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  1. Cd is available at DTMG based on the newsletter I got this morning.

    Thanks for pointing that out. It wasn't showing up on their site at first, but it is currently listed as being available. I've placed an order. I'm really excited to hear it.

    No problem. I just hate their ordering "system". So many times I've placed orders, nothing arrives and then I email them weeks later and they tell me its out of stock. I've also gotten emails that they received my order a week after it arrived in my mailbox. I know they're supposedly going to update their system, but I'll probably hold off until they do. there is still squidco.

  2. I really want Sad Life, with Ivo Perelman, William Parker and Rashied Ali. Alas, it seems like the warehouse hasn't yielded a box of these in a while!

    Sad Life is listed as "Sold Out" on the Leo site. Check out this link:


    I was surprised to find some of these "sold out." Or put another way, surprised how many titles were sold out. I got my Sad Life some years ago; can't recall where I got my copy.

    It's been sold out for years. Not easy to find although I doubt it would be expensive on the secondhand market. Live, on Zero In, is also pretty sick.

    I got mine for $20ish about 6 months ago at auction. Was considering the amazon cd-r but I'm glad I held out. Awesome stuff.

  3. I've recently been on a Louis binge. I prefer live dates though. Just got the Complete Town Hall Concert in the mail today. My fav studio is probably Satchamo Plays King Oliver, re-released at Doctor Jazz. I have it on cd and vinyl. Excellent album. Aside from what has already been mentioned the California Concerts set is a gem.

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