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  1. Would this set be worth getting for someone who already has all the Parker Dials and doesn't want them again?
  2. A great box set tells a story the way a great novel tells a story. I sometimes think the overemphasis on completeness detracts from some box sets. I'm not against including everything per se, but sometimes the focus on getting everything gets in the way of telling the story of the music. The accompanying notes are also important, but I'm not a fan of the blow-by-blow analysis that you often see in Mosaic booklets, for instance. I like better the essays that accompanied the Miles Davis metal spine sets, which for my money are the most important and valuable box sets in jazz history. One of my favorites from that series was actually The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions. I already had all the material before getting the box set, but the chronological order combined with the presentation made me appreciate the music in a different way, and better understand how it captured the changes that were occurring in Miles's life and music at this time. In general I think Mosaic is a bit overrated; I've never been a fan of the black-and-white presentation for the music, and wish the packaging would get more creative and more in harmony with the particular music that's being presented. Aside from the Miles box sets, I also really love the Ornette Coleman Beauty Is A Rare Thing set, and the Coltrane Prestige and Village Vanguard sets. But if my house was burning down and I had time to save one shelf of my music, it would be the one with the Miles Columbia sets. All of them are valuable and important. I've never understood why they didn't complete the arc with an Agharta/Pangaea set.
  3. I have the following CDs for sale. Shipping is free to the US if you buy at least 2 discs. For one disc orders or for international deliveries I will ship at cost. These discs do not include jewel cases. If you would like a jewel case, that can be arranged. Everything else (discs, booklets, J-cards, etc.) are in excellent condition. Paypal only, PM if interested. Muhal Richard Abrams -- Afrisong (Why Not) $6 Lorez Alexandria -- Alexandria the Great (Impulse) $5 Derek Bailey -- Playing (Incus) $7 Billy Bang -- Rainbow Gladiator (Soul Note) $5 Clusone Trio -- I Am An Indian (Gramavision--hole punch through barcode) $4 Clusone 3 -- An Hour With (Hatology) $7 Ted Curson -- Blue Piccolo (Why Not) $6 Les Diaboliques -- Splitting Image (Intakt) $7 Duke Ellington -- Far East Suite (Bluebird) $5 Gil Evans -- The Individualism of Gil Evans (Verve) $5 Gil Evans -- Out of the Cool (Impulse) $6 Simon H. Fell -- Frank & Max: Bass Solos, 2001-2011 (Bo'Weavil) $6 Curtis Fuller -- Soul Trombone/Cabin in the Sky) (Impulse) $5 Johnny Griffin -- The Johnny Griffin Quartet (Argo) $5 Barry Guy -- Elsie Jo Live (Maya) $7 Steve Lacy -- Snips (Jazz Magnet ) $5 Roscoe Mitchell -- Composition/Improvisation Nos. 1, 2 & 3 (ECM) $6 Evan Parker -- Scenes in the House of Music (Clean Feed) $6 Evan Parker -- Time Lapse (Tzadik) $6 Evan Parker -- The Moment's Energy (ECM) $6 Tomasz Stanko -- Dark Eyes (ECM) $7 Tomasz Stanko -- Suspended Night (ECM) $7 Otomo Yoshihide -- Anode (Tzadik) $6 Otomo Yoshihide -- Cathode (Tzadik) $6 Lester Young -- Lester Young Trio (Verve) $5
  4. I have for sale the following two sets. Prices include shipping to the US; please inquire for international deliveries. Paypal only, PM if interested. Thanks! 1. The Complete Art Farmer/Benny Golson Jazztet Sessions (Mosaic #225) Number 1,597 of 10,000. Discs are all in like-new condition. Booklet is in excellent condition with very minor wear along bottom edge. Outer box is in like new condition except for very minor scuff on bottom edge. I can provide photos if necessary. $130 2. Creative Music Studio, Archive Selections, Vol. 1. This is a 3-disc set that includes performances by Ed Blackwell, Charles Brackeen, Leroy Jenkins and Roscoe Mitchell, among others. Discs are in like-new condition, bottom edge of outer spine has very minor wear. $20
  5. Bump with a final price drop on the lone remaining item, the Coltrane Live Trane set.
  6. I have the following box sets for sale. Prices include shipping to the US. Please inquire for international deliveries. Paypal only, PM if interested. Thanks! All sets are priced to move. Mosaic #256: The Complete Clifford Jordan Strata-East Sessions (Box, booklet and discs all in like-new condition) $75 OOP Mosaic Select #20: Charles Tolliver (Discs and booklet all in like new condition. Very, very minor shelf wear to outer box) $55 John Coltrane: Live Trane -- The European Tours (7 Disc Pablo Box Set (Discs, Booklet and Outer Box all in Like New Condition) $45 And then One Book: The John Coltrane Reference -- Chris DeVito, Yasuhiro Fujiaka, Wolf Schmaler and David Wild, eds. (Book in Like New Condition) $30 Thanks for looking!
  7. Keith Jarrett wouldn't be as funny. I hate having to explain this, but the thing that makes the Rollins thing funny is that it DOESN'T fit his persona or image. You could do a similar piece on the most revered living musician in other genres.
  8. It works for Sonny Rollins because he's regarded as the greatest living jazz musician. If you substitute in somebody less famous or less well-renowned, it wouldn't work. I'm glad someone finds his flowery brain dumps entertaining. How you see Jim: How anyone not fooled by intellectual con artistry sees Jim: Yeah, it's actually pretty sad. Writing that many paragraphs about a satirical piece about Sonny Rollins....you'd think that the author ran somebody over with his car or blew up a school bus.
  9. I guess my perspective is different because I've written a fair amount of satire in my life. And that work never included any kind of disclaimer, at least not with individual articles. Satire is an art form, and whether Rollins was offended by it or not wouldn't really matter that much to me. I might personally apologize if he was offended, but I would stand by the satire. And the laws with regard to satire are actually fairly lenient, and rightfully so. As a work of satire, this particular piece was hit or miss. The concept behind it was good and funny, but the execution and timing were off in parts. With a rewrite it might have been really good. Again, it amazes me how gullible people can be. If you really want to see your soul crushed on that score, just check out this site: http://literallyunbelievable.org It's a collection of Facebook posts of users freaking out at Onion articles that they think are true.
  10. I really don't get how anyone could have read that piece and not known it was satire. Sonny Rollins would NEVER say that "the worst day of my life" was the day he jammed all night with Bud Powell and Charlie Parker. It's amazing to me how gullible people can be.
  11. I'm surprised by how people have reacted to this. I thought parts of it were pretty funny, and it's pretty clearly satire. Everybody who is saying that it's disrespectful to Rollins, well, that's kind of the point: Sonny Rollins would never say or think the things that are written in that piece, and that's where the humor lies. I'm sorry but this is funny: "There was this one time, in 1953 or 1954, when a few guys and I had just finished our last set at Club Carousel, and we were about to pack it in when in walked Bud Powell and Charlie Parker. We must have jammed together for five more hours, right through sunrise. That was the worst day of my life." People who are getting up in arms about this really need to find better things to do with their time. They come across as obtuse and self-important.
  12. By the way, does anyone know if it's possible to change the title or subtitle of topics that I started?
  13. Update, with prices slashed on everything and new CDs added, including box sets by Wadada Leo Smith, Steve Lacy, Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk, some blues CDs and other assorted stuff.
  14. I have the following for sale. Prices include shipping to the US. Will ship internationally at cost. Paypal only, PM if interested. Box Set: Thelonious Monk -- Live at the Jazz Workshop (Columbia, 2-Disc Set) $10 Hatology: Anthony Braxton -- Creative Orchestra (Koln) 1978 (Two Discs) $10 Steve Lacy & Brion Gysin -- Songs $7 Assorted Jazz CDs Evan Parker -- The Needles (Leo, 2-disc Set) $8 Blues CDs T-Bone Walker --The Complete Imperial Recordings, 1950-1954 (EMI records, 2-disc set, still sealed ) $10
  15. I am offering for sale a copy of the 6-CD Tristano, Konitz and Marsh Mosaic. (Mosaic #174). The discs are all in like-new condition, while the booklet and outer box are in excellent, almost like-new condition, with very, very minor wear around the corners. I will make this available for $125, including shipping to the US. (I will ship internationally at cost.) Paypal only, PM if interested. Thanks!
  16. You really don't. I treat these releases as an opportunity to buy on CD the stuff that was never released as an RVG. Sound quality is only of relatively minor importance to me. I never upgrade just to get a better sound. I have a huge collection and I don't think I've ever bought even a single CD that I already owned, unless it was by mistake.
  17. I think this is a really great reissue series coming out of Japan, but I have several that are still sealed that I would like to sell at a substantial discount to the price you would pay for the disc plus shipping from CD Japan or other similar outlets. I am moving in a couple of months and just want to cut back on what I have to box up, so hopefully these can all find a good home. These have never been opened and so come with all the obi strips and everything else. Same as usual: PM if interested, Paypal only, prices include shipping to the US, please inquire for international deliveries. All discs have been sold. Thanks for looking!
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