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  1. KCSM has become one of my most favorite Streaming Resources. I used to LOVE WUCF Orlando. They were voted the #1 Jazz station for a few years and I was a huge fan, but lately I have migrated more toward the West Coast for my Jazz Streaming. Yet I still enjoy WUCF on Occasion, as well as WDCB Chicago and CJRT Toronto. Yet KSDS San Diego and KCSM have become my go-to stations by far. KCSM holding the #1 spot for me. WDCB has exclusive rights to re-broadcast "Legends of Jazz" with Ramsey Lewis. This is broadcast every Sunday at Noon Central. I loved that show when it aired and am happy I can listen again. CJRT has some amazing shows as well, my favorite being "The Big Band Show" every Sunday from 5 - 10 PM Eastern. When I'm in my Florida home, I never miss "Jazz Oasis" on KCSM as it airs 9 PM - Midnight Eastern. In Hawaii it's a bit harder to catch it because it's on from 3 PM - 6 PM Hawaiin Time. You are INDEED lucky to have that station in your back yard. Congrats! Aloha! -Billy I had no Idea he had passed. Sad to hear.
  2. Aloha! Sorry to necro this tread, gents, but I'm a fan of Terrestrial Radio Jazz streaming, and just found it in the archives. I had no idea that KCSM almost went toes-up - according to the press. In any event, I'm glad it did not because at the moment I am streaming KCSM and "Jazz Oasis", which I do almost every night Monday - Saturday at 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific, 3 PM Hawaiian. I also stream KSDS San Diego, CJRT Toronto, WUCF Orlando, WDCB Chicago, KUWL Wyoming (a Pub Jazz Affiliate Station), KBEM Minneapolis, WBGO New York (technically New Jersey), and sometimes KNKX (or Jazz 24) if the mood strikes. Alisa@kcsm.net made a comment that set me back on my heels. I never thought about it, but truly I think KCSM may still be the only Jazz station that does NOT run ancillary programming of any kind. No weather reports, no news, no traffic, no nothing - until pledge drive time of course. I'll have to think about it. I know WUCF runs news, CJRT (being Canadian) runs commercials even though they are a public radio station. KUWL has news breaks. WBGO does. KBEM certainly does. KNKX does. But I am not sure about KSDS nor WCBE. I'll have to do some critical listening because I honestly can't remember, even though I stream them constantly. Nothing on my FM dial in Hawaii for Jazz that even approaches full time. In my Florida pad I'm too far away to get WUCF, other than a faint ghosting signal, so it's all streaming for me. And I'm glad to have it. Mahalo! -Billy
  3. Aloha! I just read that Ramsey Lewis will play the Chicago Jazz Festival in a few weeks one final time before his official retirement. I am going to go see him. I have foolishly lost golden opportunities to see legends like Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Oscar Peterson and a few others before they either retired or passed on. I am NOT going to let this Jazz icon slip through my grasp before he retires, so OFF TO CHICAGO I GO IN A FEW WEEKS! Anyone else going? In honorary listening; Ramsey Lewis - In Chicago, Stretching Out
  4. Aloha! I was listening to XM Radio's "Real Jazz" channel in the car today and they were broadcasting "The Talk - Conversations with Christian" where he sits down and talks to Jazz artists. On today's show (as he was interviewing Roy Hargrove), he mentioned how an estimated 85 percent of all Jazz album purchases were from deceased artists. Nothing wrong with that he stated, but he said we should remember to support contemporary living Jazz artists as well. So I decided to listen to living artists this weekend. No vintage Jazz icons. New and/or living Jazz artists only. First up; Christian Mcbride - At the Village Vanguard Mahalo! -Billy
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