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Status Updates posted by aurelio

  1. I'll take the Louis Armstrong Decca Sessions 1935-46(MD7-243).....Box(NM/MT) and Booklet(VG+)......12.00 

    I can pay via paypal

  2. One more question, what's the condition of the box-set?

  3. I'll take the

    Serge Chaloff - MD6-147 - $100 if it includes the box and booklet. Is shipping included?

    Let me know.

  4. I'll take the Jack Teagarden - The Complete Roulette Jack Teagarden Sessions (Mosaic) $55

    please provide your PayPal email address.

    Manuel Dominguez

    32 Medallion Court

    Pleasant Hill CA, 94523

  5. Just re-read you original post and noticed that you preferred PayPal. I'll pay you via PayPal, just email me your PayPal email address. Sorry for the confusion on my part.

  6. Hit send before I was finished.

    32 Medallion Court

    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

  7. Hi,

    Will you consider $200 for the MD12-170 Classic Capitol Jazz Sessions #2894 and the MD6-187 Complete HRS Sessions #4174 box sets?

  8. No problem, I just wanted to make sure the box was not stolen from our doorstep. Our neighborhood has had quite a few mail and packages stolen in the past few weeks. 40 mail boxes were hit.

  9. Hi,

    Please let me know the date you mailed the Bix. Our mail delivery has had some issues in the last week and I want to have an idea as to when I will receive it before I contact the Post Office. No problem if you have not mailed it, just want to make sure the Post Office didn’t screw up again.

    Thanks and Happy New Year!



  10. Have you mailed the Bix?

  11. Received the Mulligan today. Thanks!

  12. Please verify that it's still available

    colinmce@gmail.com for PayPal


  13. I'll take the Bix set at $85, I can paypal in an hour or so.

  14. I'll take the Gerry Mulligan Select $30

    Let me know how to pay you.

  15. I was referring to the Bix set. Box sets available:

    Miles & Gil Evans: The Complete Columbia Recording Sessions Long Box

    Miles Davis Quintet 1965-1968 - (6 CDs)

    The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (4 CDs)

    Miles Davis and John Coltrane: The Complete Columbia Recordings

    The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions (3 CDs)

    Seven Steps: The Complete Columbia Recordings

  16. What condition is it in? I have all the miles box sets, are you interested in a trade?

  17. Hi,

    I can easily send you a $50 Mosaic certificate or are you up for a trade? I have a mint Bob Dylan Original Mono Recordings box set that I can trade for the Herbie Nichols.

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