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    Tony Scott

    “Though he professes a great respect for the work of other musicians, he seldom waits to be asked before leaping onto a bandstand with them, horn in hand —and he eyidences little awareness of the tastes or sensibilities of themusicians playing vyith him. When be is around it is always a show, and it is always Tony's show, unless a bigger ham upstages him.”. That’s a brilliant description of the only time I saw Tony Scott in London where he leapt on stage at a Peter King concert at the Bulls head in the mid 80s and blew his clarinet like a maniac and disrupted the gig. It was fun at the time but King looked too embarrassed to stop him, I recall. Someone told me who he was as I didn’t recognise him from his 50s record sleeves, he looked wild!
  2. A bit of a dim question, but 10” records are of a harder less flexible material to old 12”LPs. So, I have always been slightly wary of cleaning them with the usual solutions on my Moth machine. Should I worry? Anthony London Ps massive fan of 10” albums, I have lots and find the sound quality brilliant. Sort of closer to 78s than 12”. For example, Bud Shank and three trombones sounds great on 10”, particularly Shelly Manne’s drums. Never found a reissue with the same punch to it.
  3. Yes I see from the interesting link that Niki posted that it was claimed to be recorded in Europe to avoid problems with the local Chicago musicians union. according to the original film credits, there is a soundtrack on Saturn records, srlp0216.
  4. Anyone familiar with “the cry of jazz”, from 1959? I saw a public screening today but I noticed it is on You Tube: Stilted but provocative dialogue for its time. it features some clips of Sun Ra with John Gilmore and the Arkestra running through jazz styles from Dixieland onwards. Plus a futuristic looped section of Sun Ra’s piano. A couple of questions, it claims the music was recorded in Europe, really? And who is the amazing trumpet player with Sun Ra? Anthony London
  5. ‘Cry of jazz’ documentary screening tomorrow, Saturday, as part of the London Jazz Festival. Anthony London
  6. Springboard, Jeff Clyne, Ian Carr , Trevor Watts, John Stevens. Polydor Special LP. With drawings by Richie Stevens (age 6).
  7. Interesting, thanks. Shame it is out of print as this is a great sounding reissue.
  8. Hi, it was reissued by Emanem in 2014. I haven’t heard the original or the earlier reissue but this CD sounds very good to my ears. http://www.emanemdisc.com/E5046.html regards Anthony London
  9. The Floating Points thing certainly got him a lot of coverage in the UK. Found it a bit drippy myself. Sanders’ ‘Focus’
  10. Here in the UK, Pharoah’s death featured on BBC radio 4 news throughout Saturday. I can’t remember any US jazzman getting this coverage in recent years. I am pleased to have seen him a number of times. The most memorable was a Central Park summer stage concert maybe 15 years back where he seemed to be having a lot of fun once he warmed up.
  11. Wow, very jealous. His flute playing strikes me as much more individual than his alto and tenor work. Interesting that on his Island LP, Affectionate Fink, he is ‘MacNair’ but as Alan Branscombe is ‘Bronscombe’, I suspect this is sloppiness on the part of the record label. Chris Peers, the producer of Affectionate Fink told me via email that that Chris Blackwell stopped him producing any more jazz releases after the poor sales of The LP ( and that they all made such a shed load of cash from Millie Small’s ‘My boy lollipop’ that they didn’t think again about this decision). Hope Millie did OK too. Anthony London
  12. Best wishes for the retirement. I jumped ship last year and haven’t looked back. regards Anthony London What a record, absolutely stunning. Also, a great way of testing out your vinyl set up. anthony london
  13. Thanks Paul (from Camden), looks very useful. I am finding it difficult to navigate but that may reflect my IT capabilities. Anthony (from Kentish Town, Camden)
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