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Status Updates posted by JSngry

  1. Crowder peas, that's what's on my mind. Want some, NOW.

  2. Using Duck Tape to repair a CPAP mask is the ultimate Affordable Care Act.

  3. Don't bother looking for answers until you're sure you have the right questions,

  4. Does anybody read these things?

  5. Why did that gravel pit have a dirt road?

  6. Living Better Through Leveraged Synergies!!!

  7. Don't miss the scan of the Duke Pearson Down Beat article in the Jazz In Print section of the board!

  8. mojo clown

    1. slide_advantage_redoux


      just posted a couple of things recorded at the red bood club circa late 1991 or early '92. You are on one. Finally found a way to post this thanks to soundcloud

  9. Thanks for stopping by!

    Looking for a good dance mix heavy on Latin/Brazillian flayvas? Try this: http://www.routesinrhythm.com/routes/music/route186.mp3

    Stop by every so often for more links to some of the more interesting dance mixes I come across.

  10. Hello friends! Hello neighbors! Hello visitors!

    There's tea in the fridge and cake in the tine on the shelf. Y'all help yourself!

  11. Hey there Joe, Got any good vaudeville shows you can recommend?

  12. I have nothing to say right now that I haven't already said, or will say at some point.

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