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  1. Had a discussion at SHF about Fresh Sound and Gambit. IMHO Gambit is located in Andorra and Fresh Sound in Spain. For collectors no great difference but for the lawyers. BTW the very rare Bill Evans Concert at Bad Hönningen (I was among the selected guests for this private concert one the day before Evans birthday at the private house of architect Fritz Feltens) was also issued completely on Gambit (8 years after the concert was recorded at the private home by a mobile recording unit of german radio WDR) and in a shorter version (minus some tracks) on another (official) label.
  2. Looks like my copy at Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/release/8616156-Jim-Hall-Trio-Jim-Hall-Trio-The-Complete-Jazz-Guitar
  3. Mode was a great series. Have several Items. All very good Many of the Mode Records repertoire were reissued on the V.S.O.P. label, first as vinyls and later on on CD.
  4. Looks like a new one I havent seen. Have quite a lot of Mintzer with his BB.
  5. Bought this one recently via mailorder at V.S.O.P. records without the plastic shell to save postage with some others from the same source.
  6. Yes this french RCA series has a lot of good Items. Have about 12 Items of them
  7. Excellent recording. Thats the one I'm looking for years. Have a few tracks from the Internet on my harddisc.
  8. Excellent -have to get this one wonderful vinyl (also here)!
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