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  1. I saw some of the footage on television a couple of years ago, I think they showed them playing 'Nica's Dream'.
  2. My cd copy doesn't sound too great either, pretty muffled.
  3. I like the sample from that second track, sounds like a medley of the Meters' Cardova and a Lee Perry dub reggae tune I have on a compilation somewhere.
  4. I've had this happen before. Couldn't figure out quickly how to change it by using the board Assistant, so I think I solved it by getting rid of all cookies and temporary internet files.
  5. I have it on pre-order, but according to my retailer it won't be available in Europe before 02/06/2007.
  6. What can I say... one of my all time favorites. Even though he's often hailed as a pioneer, I think the true reach of his influence is still underrecognized today. You can hear his influence in pretty much any popular music that came after it...
  7. Those Myspace clips sound sweet... looking forward to this release.
  8. Great news, I like that album a lot, nice to see it on cd. Thanks for the info.
  9. I really hope the remastered 'Third' is a big improvement sound-wise, the sound quality wasn't all too great on the original cd.
  10. I really like the new Nostalgia 77 Octet record, 'Borderlands'. Not as electronically oriented / sample based as their earlier stuff but it still has modern production touches. Has a very nice slow-moving cover version of a Horace Tapscott / Pan-Afrikan Arkestra tune.
  11. Autechre and other 'IDM' music is cool, but to me not quite the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of electronic artists that play 'groovy dance music for the people'. The stereotypical 'four-to-the-floor' house beat is so ubiquitous over here that I've pretty much grown tired of it over the years, but there's still lots of interesting stuff happening in electronic music.
  12. I think any jazz aficionado's list would include some surprising titles, but given that this appears to be a student mag, there aren't really that many eye-opening titles here, or at least to me. (i'd say the Django and Palmieri titles are actually the most surprising ones). This might be overstating it, but I think I might know more people in my age bracket who own Sun Ra, Ayler or Zorn albums than KOB, so I don't really find this list to be all too surprising. Didn't mean to imply these are bad records in any way, though.. I own six out of 10 myself.
  13. Kind of reads like the 'hipster guide to jazz' or something, I like most of them, though.
  14. Wham!'s "Last Christmas" and that Mariah Carey christmas tune are radio staples over here.
  15. This album was legitimately reissued on cd by Wounded Bird records last year.
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