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A recent purchase for me, this is one of the better Ben Bagley productions.  "Contemporary" in this case meant mainly Kander & Ebb and Schmidt & Jones, although Jerry Herman is represented by one track and the song "Here i Come " is credited to Sheldon Harnick with music by Will Irwin and Louis Bellson (!).  One of Katherine Hepburn's three vocals was excavated from the show New Faces of 1932 -- so, contemporary for her, I guess.  Ms. Hepburn's vocals are an acquired taste to be sure, but her appearance on one of his previous Cole Porter albums, Mr. Bagley writes, "accounted for over five times as many record sales as I normally have", so there's that at least.

One of the most pleasant surprises here is discovering how good a singer Alan Arkin was!  Too bad musicals were out of style when he was a movie star.  Go ahead and listen to this Kander & Ebb number without imagining some Bob Fosse style choreography, I dare you.

One of the bonus tracks added for the CD version of the original LP is a lovely Jones & Schmidt tune called "Earthly Paradise".  It's sort of the antithesis to their most famous tune, "Try To Remember".  I could not find the vocal version by Patricia Hoag featured on this album, but here is an excellent solo piano version of the tune by its composer, Harvery Schmidt --


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