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  1. ....and why no more video from 1969-1973 period? There's a lot of excellent pro-shot stuff recorded by European TV and it would be great ufficialize some of these concerts....for example the beautiful Oslo concert (Chateau Neuf,November 9,1971)
  2. Excellent reissue. Low volume though. :D ....thanks for this reissue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have many of the original Blue Note CD issues done by Ron McMaster in the 80's, these CDs were made by transferring the one step analog master (two track analog tape) to digital. To my ears many of them sound better than the RVG editions and 24bit TOCJ. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. These three albums are Just what you expect...Very relaxed swingin' jazz piano trio,a classy collection of standards,blues-oriented and bop tunes of the age. Not jazz milestones or indispensable albums but a great add to any Blue Note collection.. If i'm Not wrong both "Here we come" and "Hey There" have never been reissued outside of Japan, ...definitely all the three titles are Worth of purchasing for me.
  5. Nothing is written in english for this matter and I do not have the remix. However, I can say that I am very impressed by the interplay in the session. And Charles Williams' bass solos at Coleman's "The Sphinx" are a wonder (I was not prepared to listen to such sound in a BN record). If this CD had not been mentioned earlier in this thread, I would not have purchased it. Thanks! Alex I believe this is Buster Williams under an alias ...... I agree....born as Charles "Buster" Williams
  6. ....and Oliver Nelson screams the Blues like no one other else....regardless digital transfers, remasters, recoding, SHM-CD etc......
  7. This is my opinion..and i'm speaking for myself.... but i wonder..finally, is it more important the MUSIC or maybe the technical data? I really don't care if these upcoming reissues are SHM-CD or what else... For me...the real focus is the music, so welcome these new BN reissues.. .....but i'm speaking for myself
  8. I live in Italy, i'm involved in music in a way or another and i can personally confirm that at least two smalls but very active italian labels have contacted the family to discuss and make a CD reissue program but the answer was Always negative...and apparently it's not a matter of money. it's just..they seem not to be interested in the Whole thing..to sell the music rights and to have access to the catalog masters. Only a few titles have been illegally reissued (??)..actually someone in Spain has just rip a good vinyl copy and put it out on CD and that's a shame!!! If we take a look at this Amazing catalog we can only hope that before or after the Sinesio legacy open his eyes and donate his music to us.... http://www.hororecords.com/en/allcatalog.html
  9. The entire HORO Records label would need a real serious and organic CD Reissue program... Founded in Italy in 1972 by the now defunct (2009) producer and filmaker Aldo Sinesio, The HORO Records is one of the most prestigious italian jazz label In its series we find more than 70 titles documenting some of the best jazz recorded in the 70's.... Just to begin...if i could choose one/two or more titles...i love these..i have both on vinyl and they sound really great!!!!!
  10. I'm sorry... i'm new in this forum and i posted the same thread three times by mistake (i was not sure about the procedure)... Anyway..the thread is just ONE!
  12. CDJAPAN has just issued the list of the upcoming BLUE NOTE reissues due out on June & July '15 http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/music/jazz-fusion/ I found some rare titles.... GRANT GREEN - Shades Of Green THE THREE SOUNDS - Bottoms Up THE THREE SOUNDS - Moods THE THREE SOUNDS - Good deal HORACE PARLAN - Moovin' & Groovin' JACK MCDUFF - Who Knows What Tomorrow's Gonna Bring ?
  13. Hello, does anyboby know if the original liner notes in english are included in these upcoming Impulse reissues? That's would be great, just as for many of the recently reissued Blue Note titles. :Nod:
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