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  1. In the last years I discovered those Transcriptions, Radio Shows, V-Discs, Broadcasts and the like for me personaly.

    There is so many fine Music during the 30th, 40th or 50th with these records.

    Some of my favorits are

    - Duke Ellington Treasury Shows

    - Duke Ellington The V-Discs

    - Eddie Condon Townhall Concerts

    - Benny Goodman (there is a lot of sessions) Camel Caravan Shows (and I can´t imagine, that such a Show with advertising for a cigarette Company is possible today)

    And there are many other Sessions with Count Basie, Artie Shaw and many others.

    What do you think about those Transcriptions, Radio Shows, V-Discs, Broadcasts? Is this still of interest for you?

    Which one do you like?


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