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  1. Just listening to the Jazz Epistles disc! It arrived this morning. Wonderful music! Though the later encounters of Brand/Moeketsi somehow strike me as riper, more individual.

    The CD I have now is the Camden reissue (1998), not the Kaz one (that would be from the late eighties, if it really came out on Kaz, too).

    No personnel and date is given. Is the following correct:

    Hugh Masekela t

    Jonas Gwangwa tb

    Kippie Moeketsi as

    Dollar Brand p

    Johnny Gertze b

    Makaya Ntshoko d

    And the date? September 195? (September is mentioned in the liners, but no year is given)

    Are the 14 tracks all from one date? Is this the complete output of the band? In the liners, an album released shortly after recording is mentioned - this would surely not have included all the music (72'28" is what my disc has) of the CD?

    Were there two albums and something left off from the CD?

    Then AMG helped re. "Jazz in Africa Volume Two" (though not too much help):


    So this is a Moeketsi disc, not a Jazz Epistles one (the liners of my CD - written by Donald McRae - make believe that Volume 1 DOES indeed include the WHOLE output of the Epistles).

    Amazon lists it as available, too:

    Amazon, Jazz In Africa Volume Two

    And here's the cover:


    I wonder if this is something similar to the "African Horns" CD (of which the discographical info can be found in one of my previous posts.)?


  2. I have as many as I could find - came to know the series only as late as 1997 or 1998.

    Those I don't have: Whistle Stop, The Connection, Heavy Soul, A Slice of the Top, the Dodo Greene one

    Those I have in Mosaics or as TOCJs or RVGs (and therefore did not pick up as Conns even if I could have): Basra, the Hills, the Parlans, The All Seeing Eye, Leeway, True Blue, The Connection

    Conn LPs I have: Symphony for Improvisers, Congregation, Davis Cup, Ready for Freddie, Empty Foxhole

    Then I have only picked up the Byrd/Watkins from the last batch (for 10$!) so far.

    I'm actually no completist of this particular series, but this is the easiest way to get those sessions for me. Japanese stuff hardly ever shows up here, and if, it's horrendously priced (up to 30$ per CD).


  3. Lucky Thompson, last track on the wonderful, great, sublime "Lucky Strikes" album, with Hank Jones, Richard Davis and Connie Kay.

    On Jaco's "Birthday Concert", there is an extended version, with Michael Brecker and Bob Mintzer (one of the very few records, where I don't mind Brecker's presence...)


  4. and anyone know whether this stuff has been issued on CD? And more importantly whether it is available or incredibly OOP

    couw: don't know about the Moody stuff (but sure would love to hear that! Picked up all the Hodeir stuff from the Jazz In Paris series as well as the one from the Original Vogue Masters).

    The Gillespie, Hampton (I posted the cover and link for that above) and all the Brownie stuff was available in the Original Vogue Masters series. A very good series. Over on AAJ (cannot link right now) I posted a list of this series. I managed to pick up most of them, and can only recommend everyone else to do so, too! Some great stuff by Dizzy, Brownie, Byas, Bobby Jaspar, Martial Solal etc.

    The easiest way to find at least some of them is amazon.fr.


  5. How can you tell that they've got copy protection, Couw?

    With the latest RVGs, it's written right besides the RVG-Series beneath the spine of the CD (don't know it this makes sense, hell, at least I tried). Second attempt: when you have the CD in front of you, you can read the RVG (or Conn)-logo on the left side. And with the copy-protected ones, you read: "copy protected Rudy Van Gelder Series"


  6. Vincent: down in the left you got "Moderation Options". There you can choose "Delete topic", then hit OK, and off go your multiple threads. (I had the same problem last week, too, and couw told me how this works, would not have known myself, otherwise)


  7. As I understand it the Jack Johnso box will have only the "as played" bits and pieces of "Go Ahead John" but NOT the "as originally released" final mix that Teo assembled from them. For that you still need Big Fun which overlapps with the Bitches Brew box and has one tune from the On the Corner sessions not available elsewhere ("Ife"?). And here I thought I could get everything just once by going the boxed set route, silly me. That not so minor annoyance aside, I'm still looking forward to this as much as anything recently--lots of stuff I haven't heard and I've heard all the officially released Miles. Will there be a collection of Miles studio stuff from On the Corner thru Get Up With It?

    Don't they include the original tracks at the end of the box? As with the In A Silent Way box? I thought that was a good idea! AMG says those tracks are right there, at the end of disc 5.

    Then another question regarding "Ife" - I did wait to get into the studio electric Miles until the box-sets came ahead (with some exceptions of course), so I don't have any of the 2LP (now 2CD) sets (Big Fun, Get Up With It etc). Now my question: that track "Ife" - does it not belong in the timeframe of one of the boxes? Or did they "forget" it? And are there other things available NOT as parts of the box-sets, and if so, what tracks on what CDs?

    As I understand it, the whole of "On the Corner" is not included (and not scheduled to be either) in any of the boxes. So why did they not give us a CD or a double CD containing all the tracks from those dates?

    Then: are there other studio sessions, post Jack Johnson, available only on those compilations?



  8. Jim: the following Blue Note Sessions were recorded in Paris. At least the Clifford Brown stuff (which was also on Prestige CDs), (some of) the Gillespie and the Hampton recordings are known to me as Vogue recordings. The Legge session actually looks like it would fit very nicely with the two volumes called "Piano Collection Volume 1/2" (with sessions by Erroll Garner, George Wallington, Al Haig, Jimmy Jones and Arnold Ross - all very good to great stuff by the way, those should also be available from amazon.fr)

    It seems like Blue Note did have some sort of a deal to release that stuff states-side.

    Anyone knows more about this?


    BLP 5005 James Moody with Strings

    Rene Reumont (frh) Max Porret (fl) Robert Jeannotot (ob) Henri Bellicourt (cl, bcl) James Moody (as, ts) Marcel Beaujojan, Lionel Gali, Jean Gaunet, Charles Vaudevoir (vln) Robert Jadoux, Guy Rogne (vlc) Bernard Gallais (harp) Raymond Fol (p) Pierre Michelot (B) Pierre Lemarchand (d) Pepito Riebe (bgo) Andre Hodeir (arr, cond)

    Paris, France, July 13, 1951

    * Loving You the Way I Do, Bedelia, Autumn Leaves, So Very Pretty, Singing for You, Shades of Blonde, Jackie My Little Cat, September Serenade

    BLP 5017 Horn of Plenty / Dizzy Gillespie

    Dizzy Gillespie (tp, vo) Don Byas (ts) Arnold Rose (p) Joe Benjamin (B) Bill Clark (d)

    Paris, France, March 27, 1952

    * Hurry Home, Afro-Paris

    Dizzy Gillespie (tp, vo) Bill Tamper (tb) Hubert Fol (as) Don Byas (ts) Raymond Fol (p) Pierre Michelot (B) Pierre Lemarchand (d)

    Paris, France, April 11, 1952

    * Lady Bird, Somebody Loves Me, She's Funny That Way, Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams, Sweet Lorraine, Everything Happens to Me

    BLP 5031 New Faces - New Sounds / Wade Legge

    Wade Legge (p) Lou Hackney (B) Al Jones (d)

    Paris, France, February 27, 1953

    * Perdido, Dream a Little Dream on Me, Wade Leg's Blues, A Swedish Folksongs, Dance of the Infidels, Aren't Glad You're You, These Foolish Things, Why Don't You Believe Me?

    BLP 5046 Lionel Hampton in Paris

    Walter Williams (tp) Jimmy Cleveland, Al Hayse (tb) Mezz Mezzrow (cl) Clifford Scott (ts) Lionel Hampton (vib) Claude Bolling (p) Billy Mackel (g) Monk Montgomery (B) Curley Hamner (d)

    Paris, France, September 28, 1953

    * Real Crazy, Real Crazy (More and More)

    Lionel Hampton (vib) Billy Mackel (g) Monk Montgomery (B)

    * Always, September in the Rain

    BLP 5047 Clifford Brown Quartet

    Clifford Brown (tp) Henri Renaud (p) Pierre Michelot (B) Benny Bennett (d)

    Paris, France, October 15, 1953

    * Blue and Brown, I Can't Dream Can't I? (take 1), The Song Is You (take 1), Come Rain or Come Shine (take 1), It Might as Well Be Spring (take 1), You're a Lucky Guy (take 1)

    BLP 5048 Gigi Gryce - Clifford Brown Sextet

    Clifford Brown (tp) Gigi Gryce (as) Henri Renaud (p) Jimmy Gourley (g) Pierre Michelot (B) Jean-Louis Viale (d)

    Paris, France, October 8, 1953

    * Minority, Salute to Bandbox

    omit Gourley

    * Strictly Romantic, Baby

    BLP 5049 Gigi Gryce and his Big Band, Vol. 1 / Gigi Gryce, Clifford Brown

    Art Farmer (tp) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Tony Ortega (as) Clifford Solomon (ts) Quincy Jones (p) Pierre Michelot (B) Alan Dawson (d)

    Paris, France, September 26, 1953

    * La Rose Noire

    Clifford Brown, Art Farmer, Fred Gerard, Fernand Verstraete, Walter Williams (tp) Quincy Jones (tp, arr) Jimmy Cleveland, Al Hayse, Bill Tamper (tb) Gigi Gryce, Tony Ortega (as) Henri Bernard, Clifford Solomon (ts) Henri Jouot (bars) Henri Renaud (p) Pierre Michelot (B) Alan Dawson (d)

    Paris, France, September 28, 1953

    * Brown Skins

    omit Gerard

    * Deltitnu, Keeping Up with Jonesy

    Jones plays (tp); Benny Vasseur (tb) Andre Dabonneville (ts) William Boucaya (bars) Jean-Louis Viale (d) replaces Gerard, Verstraete, Tamper, Bernard, Jouot, Dawson

    Paris, France, October 9, 1953

    * Quick Step, Bum's Rush

    BLP 5050 Gigi Gryce and his Little Band, Vol. 2 / Gigi Gryce, Clifford Brown

    Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Gigi Gryce, Tony Ortega (as) Clifford Solomon (ts) William Boucaya (bars) Henri Renaud (p) Pierre Michelot (B) Alan Dawson (d) Quincy Jones (arr)

    Paris, France, September 26, 1953

    * Purple Shades

    omit Jones

    * Paris the Beautiful

    Art Farmer (tp) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Tony Ortega (as) Clifford Solomon (ts) Henri Renaud (p) Alf Masselier (B) Alan Dawson (d)

    Paris, France, September 28, 1953

    * Strike Up the Band

    Clifford Brown (tp) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Gigi Gryce, Tony Ortega (as) Clifford Solomon (ts) William Boucaya (bars) Quincy Jones (p) Marcel Dutrieux (B) Jean-Louis Viale (d)

    Paris, France, October 11, 1953

    * All Weird

    Clifford Brown (tp) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Gigi Gryce (as) Clifford Solomon (ts) Henri Renaud (p) Jimmy Gourley (g) Pierre Michelot (B) Jean-Louis Viale (d)

    Paris, France, October 19, 1953

    * Chez Moi

    omit Brown, Cleveland, Gryce

    * Hello

    BLP 5051 Gigi Gryce Quintet/Sextet, Vol. 3 [unissued] / Gigi Gryce, Clifford Brown

    Clifford Brown (tp) Gigi Gryce (as) Henri Renaud (p) Jimmy Gourley (g) Pierre Michelot (B) Jean-Louis Viale (d)

    Paris, France, September 29, 1953

    * Blue Conception, All the Things You Are

    omit Gourley

    * I Cover the Waterfront, Goofin' with Me

    Art Farmer (tp) Jimmy Cleveland (tb) Tony Ortega (as) Henri Renaud (p) Marcel Dutrieux (B) Jean-Louis Viale (d)

    Paris, France, October 10, 1953

    * Serenade to Sonny

    Gigi Gryce (as) Quincy Jones (p) Jimmy Gourley (g) Marcel Dutrieux (B) Jean-Louis Viale (d)

    Paris, France, October 19, 1953

    * Evening in Paris



  9. I will, if I get a chance! Thanks for recommending it!

    And you go see the Wilder one if you can! I've seen it in a new copy a year or so ago. Hell! It's great! While you're still laughing at one joke, you have already missed the following two or three. And he's not just being funny as hell, but rather as critical as you can get, and more witty than in any other of his films I've seen.

    And then, it's cool to have Jimmy Cagney and Horst Buchholz starring together!


  10. I like the few things I've heard or have from Lloyd (Passin' through with Chico, Canto, one of the Atlantics). Then I've seen him live once (a month and a half after 9-11, which seemed to have hit him quite hard), and that was a great experience! He was with John Abercrombie, Marc Johnson and Billy Hart and played a beautiful concert. Recently, he was in Germany with Geri Allen, Robert Hurst and Eric Harland. Heard broadcast, and he again was playing great, the band being great, too. Surely post-Coltrane in general mood, but his style of playing the saxophone is entirely his own, a rather unique affair, I'd say. I think seing him live makes a huge difference to just hearing him on record. He's got sort of an aura (maybe the one Benjamin meant?) when being on stage performing.

    I have not yet picked up the CD reissue of Cannonball's Fiddler on the Roof, but I guess that must be a good one, too!

    And how about a "Complete Atlantic Recordings of the Charles Lloyd Quartet" Mosaic set? That would sure be a good one, and it would sure demonstrate that this music still functions very well today!


  11. Thelonious Monk - Monk in Paris: Live at the Olympia - w/ bonus DVD (Thelonious/Hyena) Sept 23

    Thelonious Monk (piano); Charlie Rouse (saxophone); Larry Gales (bass); Ben Riley (drums). Recorded live in Paris, France on March 7, 1965.

    1. Rhythm-A-Ning

    2. Body & Soul

    3. I Mean You

    4. April In Paris

    5. Well You Needn't

    6. Bright Mississippi

    7. Epistrophy

    The DVD tracks were recorded in Oslo, Norway in 1966: "Lulu's Back In Town," "Blue Monk" and "Round Midnight."

    Is this the quartet part of the concert also featuring the tentet? Or was that from 1964?


  12. GoM: yes, that Powell date with Navarro & Rollins has a sound, a cohesion and style of playing, which somehow seems (hate that term, but...) ahead of their time.

    Then concerning Blakey: I'd also rather take the Silver Messengers (or the live at the Bohemia stuff from the same unit) as starting point of Hard bop. Then there would be the Miles dates with Silver (the third Blue Note date, Walkin', the Rollins-part of Bags' Groove) which are from about the same time (all 1954).


  13. What Hampton Atlantic is there that Collectables hasn't yet put out?

    How good are those Collectables reissues (soundwise)? We get them here for abotu 25$ which is certainly far too much, and then I find them to have crappy annotation (I have seen some that don't give any personnel, and some that don't give no dates etc). Yet they have an interesting catalogue.

    And for Hampton: there's a very good one with a similar band in the Jazz in Paris series (called "Exodus"), featuring George Coleman and Richard Williams, among others.

    Cannonball: yes, I'd love that, too! A complete Emarcy would maybe bring the biggest surprise to the largest number of fans, while a Capitol thing would label-wise be the most probable (the late Capitol stuff, I'd say, because we got all safe one - which is surely just around the corner - from the Riverside/Jazzland/Capitol records). Then, it would be Fantasy's business to put out a box of the complete Riverside recordings. Yet, they don't usually include much unissued live material in their box-sets, and I'd LOVE to have some more from the San Francisco or the Japanese dates!


  14. I will pick up the Jack Johnson box - I love those Sony Miles boxes anyway, and would not want to miss one of'em! Never heard the Jack Johnson album, though, waiting for the box to come. Yet I like the post-Bitches Brew stuff better every time I listen to it. Got all those live 2CDs - a pity they decided not to bring out more stuff from those dates (the first Fillmore - wow! I'd love to have all those complete sets! And of course, Live-Evil, my favorite Miles of that period - maybe the latest Miles album to really belong to my personal top 5 or top 10 Miles albums.)

    Then the 63/64 stuff: Hell! There's some real GREAT playing on those concerts! The double CD of My Funny Valentine/Four & More was one of my first Miles records, and I still LOVE it! Not only because of the obviously great rhythm section, BUT because of George Coleman, too! I dig his playing on the records he made with Miles very very much! He is so fast, always accurate, clean execution, full of ideas, with a beautiful (Trane-influenced? So what!) somewhat veiled sound... And on the liners of the CD, they say the quintet performed tunes not on record (I can only remember Autumn Leaves being listed, but there may be some more). To listen to that whole (hope they can dig up that stuff!) concert as it happened (though I like the sequencing of the original albums, too) will be a thrill!

    Then the Antibes concert was a very good one, too (I guess we already have the complete set from there on CD). And the "Miles In Berlin" album - HELLYEAH!! Beautiful sound (the Philharmonie of Berlin), and great playing by all. That's one of the best albums of the MD-Shorter-Hancock-Carter-Williams-band, if you ask me!

    Hope they dig up some more tunes from the Berlin concert!

    Never heard the stuff with Sam Rivers, but I'm waiting eagerly for it!

    And the early studio stuff with Coleman - I only heard those recordings once or twice, several years ago, but I don't remember them as being bad (well, not BAAAD either, I guess), but if only for the possibility to hear Miles with some unlikely musicians (Frank Butler), they should be pretty interesting.


  15. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/09/12/obituari...RE-Cash.html?hp

    Johnny Cash, Singer Known As 'The Man in Black,' Dies at 71

    EW YORK (AP) -- Johnny Cash, a towering figure in American music spanning country, rock and folk and known worldwide as "The Man in Black," has died, according to hospital officials in Nashville, Tenn. He was 71.

    "Johnny died due to complications from diabetes, which resulted in respiratory failure," said Cash's manager, Lou Robin, in a press release issued by Baptist Hospital in Nashville.

    The release said Cash died at the hospital at 1 a.m. EDT. He was released from Baptist on Wednesday where he had spent two weeks being treated for an unspecified stomach ailment.

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