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  1. And will I get the one and only donor badge?
  2. Situation made me clear how easily this board could vanish. Made a donation as well.
  3. great music on ugly white vinyl. Not sure yet if I like this reissue. Wilens saxophone sounds very sharp.
  4. Pim

    Ran Blake

    Thanks for reminding. Definitely interested in this one. Ricky Ford was doing wonderful things those days. And I love Steve Lacy in these kind of settings.
  5. Yeah it’s a great record. Two very different musicians but lots of chemistry!
  6. I’ve always found these sessions breathe a little of that Kind of Blue air.
  7. Which one Gheorghe? The Coltrane or the Jim Hall?
  8. I know Clifford but… I was 7 years old back then and not yet interested in the spiritual free sound of mr. Sanders. The reissue you’re talking about is going for around 60 euros used nowadays so happy with this new reissue.
  9. Yeah it is, especially for a cd. I already pre ordered on a Dutch website. Has the same release date.
  10. Thanks but I can’t find it? Will wait for the release here as the import duties for a single (and pretty expensive) cd are too high for me. Thanks anyway
  11. Anymore impressions by other boardmembers? This one keeps getting postponed here in Europe. Now the owner of the one and only Mal Waldron blog is one of the last people who cant listen to the new release. Life could be so unfair....
  12. Thanks I try not to stand on them…. These are all among my favorite jazz albums. We’re up for a second round of stomach flu here this year so plenty of time for music listening. Now spinning:
  13. Oh yes it is I think I am almost halfway now. They were all records I already had on cd but still wanted them on vinyl as that is now my format of preference. I want to have my 4,5 and 5 star albums on vinyl so that’s why one seller had so many of my wantlist probably as they are mostly classic albums. This was the haul:
  14. Both Alice Coltrane’s Ptah the El Daoud and Pharoah Sanders’ Black Unity never got a proper vinyl reissue. I don’t see what’s wrong in do giving that great music a reissue. It makes me a very happy man.
  15. I always loved the music of P&B and this is one of my favorite performances of it. So much subtle emotions from all the guys. Less is more is kinda cliche to say but this music is the proof of the fact that it is true that sometimes less really is more.
  16. There’s a piece of Africa in every single note on this record
  17. Fortunately there are two editions: the awful yellow version and normal reissue.
  18. Saw it on the Hoffman board. Will pick up Ptah The El Daoud and Pharoahs Black Unity. That one’s among my favorite Sanders. will definitely avoid the hideous yellow special editions. The horror!
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