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  1. Thank you guys! It's wonderful to return after all this time away and find all the well-wishings Here's a little gift from me:
  2. Sorry to hear that, eventhough we saw it coming. Good luck with everything, guys. Thank you for all the wonderful music - and bring on some more music - individually or together!
  3. Happy BDay Bro! Have a great day and even greater year.
  4. Thank you all for your well-wishing. It was a fun day for me.
  5. Thank you Fred for a wonderful music that touched my heart as well as many others'. Your music will live forever. R.I.P.
  6. In Tel-Aviv the prices are similar to DC... Well, in 2002-2003 4USD = 20NIS, nowadays it's only 15NIS...
  7. When we stayed in DC I used to sit at Starbucks a lot. It was the best place to prepare my lessons with comfortable couches, good music and no hassle from waiters etc. The one thing I didn't get was the coffee. It wasn't that good (too burnt and acid for my taste), HUGE jugs, sometimes with all kinda creams toppings etc. and the price was ridiculous - I remember it was 3.5-4$ for a cappuccino(!) Here in Israel the espresso bar culture is very strong with a strong preference to Italian style coffee. Prices are similar to Italy (around 1 Euro for an espresso, 2 euros for cappuccino). After all this, no one was really surprised that Starbucks Israel folded after a year or two. No one misses it here.
  8. Bowie, Lester and Joseph Grey, Al & his son Mike Marsala, Joe & Marty Pizzarelli, Bucky & his son John
  9. I've never warmed up to Hubbard as well (his recordings with Tina Brooks is an exception). I really tried but I still don't really like Joe Lovano.
  10. Not 100% sure, but some of my favorite tenors didn't record on BN: Curtis Amy, Stan Getz, Wardell Gray, Sal Nistico ...
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