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  1. Hi All, I just stumbled on to this website of Freddie McCoy (aka Dit Ahmed SOFI): http://freddiemccoyditahmedsofi.com/History/History.html I got to wondering what Freddie did after he cut those dates for Prestige, so I looked around a little bit and came across his website. I would love to read his book "I Said to Me"... anyone here ever see/read it? There's also an interesting string of comments on a blog from Freddie and family members (including a posting announcing Freddie's death) here: http://funky16corners.wordpress.com/2006/10/23/freddie-mccoy-gimme-some/#comments Anyone else know more about Freddie? I would love to hear any personal stories you might have...
  2. Again, this trial is not about determining whether Bonds "ever took steroids"... it is a trial centered on notion of perjury. As an aside, wouldn't the positive test observed through regular MLB testing constitute proof that he took steroids?
  3. It pains me greatly to say this, but Bonds is going to walk without any of these charges sticking. From what I've read, I'm sure there will be at least a few jurors who will not find him guilty on any of the remaining counts. I have no idea what Bonds will be paying Anderson in the future for his "cooperation", but I imagine it will be a princely sum. I guess whatever the amount is it will have been worth it for Bonds.
  4. Has anyone here seen the "Birdland Book"? Has it been donated to the Institute of Jazz Studies? That collection in his basement needs to go to a place where it will be properly archived and disseminated (good article here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704354704575651483072044218.html#articleTabs%3Darticle)
  5. Montreal - 55 points. I remember going to the 1984 Grey Cup in Edmonton... Winnipeg destroyed Hamilton in that game, but what I mostly remember is that it was about -20 degrees at kick-off. Hope this year's game isn't nearly as cold. Seats were great though... 55 yard line!
  6. I remember this auction on eBay... I'm pretty sure it was in the fall of 2001. I bid on it, but the price got pretty high (I bowed out when it got over $150). I'm glad to hear it went to a good home.
  7. Thanks for posting this. I have no comment on the Mtume/Crouch debate, but what I really took away from the article was this quote: "It's hard for critics to let go, to hold their tongue and say, 'This isn't for me'." Amen.
  8. Ah hell... I'd go to this in a heartbeat, but of course I can't make it over to Santa Monica tonight. Wish I'd paid more attention to your tour dates. :bwallace2: Give 'em hell, Jim, and I hope some of the other LA Organissimites can make it to see the show.
  9. Having just heard a recording of this, I'm doubtful that an album will be released. Not because it shouldn't, but I fear that Sonny will feel his playing isn't up to his (incredibly high) standards and he'll not want it released. I hope I'm wrong about this, but we all know how critical Sonny is of his work...
  10. Just an educated guess. Anyone know how to actually check which post was the millionth? This was: Seriously. Oh man... Makes me wish I wrote something slightly more profound for the millionth. Maybe I'll go back and edit it one day (when we get close to the two millionth post). Still, it's a honor to have made post #1,000,000 on this board. I can't thank you enough, Jim, for putting up with us for all these years... this board is the best place on the net.
  11. Ah hell. I liked his last works on the Origin label (Gratitude especially). RIP, Mr. Caliman. May your spirit continue to soar!
  12. Just an educated guess. Anyone know how to actually check which post was the millionth?
  13. Only took 7.5 years to hit a million. Not bad... not bad at all.
  14. Personally, I think this guy should be the focus of post #1,000,000:
  15. Ah Danny, you make me laugh! Is it wet or dry season for you these days, I can never remember? Regardless, let me say ***CLASP***! And, sorry to hear about our Cortland friend... he was a good guy. Cheers, Shane
  16. OK, back to some positivity... I'm really looking forward to the Brazil vs. Cote d'Ivoire game tomorrow. I'm hoping the game opens up a bit more than the Portugal vs. Cd'I chess match, and that Drogba gets the start (or plays more than the 25 minutes he had). Cheers, Shane
  17. Yeah, that must be it. The World Cup, with its long and illustrious history, is nothing more than "anti-American bullshit." Yep, the event the entire world (except for Canada and the US, although that's changing) looks forward to every four years is simply a celebration of everything un-American. I can see it now... each and every one of those 2 BILLION+ people who will watch the final will do so by burning the American flag and chanting "death to the infidels." None of them will be tuning in to watch the beautiful game, nosiree... they're just going to watch as a way to stick it to Uncle Sam one more time. Oh, and all those referees will be dancing a jig of joy in the realization that they've "cheated" the US out of the tournament. Tim, you really need to get a grip sometimes. Either use the logical side of your brain, or stay out of the deep end of any conversation regarding a topic you clearly know nothing about. Cheers, Shane
  18. IMHO, they were the best team in the regular season. Sure, Washington won the President's Trophy, but they got to play a shedload of games against those gawd-awful Southeast division teams. Chicago actually finished second to the Sharks in the West in the regular season, but it seemed to me as though Chicago got bored and took their foot off the gas about mid-season, which allowed San Jose to move ahead of them. I'm still sticking with my "'Hawks in 5" prediction... they are just too loaded for Philly. Would love to see a seven game series, though!
  19. That's a funny cover... I need to give Ruth grief about it next time I see her at the Jazz Bakery.
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