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  1. How to play and manage Two *.ROTO - TOMS.*,. In this Video Clips, master drummer..: LOUIE BELLSON .,dr talks and show how to play and 'hands-manage ' Two *.ROTO - TOMS.*,. Here is with Oscar Peterson Trio BBC Tv-Show to play ,,Cute,, Sorry for the Mix-colorTV vd.1048,, .Thanks , Ciao fabio . . -- xx --
  2. I try giving two names..: Azàr Lawrance ,, Junior Cook..-
  3. For Sale: These are my collection of..: 10 ''Drums & Drummers' magazines.- If someone is interested to buy all the 10 magazines, please E-Mail..: fabiodrummy@gmail.com ) for price and home-address to ship the Magzns,.- In case Pay-pal will be the easy way to pay me in Euro,.). Have a nice day . Ciao , Fabio - Roma. -1)- Buddy Rich ,+, Max Roach ''Sing ,Sing ,Sing'' Drums Trascriptions.., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -2)- BUDDY RICH.,^DOWN-BEAT^,.&.,Drums Magz.'s. on Sale/Vendita .. -- xx --
  4. For all I may-know, surely drummer..: Joe Chambers has been here in Italy few times,. The first with the Max Roach ''M 'Boom - percussion'' in Alassio,. Then here with the Great..: Kenny Burrell,. -DVD- Kenny Burrell .,cht.,4t Live at ^.Blue Bird.^ Jazz Club 1997,t.,49*'.in Nizza Monferrato Italy,+, Joe Chambers .,dr +,Massimo Faraò .,p +,Aldo Zunino .,cb ,,- , - xx -
  5. ,, - bertrand ,+, Dr. Funkenstein ,,. ,*, - Isn 't this part of the Funk in France collection,.? Dear Mr. Bertrand , Look, I do not want to consider the Grant Green 's...: L.P., CD's ,,Blue-Note,, Recordings.,!!.. I am a Jazz Trader - Collectionist of Live Jazz Concerts , Jazz Festivals, so for I may-know, there are NOT so many Live sessions/concerts of..: Grant Green, Live 'Taped-Audio-Recorded(*Bootlegs-copyes) in Jazz Clubs, or in Jazz Festivals.,!!,.- All it is possible to find in *Taped-Boolegs-copyes, and in Live Video-DVD, are these Live concerts here listed,. : CD 1(This has been taken from the 'Audio-Video' sessions..:dvd.,66,+,67,),.- 1. I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself).. (James Brown) -0:00- 2. Oleo (Sonny Rollins) -4:32- 3. Insensatez (Tom Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes) -8:53- 4. Untitled Blues -16:12- 5. Sonnymoon For Two (Sonny Rollins) -24:18- 6. I Wish You Love (Charles Trenet, Albert Beach) -31:20- Recorded at la Maison de la Radio, Studio 104 in Paris, France On October 26, 1969. Personnel CD 1:Grant Green - guitar ,,Larry Ridley - bass ,Don Lamond - drums Barney Kessel - guitar (track 6)..- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -DVD-Video-66-1-KENNY BURRELL,cht..+..BARNEY KESSELL,cht..+..GRANT GREEN,cht ,, -larry ridley,cb,, -don lamond,dr,, live at ‘’Maison De La Radio’’ Parigi, 1969,, (-A-)->GRANT GREEN,cht.+.larry ridley,cb.+.don lamond,dr, t.35’.. (-B-)->BARNEY KESSELL,cht.+.larry ridley,cb .+. don lamond,dr, t.36’.. total –time, 71’ ..1*set..) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -DVD-Video-67-1-KENNY BURRELL,cht..+..BARNEY KESSELL,cht..+..GRANT GREEN,cht ,, -larry ridley,cb,, -don lamond,dr , live at ‘’Maison De La Radio’’ Parigi, 1969..(-A-)->KENNY BURRELL,cht.+.larry ridley,cb.+.don lamond,dr,,t.37’ ..(-B-)->Jam-trio->KENNY BURRELL,cht.+.BARNEY KESSELL,cht.+.GRANT GREEN,cht,,-larry ridely,cb.+.don almond,dr,, t.34’.. total – time, 71’.. 2*set..) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CD 2 (I do not have this full intere concert, but only one tune..:***UpShot,,). 7. Upshot (Grant Green) -38:24- 8. Hurt So Bad (Randazzo, Bobby Weinstein, Hart) -56:24- 9******. Upshot (Grant Green) -1:10:57- 10. Hi-Heel Sneakers (Robert Higginbothan) -1:30:42- Live At The Antibes Jazz Festival. July 18-20, 1970. Personnel CD 2:Grant Green - guitar ,,Claude Bartee .,sax ,,Clarence Palmer – Organ ,,Billy Wilson - dr,- This is from You Tube - page...: Grant Green,,4t Live Newport Jazz Festival, Workshop July 4* 1966 Grant Green, guitar ,,Billy Taylor, p ,,Gene Taylor, cb .,Billy Kaye, dr,.- ...................................................... In few words the ''France Collection'' will contains...: CD,1- Part of the Live video-studio contained in dvd ,66 + 67.) CD,2-Live At The Antibes Jazz Festival. July 18* -20*, 1970..- Have a nice day,. Ciao , fabio -x-> fabiodrummy@gmail.com ,- -x-
  6. .. This is a very RARE Live session in France, but without Elvin Jones on drums.,!!) Grant Green ,cht ,4t Live in Antibes, at Juan Les Pins .. Jazz-festival ,20* July 1970..sorry, unknown Musicians Organ , Sax , Drummer..and the Tunes played.. Please, any help is wellcame. This is a very ,, very ,, very ''RARE'' ..session.. An unissued Live Radio Jazz program from France..- The song you hear is : "Upshot" .. from the album Carryin' On. (BLP4327)Nr.283.. ,, ,,.- Ciao , Fabio ,, fabiodrummy@gmail.com ,,.- -
  7. ., Grazie , Grazie caro ''Reminiscing in Tempo'' di Roma,.!!WWOOWWHH.. per queste 'extra informazioni' relative alla decisione di Duke di voler aggiungere, affiancare Elvin Jones a ''Skeets'' March.. Capisco e comprendo le proteste dei musicisti di Ellington che avranno valutato Elvin Jones ..NON.. essere un batterista da Big Bands,.!!,. Si , ho avuto modo di 'scaricare e copiare l' intero Video concerto -dvd- di Milano , 1066,. come pure degli altri due con..: Count Basie,. C' è anche un' audio-CD di Ellington a Parigi,,.-.Un saluto , Ciao ,fabio - fabiodrummy@gmail.com ... Many Thanks dear 'friend' ,,Reminiscing ..from.. Roma (* my oen town too.,) for yhese Your ..extra Informactions.. about the decisions of Mr. Duke to adds. Elvin Jones with ''Skeets'' March., Well , I do undwestand the musicians 'protests'of Mr. Ellington that they may-have considered Elvin Jones being ..NOT.. a Big Bands ..drummer-.!!,.- Yes , I have had the occasion to downloads and copy in -dvd- the concert from Milòamo ,1966, as also the othe two with..: Count Basie,. There is also a concert of the Orchestra of..: Duke Ellington from Paris with Elvin Jones ,&, ''Skeets'' March,.,!!,.- - x -
  8. …, Surely this is the Live taped-concert,.!?!,. Ciao , fabio - Roma ..- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -367-cd-Dexter Gordon,.sax at *Keystone Corner* , 1976.. w. special Guest MAX ROACH,.dr ,Bobby Hutcherson,vbr.. Eddie Henderson,.tr ,,George Cables.,p .. Reggie Workman.,cb,, "Rhythm A' Ning" ,t.,26 '..- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, - x x -
  9. I have found this Live Video concert of..:* Roach + Harper *.,4t,,.: -DVD-1085- Max Roach, dr 4t,- Cecil Bridgewater (tp), Billy Harper (ts),.. Reggie Workman (b), Max Roach (dr)., "Molde Kino", Norway , 1977 1 announcements ,,-2 It 's Time ,,- 3 South Africa (dr solo) 4 interview with Max Roach ,, t.,43'' .,- .................................................. - x x x --
  10. .., Here are few more Live ''Radio 's Bootlegs Tapes Recordings''. These Live .,CD's,, concerts are ,NOT, in my home-Collections..,but at least, I can try to get them in cd.'s-copyes,.!!,,.- Have a nice day,. Ciao ,fabio .,Roma - fabiodrummy@gmail.com ..................................... Max Roach., 4t on 3* September,1978 - Live at,,: Willisau Jazz Festival,,.- Max Roach - drs -Cecil Bridgewater.,tr -Billy Harper.,ts Calvin Hill.,cb,.- ))1. It's Time, -2. announcement, -3. Round Midnight ,,- 4. announcement, -5. South African SixThree, -6. announcement.,,- 7. Call Of The Wild And Peaceful Heart (fade out),,.- 8. announcement - + 9. announcement, -10. Six Bits Blues,,.- 11. unknown title / interview CD-copy Time..: 69'',.- +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ^* I - This is not the concert of the two Denon recorded Live in 1977 - (or ''Baystate'' recorded in Amsterdam ,.),,.- Max Roach ,4t " Japan 1979 " ,,Cecil Bridgewater, tr ; -Billy Harper, ts ; -Reggie Workman.,cb ; -Max Roach,.dr,,-. 1 Call of the wild and peaceful Hearth ,,-2 Six Bit Blues 3 Mr. Hi Hat ,,-4 Now ' s the time,,.- 5-8 Interview - Presentation partially in Japanese ,,,, x x x ,,,,,
  11. Dear ,, JazzFans ,, there is a ''RARE'' video of..: Chick Corea in * Classic *... This Live concert was played here in Roma,. Ciao , fabio ,.- -1047,1-CHICK COREA, p & 'Orchestra Sinfonica' .. Live in Roma at ''Accademia of ^Santa Cecilia^...,t,36'. 5* April , 2000. M°.Steven Mercurio ''MOZART,K.466''.. -x-)2^Set) CHICK COREA,p,TRIO + Orchestra Sinfonica.. Aveshai Cohen,cb , Jeff Ballard,dr ,Live Roma in .. ''Santa Cecilia'' 5*April ,2000, M°Steven Mercurio , ''Concerto Nr,1 for pianoforte & Orchestra'' ..,t,.35'.. .......................... ...............… ...............
  12. May-be this is the TV-video program,. Yo-morrow , sunday 14* february ., I will see this video, and then I will tell You more right Informactions,.!!,. Ciao , fabio - fabiodrummy@gmail.com - D V D - V i d e o ....... CHICK COREA ,piano ................ -344.3-Germania-??-tv’.s..+JOE FARRELL.sax.+.stanley clarke.cb.,.drs.?? +.vcl.??.1972., t.42 ., bw . ......................................................
  13. .., Yes .,Yèèssss..!!, wowowowohh.,.!! 'Grazie' dear Mr. * Funk…, the *Bassit - name of..: Ronnie Boykins is right and correct,.!!,. Surely bassist Boykins also plays in 'Quartet'..: Stan Getz ,Mary Lou , Mr. Boykins + J.C. Heard 'the drummer'.,!!,. Ciao , fabio .,Roma ,,- - ,, -
  14. Sorry , but this Video-clip , is 'cut-short' on the ..drums solo,.!!) - Mary Lou Williams,.p Trio ,w. Jo Jones, dr..Nice1978..- ,Trio ,Live Nice Jazz Festival ,.July,1978.. Nizza ,Live at ^ Grande Parade du Jazz.^. Trio with ,?bassist .. feat., JO JONES ,. drums .. t.,45..- - , -
  15. 47-A) DIZZY GILLESPIE,tr 5t ,Lalo Schifrin,p ,Leo Wright,sax Art Davis,cb..&..Chuck Lampkin,dr .. 'guest' ,,CANDIDO CAMERO,conga.. Live in Parigi Jazz Festival ,1960, t.20' .. - ,, -
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