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  1. Great. I think I have all the vinyls. Could you add a list of the material from the booklet? Thanks Super!! Have only the mono version W.
  2. V.S.O.P. Records as it seems is on the same road BTW my own homemade CD-Rs for transferred radio broadcasts ( analog and / or digital) are all fine now and the oldest are more than 5 years. Have all the Information needed for these printed in my own covers. Using a DENON CD recorder/player and only name brand blancs and working CD-RW's for editing. (TDK /Verbantim/FUDJI/Maxell).
  3. Have seen it at DISCOGS and ordered it yesterday for 12 € + 3€ postage. Thanks for the Infos and help. Looking forward to it
  4. Yes a great cross-section of West Coast Jazz from the Contemporary label & others. Have never seen that box here in Germany. Will try to get it even some tracks are here allready.
  5. Liberty LJH 6003 [FSR 1984] - Herbie Harper - Bud Shank - Bob Gordon - rec. 1953 LA - It is believe me. Here are the details and all compositions by those two outstanding drummers.
  6. Great cover foto representing the West Coast Jazz. The CD doesnt even credit the cover photographer LP has 8 track. CD has 11 track
  7. No complaints from my side. Have also the 10CD box with Horace Silver.
  8. Correct but I wanted this item and the vinyl is out of my price range.
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