are integral to the group sound. Mr. Ades has also written a handful of convincing melodies that stay with you long after the disc ends." Bruce Lee Gallanter, DowntownMusicGallery NY Jan 15th 2016

"It was a superhuman effort: David Ades was dying of lung cancer when he recorded this album. He knew it would be his last and he made it his best. Ades’ illness could not knock the extraordinary singing vitality out of his playing." ***** John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald Jan 18th 2016

"It is all strong, bright, passionate and, particularly when Malaby moves from tenor to soprano sax, uplifting as the overall pitch lifts and the two high voices sing." John Clare, The Music Trust Feb 1st 2016

"A Life In A Day is a testament to the transformative power of music. Ades frequently swoops upwards to the higher registers, but he never abandons his warm, expressive tone. Taken with Malaby’s sonorous, more languid lines, the resulting image of these two players...  more


released November 1, 2015

David Ades - alto saxophone
Tony Malaby - soprano and tenor saxophone
Mark Helias - bass
Gerald Cleaver - drums

All music published by Radio Legs Music/BMI, Chubasco Music/SESAC, Gerald Cleaver Music

Recorded September 18th 2013
at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn NY
Recording Engineer: Michael Brorby
Mix Engineer: Mark Helias
Mastering Engineer: Jim Hemmingway at JCH Audio
Produced by David Ades and Mark Helias

Cover photo by Roger Mitchell
Designed by Luke Fraser/Ahr+

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There are a number of Ken Vandermark CDs, etc. on Bandcamp that may be of interest to some.

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by Jason Anick and Jason Yeager

Jason Anick (violin/electric mandolin) 
Jason Yeager (piano) 
Greg Loughman (bass) 
Mike Connors (drums) 

Special Guests - 

George Garzone (tenor sax) 
Jason Palmer (trumpet) 
John Lockwood (bass) 
Jerry Leake (percusison) 
Clay Lyons (alto sax)


released January 9, 2017 

**Official Release 3/10/2017 on Inner Circle Music**


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Holographic Projections

by Toms Lipskis quintet


released December 23, 2016 

Toms Lipskis - double bass 
Dāvis Jurka - saxophone 
Oskars Ozoliņš - trumpet 
Dāvis Bindemanis - piano 
Rūdolfs Dankfelds - drums 


Aleksejs Bahirs - violin 
Ivars Brīnums - violin 
Zane Dziesma - viola 
Jānis Pauls - cello 

All music by Toms Lipskis 


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Darren Johnston & Tim Daisy // Crossing Belmont (relay digital 006)

by Darren Johnston, Tim Daisy

Darren Johnston - Trumpet 
Tim Daisy - Drums & Percussion 

Recorded live on April 23rd, 2017 at the Hungry Brain - Chicago,IL 
Recorded by Dave Zuchowski @ One Room Studio 
All compositions by Tim Daisy (ASCAP) and Darren Johnston (ASCAP)
released June 5, 2017 

Since settling in San Francisco in 1997, Canada-born trumpeter/improviser/composer/songwriter Darren Johnston has collaborated and recorded with an extremely diverse cross-section of artists. His interests rotate around composing instrumental music, writing songs, and performing all styles of jazz, experimental and purely improvised music, as well as traditional music of the Balkans, Greece, and Macedonia. These interests have coalesced into his primary ensemble of late, Broken Shadows, which unites musicians from all the aforementioned communities. 

He has performed and/or recorded with luminaries such as ROVA Sax Quartet, Fred Frith, Myra Melford, Ben Goldberg, Matt Wilson, Mark Dresser, Marshall Allen, and many others, with a special fondness for relationships he’s forged over the years with representatives from Chicago’s incredible improvising community. Current projects in this regard include Dave Rempis (in a horn trio with Larry Ochs), and a new-born duo with percussionist/sound artist Tim Daisy. 

As a composer, he has written for jazz and/or non-idiomatic improvising groups, big bands, string quartet, and even a multi-generational choir, with songs based on a collection of immigrant letters. He has written for dance companies such as Amy Seiwert’s Imagery, Deborah Slater, Axis Dance, Robert Moses’ Kin, Liss Fain, and others, as well as for dance films. 

Chicago – based drummer, marimbist, and composer Tim Daisy has worked in the fields of improvised and composed music since 1997. He has performed, recorded, and toured with many acclaimed musicians and ensembles from both the North American and European improvised music scenes including: Mars Williams, Ken Vandermark, Fred Lonberg -Holm, Elisabeth Harnik, Dave Rempis, James Falzone, Russ Johnson, Havard Wiik, Mikolaj Trzaska, Clayton Thomas, Per Ake Holmlander, Steve Swell, Aram Shelton, Michael Zerang, Kyle Bruckmann, and Katherine Young. 

Since June of 2015, he has been a co- programmer for the Option music salon at Experimental Sound Studio. The programming explores contemporary perspectives on improvisation and composition in a ‘salon’ format, enabling local, national, and international artists to publicly discuss their practice and ideas as well as perform


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Happy Sunday.   This is highly recommended.

In Our Hands

by Daniel Tsang Sextet

"In Our Hands" is dedicated to the innocent children that have been killed, injured or displaced by the armed conflicts in Syria since 2011. Drawing from the melodic and harmonic sounds of Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band, Wolfgang Muthspiel and Zach Brock, the music represents a desire to see all human beings learn to take care of the world and each other, regardless of their background, race, religion, gender and beliefs. It's music about love and humanity. 

Featured track "Omran" is inspired by Omran Daqneesh and many other children's heartbreaking stories. 

"Omran" consists of 4 sections: 
1. Sun, Playground, Laughter 
2. Overcast 
3. Storm, Air Raid, Ambulance 
4. Hope 

The first section represents their lives before the war started, and perhaps the talents and gifts that these children were born with. In "Overcast", everything was interrupted by the uprising and the civil war. The children had no choice but to leave the playgrounds that they love in order to run for their lives. The third section "Storm, Air Raid, Ambulance" attempts to portray the sound of airstrikes and ambulances that have swept through the whole country of Syria as well as the pain of losing loved ones. The final section represents hope, that violence will be stopped and the precious children in the world would be protected and nurtured. 

More about Omran Daqneesh: 
Omran is a Syrian boy who was filmed by Aleppo Media Centre and gained international media coverage after he was injured by an airstrike, sitting in the back of an ambulance waiting to be treated. Fortunately, Omran was able to make it out alive and reunite with his parents while many other children would have been dead before the rescue team arrived. 

100% of the album sales will be donated to UNICEF, the Syria Crisis Appeal. Click the link below if you would like to find out more.  
released May 28, 2017 

Daniel Tsang - Violin 
Gareth Voigt - Tenor Saxophone (Track 1 & 2) 
Joel Trigg - Piano 
Hiroki Hoshino - Bass 
Nick Kyritsis - Guitar 
Ronny Ferella - Drums 

Recorded Live at Soundpark Studios, Melbourne, Australia, on November 25th, 2016. 
Recorded and mixed by Andrew Hehir, Soundpark Studios. 
Mastered by Niko Schauble, Pughouse Studios. 

All songs by Danel Tsang. 


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Fading Light

by Dan Phillips Trio

Lizard Breath Records 
Is pleased to announce this new exciting release. 

Dan Phillips, Krzysztof Pabian and Tim Mulvennea 
Fading Light 

Out April 17th 

The fourth release from A based Chicago Trio featuring the compositions of guitarist Dan Phillips with Krzysztof Pabian on Bass and Tim Mulvenna on drums. 

This is the fourth release for this unique trio and the 20 plus year relationship between these outstanding musicians is obviously apparent in the performance. This release also features Dan Phillips’ unique compositional style, but with a slightly more minimalist approach in some instances 

Chicago has justly earned its high esteem amongst jazz & creative music aficionados. The city that fostered the talents of the AACM, Sun Ra, Fred Anderson, and many more has been kept alive by figures such as Ken Vandermark, Dave Rempis, Michael Zerang, Tortoise and many more. Some of the city’s finest appear on this release, led by former Chicago resident, guitarist Dan Phillips. 

Although Phillips – a Berklee and Northwestern grad – has lived in Thailand off and on since 2001 where he works as a Jazz Educator and performer in the region, he grew up in Illinois and lived in NYC for 5 years working with the likes of Jim Black, Ben Street, Chris Speed, Matt Darriau and many more. During this time abroad he has regularly returned home to his beloved Chicago to record and perform with his favorite musicians. From the mid 90s to the early 2000s he lived in Chicago where he led groups featuring local talents Jeff Parker, Chad Taylor, Tim Daisy, Jeb Bishop, Hamid Drake, Mars Williams, Rudresh Mahanthapa, Phil Gratteau, Tatsu Aoki and Larry Kohut. 

This album begins with the title track “Fading Light” which is based on a freely played simple melodic theme that the trio improvises on and reshapes until a climactic contrasting outro. “Schwag” is a also a melodic theme played in unison by bass and guitar in contrasting swing rhythm and then improvised on in broken time. “Unbound” features Phillips’ unique harmonic chordal style melody with an extended guitar solo. “Ominous Thoughts” is a harmonic theme repeated with a beautiful arco bass solo creating the melodic material. “Was Going So Well” shows the trio digging in and swinging an a melodic theme before taking out on a heavy rubato theme. “Icy Fields” is a rubato melodic theme the trio effortlessly improvised on to create the a visual impression of the Midwestern winter scene. “Saga” is a more extended composition as was featured on earlier releases with varying shapes and time signatures. It also features Phillips’ unique guitar harmonic and solo linear work. The Album closes with “Up There” which is as near to a rock/pop theme as it gets with this group. It also features Krzysztofs’s great arco work on double bass. 

released April 17, 2017 

Dan Phillips - Guitar 
Tim Mulvenna - Drums 
Krzysztof Pabian - Double Bass


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Within and Without (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)

by Jeremy Rose

The title track 'Within and Without' suggests simultaneous opposing forces; attraction and repulsion, enchantment and anguish, hope and despair. The title is also inspired by James Turrell’s skyspace installation at National Gallery of Australia, 'Within Without', which transforms in colour with varying angles of fading natural light. 

'Trawangan' was inspired by a recent trip to Trawangan Island (aka ‘Gili T’), off Lombok in Indonesia. Strange Doors is a quote from a David Bowie song 'Scary Monster.' 'Afensou' is a remote village in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco where Rose recently traveled, with stunning views of the scenic rugged landscape. 'Night Wanderer' is a nod to those that seek the quite streets after midnight for their solitude. 'Zombie' was written after watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead, and later regretting it. 'From the River to You' is an exploration of the creative process. 'Second Chance' is for those in life that deserve another chance. 

'Ballad for Charlie' was written for the great jazz bassist, Charlie Haden, following his unfortunate death. 'Flashjack' is an arrangement of the Australian folk song, Flashjack from Gundagai. 

Jeremy Rose – alto saxophone and bass clarinet 
Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar and effects 
Jackson Harrison – piano 
Andreas Lang – bass 
Tobias Backhaus – drums 



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by AKKU Quintet

Liner Notes by Sid Smith: 

Following their acclaimed 2015 album, Molecules, Switzerland-based outfit, Akku Quintet have released their third record, Aeon. Intense, brooding and powerful, it contains a sequence of darkly beautiful compositions by Akku Quintet founder, drummer Manuel Pasquinelli. 

Best-known for his work in Swiss post-rock minimalist outfit, SONAR, Pasquinelli’s writing contains an almost cinematic dimension that encompasses bittersweet moods and moments of unfolding drama. 

Recorded in three days the compositions, begun at the piano or drum kit, were expanded and evolved by the group in an organic way. “We had a tour with six concerts just before the studio session, so we were very well attuned to the music. It was important for us to bring some of the energy and playfulness of a live gig to the album. Going in the studio we knew the songs very well but we were still trying out new things and sounds because the songs were still quite fresh for us. Often, the first take of a song turned out to be the best one,” says Pasquinelli. 

Formed in 2010, the line-up of Pasquinelli, Michael Gilsenan (Tenor saxophone), Markus Ischer (Guitar), Maja Nydegger (Piano, Keyboards) and Andi Schnellmann (Bass) avoids any obvious...  more
released March 24, 2017 

Manuel Pasquinelli - Drums 
Michael Gilsenan - Sax 
Maja Nydegger - Keys 
Markus Ischer - Guitar 
Andi Schnellmann - Bass 

All Compositions by Manuel Pasquinelli 


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I didn't expect to see this on Bandcamp


by Jack DeJohnette, Larry Grenadier, John Medeski & John Scofield

Music giants Jack DeJohnette, Larry Grenadier, John Medeski, and John Scofield, join forces in the electrifying new jazz-meets-rock supergroup, Hudson. Inspired by the beauty and spirit of their home region, New York’s Hudson River Valley, these famed improvisers bring fresh dimensions to Woodstock associated classics by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix and The Band and as well as compelling original compositions. The music also celebrates NEA Jazzmaster Jack DeJonnette’s 75th birthday.
released June 9, 2017


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Kinfolk: Postcards from Everywhere

by Nate Smith

“In conceiving this project, I wanted to focus on creating the material with very few ingredients; just improvising at the drums or piano or singing ideas into a voice recorder, focusing primarily on rhythm and melody. I want to see what other ingredients the players or singers would bring to the material. I’m interested in a true band sound: I want to know how the musicians will color, shape, and season the raw ingredients, and how to pull all of those pieces together to a whole.” - Nate Smith
released February 3, 2017 

Produced by Nate Smith for Waterbaby Music, Inc. 
Executive Producers: Kelvin A. Moses, Anthony A. Lewis, Ira N. Smith 
Mixed by Brian Bender at The Motherbrain, Los Angeles, CA 

Nate Smith: drums, percussion, fender rhodes, synths, sounds 
Kris Bowers: piano, fender rhodes 
Fima Ephron: electric bass 
Jeremy Most: guitars 
Jaleel Shaw: alto and soprano saxophones 

Dave Holland: acoustic bass, “Skip Step” “Spinning Down” 
Lionel Loueke: guitar, “Skip Step” “Spinning Down” 
Chris Potter: tenor saxophone, “Bounce parts I + II” 
Gretchen Parlato: vocals, “Pages” 
Michael Mayo: vocals, vocal percussion/effects, “Skip Step” “Retold” 
Amma Whatt: vocals, “Disenchantment: The Weight” “Morning and Allison” 
Adam Rogers: acoustic and electric guitars, “Spiracles” 

Strings on “Disenchantment: The Weight” arranged by Kris Bowers 
Strings on “Home Free (for Peter Joe)” arranged by Nate Smith 

Stephanie Matthews: violin I 
Juliette Jones: violin II/contractor 
Christiana Liberis: viola 
Reenat Pinchas: cello


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by Saagara

Wacław Zimpel - alto clarinet, bass clarinet, khaen 
Giridhar Udupa - ghatam 
Bharghava Halambi - khanjira 
K Raja - thavil 
Mysore N. Karthik - violin 
mooryc - production, all additional instruments 

Saagara, Wacław Zimpel’s Indian orchestra, released their second album “2” on Instant Classic label on February 27th. 

“2” was recorded in Bangalore last December. “I started my preparations around two months ahead of my trip to India”, admits Zimpel. “Once the draft versions of songs were done, I decided to share them with my producer mooryc in Berlin. Together we clarified the structures, added some melodies and I was ready to jump on the plane. One of the first steps we took in India was to play some concerts. And although majority of our setlist each night consisted mainly of older tracks from Saagara’s debut album, we managed to expand our sound by adding some electronics”, he recalls. 

“My main aim for this album was to create a bridge between Indian sounds and Western music logic in order to go against some popular trends”, says Zimpel. “Saagara’s first record was a deep dive into Karnatic tradition but I had to admit to myself that I am by no means a classical Indian musician. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to steer the band to the West but avoiding popular world music clichés. Thankfully Saagara is a very creative entity.” 

“2” is a third Zimpel album to feature a significant input from Berlin-based producer mooryc. “I put significant effort to change my sound spectrum. mooryc is mostly associated with electronic music and maybe that’s why his approach to acoustic instrument is fresh. It opens my mind to new means of expression”, explains Wacław. “Our collaboration operates on constant thoughts exchange but this time his work is more visible all over the album despite the fact that he didn’t participate in the recording session.” 

To support the record, Saagara scheduled a short tour in Europe. The band played in Germany, Ukraine and Poland. “My Indian bandmates love performing in my homeland. They have always been welcomed enthusiastically here. One of the distinct features of Indian music is its positive message and maybe that’s why people react spontaneously to our concerts”, says Zimpel. 
released May 12, 2017 


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Pax 6

by The Kandinsky Effect

With Pax 6, The Kandinsky Effect capture their evolving vision of a dark, rhythmic landscape.The album was recorded in Chamonix, France during April of 2016 and advances the compositional ideas founded on 2015’s Somnambulist, 2013’s Synesthesia, and 2010’s self-titled. Originally formed as a project to blend electronics and jazz, The Kandinsky Effect has matured over its 10 years span to develop a truly unique sound that is hard to compare. As a group, the band is heavily influenced by artists like Kneebody, Jaga Jazzist, and Bonobo, but the broader range of styles and influences in the music can be attributed to the fact that everyone in the band is a composer and approaches writing from a very different place. Warren Walker is very into electronic producers like Flying Lotus, Gael Petrina is into projects like Death Grips and Bon Iver, and Caleb Dolister often listens to piano driven projects like Hauska or metal bands like Meshuggah. More often than not, each song begins as an individual sketch with the intention of finishing the idea and arrangement with the rest of the band. This allows the broader influence sphere to directly affect each composition. 

released September 29, 2017 

Warren Walker - Saxophone/Synthesizer/Effects 
Gael Petrina - Bass/Effects 
Caleb Dolister - Drums 


Edited by Coda

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Enter the PlusTet

by Taylor Ho Bynum

Drawing on a variety of techniques from improvised conduction to big band orchestration to deconstructed fanfares, Enter the PlusTet relishes in “the simple joy that comes from a big group of artists working together,” as Bynum writes in his extensive liner notes. In addition to the purely musical impetus, Bynum wanted to make an ambitious and optimistic statement in a period of personal, political, and cultural uncertainty, a big gesture in an era when artists are too often pressured to think small or “practically.” He also wanted to convene some of his favorite musicians to create a shared space of camaraderie, exploration, and discovery. The assembled group embodies a diversity of generations, backgrounds, ethnicities, and gender – a universal kind of creative family unique to the current historical moment and musical community.


released October 28, 2016

Nate Wooley :: trumpet
Stephanie Richards :: trumpet
Vincent Chancey :: French horn
Steve Swell :: trombone
Bill Lowe :: bass trombone & tuba
Jim Hobbs :: alto saxophone
Ingrid Laubrock :: soprano & tenor saxophones
Matt Bauder :: tenor & baritone saxophones
Jason Kao Hwang :: violin & viola
Tomeka Reid :: cello
Ken Filiano :: bass
Mary Halvorson :: guitar
Jay Hoggard :: vibraphone
Tomas Fujiwara :: drums
Taylor Ho Bynum :: composer, conductor, cornet

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