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  1. Well, although I made the initial comment about Phil Schaap, I must say that I enjoyed the music played on the Jackie McLean broadcast a lot. Compared to most people here, I'm not really that familiar with the Blue Note and Prestige catalogs and I heard a lot of great McLean music that was new to my ears. I know what to buy next when I hit the record store... Yeah, and of course there was absolutely nothing about McLean on Dutch radio or TV. It did make our local paper, though...
  2. I agree, this one doesn't sound too good on cd. I also have a great Stanley Cowell cd called "Brilliant Circles" that sounds atrocious.
  3. I tuned in, but (risking to get a verbal slamming here), how long is this guy going to keep on talking? I love Jackie McLeans music, though.
  4. I think the name of the percussionist who played with Hendrix at Woodstock is Juma Sultan, don't think it's the same guy.
  5. I think the liner notes from Monk's "Brilliant Corners" album mention that the title track is a cut-and-paste job from multiple takes, because the musicians were unable to get it right in one take. Also, on Lee Morgan's "Sidewinder", the ending part was also punched in because the bass player (Cranshaw?) forgot to play his line, if I remember correct. These are only two examples, but I guess it did happen sometimes.
  6. I'd definitely would not call him my favorite Messenger trumpet player, but I also really like Donald Byrd's playing on the "Jazz Messengers" Columbia cd, especially his trumpet break on 'Nica's Dream'. Just wanted to mention him.
  7. DatDere


    Perhaps better to torch it right now to save yourself from humiliation.
  8. DatDere


    I am familiar with their record "Conny Waves With A Shell", but I'm a bit too young to have seen them live when they were active on the Dutch scene. As you probably already know, the Dutch band Bettie Serveert are an offshoot of De Artsen and they were (and still are) pretty big on the music scene of the Netherlands and also had some international acclaim. I only discovered the Artsen record a couple of years after it was released. Still should have it on tape here somewhere. I remember liking it, but haven't listened to it in years.
  9. DatDere


    I don't subscribe to dogma's that dictate that I can't listen to anything issued on a major label (Stereolab was dropped from Warner a couple of years ago though), or to music that is in some ways derivative or borrows from whatever came before. Like .:.impossible says, life is also too short to worry about futile things like that, I just enjoy the music while it's playing. To me, Stereolab does offer an interesting and in some ways fairly unique synthesis of various influences (krautrock 'Motorik beat' stuff, exotica, etc.), and I never claimed they're the best or most innovative band ever. For what it's worth, I also like Neu!, Tappa Zukie, Henry Cow, the "Notorious Byrd Brothers" album and some of the other artists mentioned, just don't really see why it's relevant to name-check them here. But, to each his own... Anyone enjoying Stereolab might also want to check out "An electric storm" by White Noise, the self-titled United States of America lp, the first two Os Mutantes albums and the aforementioned Serge Gainsbourg album, all from the late 60s, although I suppose these are all too well-known for me to gain any hipster credentials.
  10. DatDere


    Why did this thread turn into some hipster namedropping contest? "Yeah, Stereolab sucks and you should listen to Gainsbourg's "Histoire de Melody Nelson" and 70s krautrock albums with singers with bad German accents. Oh yeah, and Tappa Zukie although he's mostly known for roots and dub reggae..."
  11. If they're gonna sue every hiphop artist that sampled the Ohio Players 'Funky Worm' or any of the early Parliament/Funkadelic albums on Westbound, there won't be a lot of hiphop albums left in stores..
  12. I think it's a very nice album, I really like the title track and "Mary Shut The Garden Door". The album could have used more variety in the rhythm section though, a lot of tunes seem to have almost the same mid-tempo groove. Anyway, another fine slab of "yacht rock" from Mr. Fagen.
  13. DatDere


    I also like Stereolab a lot. I do think 'Fab Four Suture' is somewhat of a step back compared to the previous albums (like Sound-dust, Margerine Eclipse), it seems to be more of a 'stripped down' album and I kinda miss the lush arrangements. Still a good listen though, and according to the band it's more like a 'compilation' of songs that have or will appear on EPs I've always liked the "Cobra and Phases Group" album a lot, although that one was almost universally maligned.
  14. Doesn't Miles have some negative stuff to say about two of his sons in his autobiography? I'd have to look it up..
  15. DatDere

    The Gigolo

    I only own a fraction of Lee Morgan's entire output as a leader, but The Gigolo is one of my favorites, together with Search For The New Land, The Procrastinator and Live at the Lighthouse. Picked up the RVG today, only had this on tape before. I'm no audiophile (guess that's what playing metal in garage bands in your teens does to your ears.. ) , but the sound quality sounds ok to me.
  16. I thought those YNQ records were pretty dreadful. Especially the keyboard playing is pretty bad and sloppy. The idea is nice, though, but take some piano lessons or something...
  17. I think this is from the "Joyful Noise' movie.
  18. There's also a clip of Emerson Lake and Palmer playing 'Blue Rondo a la Turk'. Sound seems to be a bit out of synch, though... Also lots of other 70s prog rock: Van der Graaf Generator, Gentle Giant, Genesis, Zappa, etc.
  19. Yeah, Zappa.com could use another redesign, it looks too much like "2002" with all the Flash crap. Anyway, like every FZ fan I've become increasingly disappointed with all the ZFT's false promises and mediocre releases over the last few years. I really hope they've finally got their act together, but I'm not holding my breath... They should take a hint from King Crimson/DGM or the Grateful Dead regarding archival releases.
  20. Yeah, I bought that one as well.. major disappointment. The sound samples from this one sound pretty good though, and the track selection at least suggests that this is the real thing.
  21. Check http://www.zappa.com today.. looks like the ZFT will have a concert recording of the "Petit Wazoo" orchestra from 1972 out soon. Personally, I've been waiting for a decent recording of this for years. Happy birthday FZ. Music is the best.
  22. The ZFT isn't evil, but they are eehm.. "flakes". That Grand Wazoo recording was a major disappointment, hard to understand why this was released instead of all the good stuff that is supposed to be in the vault.. Anyway, Barfko Swill reopened this month, let's hope for some good news.
  23. He also often had other musicians take a solo in some oddball time sig (like George Duke on 70s versions of Big Swifty) and switched back to a comfortable 4/4 sig when he did his own guitar soloing. He's still one of my favorite guitar players in rock (or whatever.. Zappa music).
  24. I like Herbie's playing on this record, but the tone of the Rhodes sounds odd on this album, as if the tines are muted or something. Same thing on "Straight Life". Was this an early Rhodes model or modified in some way? I own a Mark I myself (and I love playing it, to be honest) but it sounds very different.
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