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  1. Onxidlib

    Rolf Kühn

    Just got an email from an artist agency which also worked for Rolf Kühn. He has died on August 18, 2022 in Berlin. This was confirmed by his wife and his brother Joachim Kühn. R.I.P.
  2. Thanks!! WIll buy me this download now. But not from 1201. 1201 does offer mp3 only. The sound of those mp3 is OK but the lossless version available at Qobuz do sound better. Bought me the mp3 of Dewey Redman's 'Look for another black star' and Jym Young's 'Strings, Keys & Thumbs' when they were available from 1201 more than 8 years ago. And a few days ago I discovered the lossless offer and immediately had to get 'em. All in all I'm glad that the music is available at all. Sadly they do not include even the most basic informations which is rather annoying.
  3. Thanks T.D. - yes I see what's at allmusic.com. Unfortunately there's no information about the line-up or recording location. And early 1970s isn't very specific either. I would assume that the music's (tape?) source does include at least the personnel apart from Waldron. But Qobuz, iTunes etc. aren't very helpful insofar - to put it mildly. Thanks again.
  4. Hi to all. Maybe someone could enlight me about a - seemingly - download only release of Mal Waldron. https://www.qobuz.com/de-de/album/the-search-mal-waldron/0660652803024 I only know the tune "The Search". It's on the ENJA album "A Touch of Blues" and has 8 minutes and a bit. But the one on Qobuz has more than 18". And "Entrance" is unknown to me. Searched the web and also all my Tom Lord Jazz discography CDr plus the Walter Bruyninckx discography. But nothing came up. Anyone?
  5. Onxidlib

    Julius Hemphill

    The source for the No Business' LP/CD is an audience recording. The MAMAstudios managed to improve the rather muddy sound of the source considerably. So they did a very good job IMO.
  6. The line-up is as follows. Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, flugelhorn Manfred Schoof, trumpet, flugelhorn, bach-trumpet Tomasz Stanko, trumpet Bernard Vitet, trumpet Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone Malcolm Griffiths, trombone Paul Rutherford, trombone, tenor horn Evan Parker, soprano & tenor saxophone Gerd Dudek, soprano & tenor saxophone, flute Michel Pilz, bass clarinet, flute, soprano saxophone Heinz Sauer, baritone, tenor & alto saxophone Peter Brötzmann, tenor & baritone saxophone, bassetthorn Derek Bailey, guitar Alexander Von Schlippenbach, piano, percussion J.B. "Buschi" Niebergall, bass, bass trombone Peter Kowald, bass, tuba Arjen Gorter , bass,electric-bass Han Bennink, drums, shell-horn, dhung, gachi Paul Lovens, drums, percussion Joachim-Ernst Berendt, announcement At the concert at least three titles were recorded and filmed. 1. Globe Unity 70 (A. von Schlippenbach) 17:51 2. Ode (M. Schoof) 12:54 3. Drunken in the Morning Sunrise (P. Brötzmann) 9:53 Recorded on November 7, 1970 at the Kongresshalle, Berlin. (track 1 was released on Atavistic [UMS/ALP 223CD]) Kowald is playing his tuba on "Drunken in the morning sunrise". The title of Brötzmann's tune "Drunken in the Morning Sunrise" reminds me about the circumstances for the recording sessions of "Machine Gun". Brötzmann and Buschi Niebergall went - after the first part of the session - for some beers. Eventually they took shelter for a nap at a building lot. Next morning Niebergall and Brötzmann woke up, had a mouthful of beer and went back to the "Lila Eule" for the second part of their recording session. But maybe the title is a general allusion to such a situation which should have happened quite frequently during those times. A truncated version of Ode is also available at youtube. Don't know how to add a video/link here so if interested please follow: Ode by M.Schoof
  7. Looking forward to the CD. In Germany it will be released on March 25. BTW: the title "Lathe of Heaven" probably refers to a SF book as well. The Lathe of Heaven is a book written by Ursula K. Le Guin from 1971. Seems Mark Turner likes some SF similar to Wayne Shorter.
  8. ...pavement pub? Does it mean that you're literally on the pub's outside enjoying a pint?
  9. Yes I would prefer a CD as well. But if the music is on vinyl I take a vinyl (or even a cassette if necessary or whatever). ... Black Editions aquired the rights for the Japanese label PFS, which had only CDs. But not much has happened insofar.
  10. Interesting, never saw a CD jukebox. But The Three Crowns sounds nice: great pub and jukebox. My main interactions with a jukebox was at an old bavarian pub with a beer garden in summer. Plus they had (and still have) a bowling alley and on the other side of the buildings a shooting range for - I suppose - air riffles. And not at least there's an old big cannon from the German / French war 1870/71 on the right side of the area's entrance. All this a few hundreds meter away from the local peak from there one had a great view to the local lake (Starnberger See) and the mountains in the background. Now the trees are cutting any view into the distance.... seems my memory got a flash...
  11. Did you actually see jukeboxes in the 1990s? If memory serves me right I saw the last (ruined) jukebox sometime in 1987/88.
  12. Yep I agree. Unfortunately the jukeboxes I experienced during the 1970s here in Bavaria didn't include such music....
  13. Don't know wether this upcoming release was already mentioned here. Peter Brötzmann / William Parker / Milford Graves double LP is due for the end of January 2022 through Black Editions. Pre-order is available as of now (already ordered a copy).
  14. I have the LP and the sound and production is really good. Also did some research, after I've aquired the vinyl, wether the music is really previously unreleased and came to a positive result. Track B3 is not music but Koller telling some stories. All in all I'm happy with the edition although - if asked - I would rather recommend the Black Lion release. But for all those who enjoy the music of Pettiford/Koller/Zoller it's a no-brainer.
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