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  1. The Collector's Edition disc does indeed have unique material on it:

    1.    Let's Fall in Love [1] -Louis Armstrong / Oscar Peterson - 3:33

    2.    Dancing in the Dark [Mono Version] -Bill Evans - 4:25

    3.    La Rosita - Coleman Hawkins/Ben Webster - 2:34

    4.    Shine on Harvest Moon - Coleman Hawkins/Ben Webster - 2:17

    5.    Memories for the Count - Harry "Sweets" Edison/Buck Clayton - 7:19

    6.    The Moon Is Low - Roy Eldridge/Benny Carter - 3:07

    7.    Close Your Eyes - Oscar Peterson - 3:49

    8.    Playboy Peterson - Oscar Peterson - 2:15

    9.    Prayer, a Jazz Hymn (AKA Hymn to Freedom) - Oscar Peterson - 6:55

    10.  Squatty Roo - Johnny Hodges/Dizzy Gillespie - 7:23

    11.  Duke's Place - Ella Fitzgerald/Duke Ellington - 4:12

    12.  With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair - Tal Farlow - 3:00

    13.  Broadway - Jimmy Smith - 10:22

    14.  Let's Fall in Love [2] - Louis Armstrong/Oscar Peterson - 3:12

    I saw it a couple of weeks ago and never bothered, because I thought it was a compilation culled from the VE cds. :rmad:

    Well, I got it today (and got the Meade Lux Lewis today, too - as I'm one of those f**king completists...). I had no idea this was such a nice collection of rarities!

    Thanks, Aggie, Lon, for clearing this up for me! I think that Collector's Disc is going to get quite some spinning here!

    Another favorite of mine is the Modern Jazz Society Presents... disc. I look at it as a John Lewis album, actually. Very nice to hear Aaron Sachs in such stellar company! Then Luchy strikes as always he did, Getz, Scott and J.J. do some nice blowing, and then I like the arrangements very much. And those tunes are so nice! Can't get enough of any decent to gorgeous arrangement of "Django"...


  2. Okay, I have to confess, I made a point of having my local Tower order each of these for me and I have them all. . .. :o

    Why confess? That was truly a great series I think! Just as good as the Conns or whatever...

    Can you clear things with the Collector's disc? Does that have stuff from other (not VEE) dates? Stuff released on VMEs? Or rare takes?



  3. Aggie, thanks! But this is strange: La Rosita and Shine on Harvest Moon are from the Bean encounters Ben album, no? There, they play for at least double the time you gave!?

    And then, none of these tracks were on VEE discs!

    Will have to look for this disc. Think I saw it in a shop.

    And yes, the Dickerson is a good one, too! Some weird groovy stuff on this one!


  4. I have all of them except the Meade Lux Lewis, the Washington, the Schifrin (anyone has a copy left?) and the Collector's disc (has this one anything NOT reissued on other VEEs?)

    I like the series very much! Favorites include the Thigpen, Alan Shorter, Joneses, Edison, Konitz, Terry, Gillespie, Bauer, Cleveland, Jacquet, Lateef, Farmer, Jazztet, Brown discs. And the Joe Gordon album on the Blakey disc is cool, too!

    I knew none of that stuff before, so it held many pleasant surprises!


  5. I'll second the comments on the shattering nature of Trane's playing during the tour, and hearing Sonny is pretty cool, too. However, one shouldn't overlook Miles -- he is incredible on both the spring and fall tours. The difference in his playing between the two tours, only a few months apart, is very interesting as well; he appears more fiery in the Paris and Stockholm shows from the fall tour, as if to balance for the loss of Trane. Essential music, I think.

    Yes, essential indeed! I have both the Paris and the Stockholm 4CD sets and like them very much!

    And Miles' playing harder, edgier, sort of compensating Trane's departure, that's something I hear in the autumn concerts, too. It's like with Trane, Miles was playing the softer counterpart, while later with Stitt taking the softer part, Miles plays more fiery, trying (and succeeding, in my opinion) to provide sort of an edge which went away with Trane.

    Then, I love Wynton Kelly on all these sets! Many great solos!

    An as an aside: there exists some story about Miles having given Trane his first ever soprano on the spring tour.


  6. Just listening to the Jazz Epistles disc! It arrived this morning. Wonderful music! Though the later encounters of Brand/Moeketsi somehow strike me as riper, more individual.

    The CD I have now is the Camden reissue (1998), not the Kaz one (that would be from the late eighties, if it really came out on Kaz, too).

    No personnel and date is given. Is the following correct:

    Hugh Masekela t

    Jonas Gwangwa tb

    Kippie Moeketsi as

    Dollar Brand p

    Johnny Gertze b

    Makaya Ntshoko d

    And the date? September 195? (September is mentioned in the liners, but no year is given)

    Are the 14 tracks all from one date? Is this the complete output of the band? In the liners, an album released shortly after recording is mentioned - this would surely not have included all the music (72'28" is what my disc has) of the CD?

    Were there two albums and something left off from the CD?

    Then AMG helped re. "Jazz in Africa Volume Two" (though not too much help):


    So this is a Moeketsi disc, not a Jazz Epistles one (the liners of my CD - written by Donald McRae - make believe that Volume 1 DOES indeed include the WHOLE output of the Epistles).

    Amazon lists it as available, too:

    Amazon, Jazz In Africa Volume Two

    And here's the cover:


    I wonder if this is something similar to the "African Horns" CD (of which the discographical info can be found in one of my previous posts.)?



  7. Looking at the DeepDiscountcd.com website, I also noticed that DEFINITIVE has a 3-CD Complete Columbia set 1941-1951. So is this the same, but with disc 4 of the AMERICA'S #1 BAND being extra live material? :o

    Don't think so, tjazz!

    Disconforme/Definitive has TWO Basie Columbia sets, one 1941-1951 (3CD) (link) and one 1936-1941 (4CD) (link). There has been some talk about these somewhere before (probably in the lost part of AAJ), and they seem to be "complete" (no additional material, no alternate takes, certainly no of the new stuff on Columbia/Legacy).

    I am not sure about this. And Definitive (just in case you don't know this yet - otherwise forgive me for stating the obvious) is a rip-off label. They have quite a lots of stuff which in Europe is in the public domain now (meaning older than 50 years), and they copied a fair amount of other label's releases. So generally, one should try to go for the original (though Basie is a special case, as no original exists - maybe the Chronological Classics would be the way, there).


  8. Agustin,

    what is exactly, content of that box set, you put cover on? Are they complete recordings?

    I've heard about some Django set (Mosaic, probably) that have all studio and prewar live recordings, never issued studio takes etc.

    And, do some Djangologist among us know, if the whole opus of this master issued, or we can expect new additions in future to come?


    the following link brings you to the french Editions Frémeaux & Associés. They are releasing an "Intégrale Django Reinhardt" series, which has arrived at volume 18 currently (this covers 1949-1950). I don't have any of their Django stuff, but it seems to be the most exhaustive documentation of his music currently to be found.


    The following link has a good discography (also featuring ongoing addition of new Frémeaux releases):


    The Mosaic has the complete Swing/HMV recordings 1936-48. I don't know if this is complete in any useful way. Find more (& discography) here.


  9. Well, that seems like a good way to go. I don't have the Mosaic, and neither have the BN disc (you mean that "First Day" one with Albert Ammons, don't you?). So I'll rather go for that one sometimes.


  10. Have seen "8 1/2" once again! What a great GREAT film! Sure one of my ten favorites. (and it's ten, this time, meaning ten, not ten meaning actually 20)

    Anouk Aimée is sooo cool! And Cardinales is not bad either (though she has only a small part). Mastroianni is the epitome of cool, at the same time thoroughly italian.

    Marvellous music by Nino Rota (maybe my very favorite non-jazz film-soundtrack).

    And dig the final scene, when you actually see sort of the film in the film - when Mastroianni finally directs the film he could not get started during the two hours before.

    Then the scene with the Valkyrie at the beginning!! Whoa!

    8 1/2 blows me everytime I see it!

  11. Yesterday I passed that one by in a store. Should I run and pick it up? Is it a good one? It's one of two or three VEEs I don't have.


    I guess I know I should pick this up, but I need some :tup in order not to feel so guilty about buying way too many CDs all the time ;)


  12. Hey, EKE! Nice to see you over here a little more often!

    Count me in on Django! I got the Mosaic as my very first Django album. Love it! Then added all those Jazz in Paris discs (the seven of them are now jointly sold as a "box set" which just holds the seven discs as issued seperately, as far as I know), and a Definitive set of 4CDs including all (as they say in their a little better than usual liners, so this might mean most of, of course lacking any alternates) recorded encounters of Django with US musicians. (Got that so cheap that I had to overcome my Definitive-phobia...)

    Love all that music! His playing is so fluent, virtuosic, and so musical :wub:


  13. I like the Conn 180g reissues too.

    So do I. I don't have many LPs, mostly stuff that was not on CD (or not available here) when I picked up the LPs.

    The Conns I have on LP (missed the CD release of those, then found them on LP):

    - Griffin, Congregation (This one SOUNDS soooo goood!!)

    - Hubbard, Ready for Freddie

    - Gilmore/Jordan, Blowing In

    - Walter Davis, Davis Cup

    - Don Cherry, Symphony For Improvisers

    then one of those brown double LPs: the Chambers/Coltrane one. Will get obsolete with the upcoming Select. Very nice stuff, though!

    and the original US LP of Stanley Turrentine's "Comin' Your Way".

    and the original (prob. first pressing) of Blakey's "Free For All", though in terrible condition.

    Maybe I forgot some.


  14. You see, sometimes even in terms of jazz, it's could to be young... I have not yet picked up Thinking of Home, neither The Flip (saw the LP used a couple of times), and even if I will have them, I've got to wait for Another Workout until my official Mobley holdings will be complete...

    The Leftbank stuff was issued on Freshsound, a 2CD set, I only gave it a very quick spin, sound quality is terrible, can't remember the music (was in a hurry that day, and the next time I came to the store, they didn't have it anymore).

    If I remember right, it does not have Chambers on bass (as he had died - Jan. 1969 - sometime before, or stopped performing). Seems this has been a terrible period for Kelly (who seems to have been very close to P.C.) who died himself not much later (April 1971).

    I cannot access the Freshsound site right now to get more information on this. Try later!


  15. The Kaz CDs I've found to be extremely scarce in the U.S...I've only seen a few of them in a store in Berkeley, CA, once. However, I was once fortunate enough to work out a CD-R trade with a fellow BN BB member and received all of the Kaz Ibrahim CDs listed above...they are superb, truly a remarkable body of work and one that is worthy of a much nicer, better annotated collection (as the Penguin Guide guys point out, the Kaz CDs are EXTREMELY sketchy on details and sometimes contain flat out inaccuracies). I doubt we'd ever see it but it would be nice if someone like Mosaic would give proper tribute to Ibrahim's glory period.

    DrJ: If you have all of the above, you are missing one called "Blues For A Hip King" - I just today received shipping confirmation for that one from amazon.com. Try it there!

    I don't really know, but it seems the Camden discs are sonically superior (I'm no sound fetishist, however) to the Kaz discs. In the Jazz Epistles disc (from 1998) it says "These recordings have been restored and remastered, where possible, to the original standard." - Sounds good, maybe though it's just plain nonsense?

    And do you have the Jazz in Africa Volume 2? If so, could you please type out the track list and more importantly the musicians & session dates for me? (PM me or post it here please! Would be happy to know what exactly is on this disc!)

    Then: do you happen to see some mistakes (you know of) in my discography posted early in this thread? If so, please PM or post them, so I'll go and correct it!



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