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  1. I have the following sets for sale. Prices include domestic shipping in the US. I will ship at cost internationally. PayPal only, PM if interested. Thanks!

    Gal Costa -- Gal Total $90 (some wear to outer edges of box, but discs are in perfect condition, with several still sealed)
    Joe Henderson -- The Milestone Years $60
    Thelonious Monk -- Live in Paris: 18 Avril 1961 $35
    Lester Young -- The Complete Lester Young Verve Studio Sessions $60

  2. Hello,

    I have a couple Mosaics for sale. Boxes, CDs, and Booklets are in like new condition. Prices include shipping to the US, please inquire for interntional deliveries. PayPal only, PM if interested.

    #187: The Complete H.R.S. Sessions. Six disc set, discs 3-6 are still sealed. $70
    #243: The Complete Louis Armstrong Decca Sessios $95

    Thanks for looking!

  3. I have the following CDs for sale. In cases where the original cd came in a jewel case, the jewel case is missing, with the booklet, tray card and CD in a plastic sleeve. All CDs, booklets, and materials are in like new condition. For orders over $10, shipping is free to the US. Shipping for orders under $10, or for international deliveries, will be calculated on a case by case basis.

    Paypal only, PM if interested. Thanks!

    Donald Byrd -- Street Lady (Blue Note) $8

    Roy Campbell
    -- It's Krunch Time (Thirsty Ear) $5 

    John Carter & Bobby Bradford -- Flight for Four (International Phonograph) $15

    Tord Gustavsen -- The Well (ECM) $4

    Tord Gustavsen
    -- Restored, Returned (ECM) $4

    Tord Gustavsen -- Being There (ECM) $4

    Tord Gustavsen -- The Ground (ECM) $4

    Tord Gustavsen -- Changing Places (ECM) $4

    Ulrich Gumpert
    -- Smell A Rat (Jazzwerkstatt) $5

    Ulrich Gumpert
    -- Echoes Von Karolinenhof (Jazzwerkstatt) $5

    Ulrich Gumpert
    -- Unter Anderem: 'N TANGO FUR GITTI (Jazzwerkstatt) $5

    Peter Kowald -- Open Secrets (FMP) $8

    Mat Maneri
    -- Blue Decco (Thirsty Ear) $5

    Mat Maneri
    -- Sustain (Thirsty Ear) $5


  4. I have the following for sale. All of these are in like new-condition: both the records themselves and the covers. Paypal only, PM if interested, prices include shipping to the US. Please inquire for international deliveries.

    BYG-Actuel (These are reissues and not the original pressings)

    Art Ensemble of Chicago -- a.a.c.m. great black music/message to our folks $10
    Art Ensemble of Chicago
    -- a.a.c.m. great black music/a jackson in your house $10
    Burton Greene
    -- Aquariana $10
    Jacques Coursil
    -- Black Suite $20
    Andrew Cyrille
    -- What About? $10
    Jimmy Lyons
    -- Other Afternoons $10
    Grachan Moncur
    -- Aco Dei De Magrugada $15
    Grachan Moncur
    -- New Africa $10
    Sunny Murray
    -- An Even Break $10
    Sunny Murray
    -- An Hommage to Africa $10
    Sunny Murray
    -- Sunshine $10
    Dewey Redman
    -- Tarik $20
    Sonny Sharrock
    -- Monkey-Pockie-Boo $10
    Archie Shepp
    -- Yasmina, A Black Woman $10
    Kenneth Terroade
    -- Love Rejoice $20
    Clifford Thornton
     -- Ketchaoua $10
    Frank Wright
    -- One For John $15

  5. On 4/15/2019 at 4:34 PM, jazzbo said:

    Honestly, I think I've read most, not "Finding Bix" though. The one to get is: 

    Bix: The Leon Bix Beiderbecke Story 

    This book was meticulously researched and the author's intent was to strip away all the legend and present real verified details and as much true information as possible. A fascinating book.
    Sudhalter's is full of myth and legend presented as fact and it often isn't. Berton's and Lion/Paige-Fort are good reads.

    This book looks really good. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a copy for really anything less than $95...

  6. I have the following box sets for sale. Paypal only, PM if interested. All listed amounts include shipping to the US. Please inquire for international deliveries. All sets are in excellent condition. I tried to offer fair prices by looking up what they are being offered for now and going lower than that. 

    Non-Mosaic Jazz Box Sets

    Billie Holiday -- The Complete Billie Holiday on Verve, 1945-1949 (10-Disc jewel case) $35
    Peter Kowald -- Discography (outer box has a tear at the top...booklet and CDs in like-new condition) $20
    Wayne Shorter 
     -- The Complete Columbia Albums Collection $25
    Sun Ra -- Complete Remastered Recordings on Black Saint and Soul Note (still sealed) $25
    Ben Webster -- Black Lion Presents $20

    Non-Jazz Box Sets

    African Head Charge -- Environmental Holes & Drastic Tracks, 1981-1986 $25
    Gal Costa -- Gal Total $100 (box has significant shelf wear, but discs are in like new condition, with some discs still sealed) $100
    E.T. Mensah -- King of Highlife Anthology $25
    White Zombie -- It Came From N.Y.C. $25


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