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  1. Forgive me my ignorance on Bill Barron but I’ve always thought he was more an inside than ‘outside’ player. Very curious to hear him play with Taylor so added it to my Spotify list. Also time to dive into Bill Barrons discography.
  2. Excellent recording by an excellent trumpeter! I also enjoy A Part with Reggie Workman and Love Nature a lot. I long overlooked the whole Japanese jazz scene.
  3. If I would have known that Pure Pleasure was to release it as well I would have bought that copy. This one sounds okay by the way. Flat and silent.
  4. Like Soulpope said: Little Reds Fantasy on Muse records. ‘70’s recording and that was one hell of a decade in Shaws legacy. Highly recommend. The 32Jazz albumcovers were awful but have to say most of the Muse originals weren’t a thing of beauty either. LMO and MJQ are both groups I would have loved to see live. Very different kind of music but I like them both. And yeah Grif + Wes is a fantastic combo. They really sound like some very, very cool jazzcats.
  5. These two Sam Rivers records by NoBuisness with Joe Daley are very, very good: https://www.discogs.com/release/16277949-Sam-Rivers-Quartet-Featuring-Joe-Daley-Dave-Holland-Thurman-Barker-Braids https://www.discogs.com/release/14488662-Sam-Rivers-Quintet-Featuring-Joe-Daley-Dave-Holland-Barry-Altschul-Charlie-Persip-Zenith
  6. Back to Black so that’s a hit or miss. This one is pretty good especially considering the 15 euro price. The music is just awesome. What a group. This one could have easily been selected for the Acoustic Sounds series if the series wasn’t run by someone who wants to release music ‘he digs and gets’ only.
  7. Man I love this period and I love this group. U-Jama 🥰 that’s one very tight rhythm section
  8. Yeah, the last one Song for the Whale is the least interesting imo
  9. I have always liked the Spanish music connection. But then I do love jazz crossovers with other genres. That music gets the stamp kitch pretty fast (too fast in my opinion). I really like the self titled LMO, The Ballad of the Fallen and Dream Keeper. Not only for its composition, arrangements and theme but also for the individual quality of its players. the album I never got connected to is The Escalator over the Hill.
  10. Yeah I still remember I heard her playing the first time on his ESP work. I thought I was listening to some well known postbopper to found out it was Donald. I didn’t knew of her yet. Fantastic trumpeter.
  11. They should make a nice twofold reissue with a cd and an LP version. Or a deluxe edition with the Prince Lasha sessions and the Burning Spirits in a boxed set
  12. not for the faint hearted I would say….
  13. I live in Heemskerk. That’s 30 kilometers from your place I don’t know where the other Dutchmen live but it might be a nice idea to organize a meeting, have a craft beer somewhere and talk some jazz somewhere in the future?
  14. I get you. It’s one out of thousand reasons that I am not on any social media platform.
  15. Abdullah Ibrahim ❤️ Johnny Dyani ❤️
  16. Niko is living in Rotterdam I believe so that’s 4 including myself
  17. That's a great track. I love those African records and I still think they deserve a nice deluxe boxed set edition.
  18. Nice to read these stories. As far as I am aware there's only one other user living in the Netherlands so no meetings (yet) here. If one would ever visit Amsterdam the ideal situation would of course to first make a stop at the Concerto Record Store and then visit the Bimhuis for a nice jazz concert !
  19. Decided to buy this one as a placeholder till a new reissue of these would become available but it sounds so good I doubt I would buy a replacement…. So great to hear how good these lps from the seventies could sound. For 20 euros it really was a steal.
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