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  1. he said the record is incredible. According to Pete, Jimmy now lives alone in Arizona now, I wonder if Lola passed, Jimmy is now hooked up a new manager and says he has a new boost in life.
  2. Well, I emailed Pete Fallico to get the scoop. Let ya know when I hear from him.
  3. nice to hear you weigh in Joe. I'm just curious, what parts of "Part 1" remind you of recent stuff? Also, in "Part 2" between I think 10:40-10:49, check out the harmonies lifted from "Barcarole". They haven't drawn on that one in a long time.
  4. wow......... I just placed my order now
  5. Kevin, yer into the creaking chairs, whats this with a beer bottle?
  6. "At the Organ Vol. 3" is I believe from June, 18 1956, so its in the time frame of his first BN LP's. I have the Doubletime reissue, I'm not upgrading. I was hoping for "At Club Baby Grand" myself. The others except for the Cherry look good to me tho.
  7. Larry Goldings rarely uses pedals, right?
  8. interesting observation about the melody/harmony. I'll have to listen harder.
  9. oh yeah, "Its Necessary" is a great one. "Crazy Baby", "The Sermon", etc........
  10. "All Day Long", stuff off the two "Fourmost" releases.
  11. Jim, record Zora playing the organ next time yer at a rehearsal. I wanna hear that! next time take a picture of her playing with her mouth open. Classic jazz organ picture.
  12. Pat Metheny Group - Way Up what do you think? I picked it up today. Out of the PMG's work, this is their best, most interesting work yet. Very multilayered, guess this can be considered the true follow up to "Imaginary Day". Will spin again before bed.
  13. Jim, what a cute avatar! are you gonna teach Zora how to play the B3 when she gets a little older?
  14. Actually RDK, Pat doesn't mind his shows being taped as long as he doesn't see the red recording light, then he will self edit his playing.
  15. CJ Shearn

    Art Taylor

    I believe AT was a synthesis of the styles of Philly Joe and Blakey. I enjoy Jimmy Cobb as well, again I love the swing, actually I enjoy a lot of drummers who are just tasteful, and don't overload the proceedings. Another fav. of mine would be Grady Tate. Boy, what a touch he has! B-)
  16. I bet a trio release will hit when we're still reeling from "The Way Up", which I again say is the best PMG record ever released.
  17. CJ Shearn

    Art Taylor

    I dig Taylor's crisp, hard swing.
  18. thanks for the recommendations so far..........
  19. I saw this at Yourmusic for $23.96 or so, is it recommended? it contains the 4 CD's with Ray Brown and Herb Ellis recorded at the Blue Note in 1990.
  20. yep, Pat's created a style of his own. If he wasn't a giant of jazz today then why would luminaries like Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Dave Holland, Roy Haynes, Jack DeJohnette, Kenny Garrett, all have him on their records or concert projects?
  21. JK it might be worth saying that Pat has a tremendous love of Miles and Trane, especially Miles. "Four and More" was the record that got Pat into jazz. And before you cast any more distaste for Metheny, please check out his new album "The Way Up" on January 25th, it is a monumental work in his catalog.
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