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  1. I have bought one copy of RAM, the recent reissue. I would much rather pay a fair price for a single disc of live recordings rather than pay for buying the entire original album over again.
  2. Miles: My Funny Valentine, Four and More, Plugged Nickel, Blackhawk Jimmy Smith: Cool Blues, Groovin at Smalls Paradise, Fourmost, Fourmost Return, The Boss, The Master vols. 1&2 Art Blakey: A Night at Birdland, Cafe Bohemia, At the Jazz Corner of the World (1959, BN) Keystone 3 Joey DeFrancesco: Incredible! Pat Metheny: Travels, Trio-Live Pat Martino: Live at Yoshi's Steps Ahead: Holding Together Count Basie: On The Road, Montreux '77 Jam Keith Jarrett: Up For It Joshua Redman: The Spirit of the Moment Freddie Hubbard: Friday/Saturday:Keystone Bop, Keystone Bop: Sunday CTI Summer Jazz At the Hollywood Bowl Joe Henderson in Japan
  3. nice, I like the white and ebony B-3's. Has anyone had one painted blue?
  4. they sound fine on my stereo Jim. (Technics amp and speakers and a DVD player) I don't hear any bogged down compression from MP3's. I can usually hear that stuff in the cymbals.
  5. yes, its the best thing the PMG has released to date, and that is saying something.
  6. I had an emusic subscription and downloaded and burned maybe 25 or 30 albums. Do I have legal copies of the albums or would it suit me to buy the actual discs in time? These are the only burns in my collection outside of me making individual burns of albums in boxsets for convenience purposes.
  7. Allen, I think you are being unfair to Metheny. You may not like his tone, but he is truly one of contemporary jazz's greatest musicians. His new work, "The Way Up" goes far beyond anything any jazz guitarist has been putting out in the moment. If you don't like Pat, I would assume you dislike Herb Ellis, and Pat Martino, also?
  8. Good one Joe. Anyway more thoughts on the album?
  9. Pat is actually 50, not 51. He turned 50 in August.
  10. remember Jim, people like me would have to use such access first
  11. interesting article. I'll have to go listen to that Wes solo.
  12. what a nice obit for Jimmy, really from the soul.
  13. yep, my Chambers is a white box too..... only have 3 selects, just get what interests me.
  14. to Jim, SS1, anyone who has heard it....... did anyone notice a sonic difference due to the fact they were using the new, digital B-3's? compared to the thinness of the XB-3 I couldn't hear much difference from the original.
  15. Joey's trumpet looks just like Miles'
  16. I really love Jimmy's solo on the title track. Anyone notice a slight cover design similarity to "Prayer Meetin'" on this disc?
  17. its really an excellent album and way to end a career.
  18. both of them play great, you won't be dissapointed Jim. Jimmy plays a little out on the title track, his solo entrance is classic J.O.S.
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