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  1. It always amazes me how Man U gets such home cookin' from the officials. I guess extra time means "play until Man U scores" when the game is held at Old Trafford? Great game otherwise, though.
  2. I loved how KRS-One aped this tune on "100 Guns" on the Edutainment album. Cheers, Shane
  3. Holy crap! I just checked out a certain bit-torrent site to see what was up, and both the Mono and Stereo boxes were put up there last weekend. The stereo set has been downloaded over 12,000 times and the mono set over 6,000 times at that site alone. That's just nuts for being up less than a week. And no, I did not/have not downloaded any of it... I'm waiting for my Mono box to ship. Cheers, Shane
  4. Adam, I was also planning on heading out to Amoeba tonight, but cannot due to a work commitment. I'm looking for the Freddie Slack select and the Johnny Richards select. If you see either/both of these and can pick them up, I'd gladly pay you for them (plus a little extra for the effort, of course). PM also being sent... Cheers, Shane
  5. Edit: Nm... Post edited to try and keep negativity off the board. Cheers, Shane
  6. What a night. The Sox wrap up the Wild Card in the AL and the Braves lose any possible chance they had in the NL. Congrats, Dan. And condolences, Berigan.
  7. Wait... help me understand you on this quote. Are you suggesting that I'm someone who's bothered by basic personal responsibility?
  8. Allen, I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but maybe if all these people are having issues with you, maybe the problem lies in how YOU'RE dealing with them (i.e., the problem is you, not them)? Sure, there are bound to be some bass players/drummers in your area who are unreliable, but if most of them are blowing you off, then perhaps you need to look at your behavior to see why they aren't interested in returning. As for the e-mail stuff, I agree with FFA... just let it go. You're doing yourself no favors by harassing that drummer. I'm sure these young guys all talk to each other, and you don't want word to go around that Lowe is that "crazy old man" who stalks/harasses people via e-mail. It sounds like it's tough enough to find people to play within your demands... why make it worse? Again, no disrespect intended... just a perspective from someone removed from the situation. Cheers!
  9. You'd be "salty" too if Chewy called you at your home while you were in the middle of eating a sammich!
  10. Hey, some nice titles in there! But what is "Label: Indies Japan/Zoom"??? Is this a new distibutor for Toshiba/EMI? Cheers, Shane
  11. They used to, but then the catalog was pulled a few months ago. A few titles (about 10) have trickled back to eMusic, but sadly they don't have anywhere near the number of Xanadu releases they did a year ago.
  12. Aw, man. Every time I saw him play, he gave nothing less than his all. What more could anyone in the audience possibly ask for? His duets with Sonny Fortune these past few years made for some wonderful memories. Such an inspiration! RIP, Rashied. May your spirit continue to soar.
  13. This. Oh hell yes... this. Sangrey sums it all up for me in this one sentence. This is exactly what I think is going on (or, at the very least, this is what I'm experiencing in my own musical interactions these days). It's funny, really. In the past 24 hours alone I've heard classical musicians/writers/composers on NPR talk about how to "save" classical music... I've read in a local music zine how "rap/hip-hop" is dead... read a scathing interview with Burning Spear on the Roots-Archives website in which he argues that the youths in Jamaica today just aren't playing reggae "the way it was meant to be"... heard that the Knitting Factory here in Los Angeles is closing its doors later this year, thus introducing the possibility that Chris Murray's Bluebeat Lounge (a weekly avenue for ska, rocksteady, and reggae artists that's been going strong for 6 years) might be shutting down permanently. So the question of "can ______ be saved" is being applied to virtually every form of music these days. Yet they will all go on. Every form of music will go on, in one way or another. It won't ever be like "the good old days" for any of them, and for that I'm glad, actually. Cheers, Shane
  14. Dan, This is the kind of thing that I think really gives the O board, and by extension the BAND Organissimo, a bad name. Didn't Jim ask all of us a while back to cool out, especially in regards to how we treat newcomers, because these things reflect badly on the BAND? Think about it for a minute... we have a newcomer here who has the potential to HELP the band through her position, yet her first interaction with board members is to be dumped on and cursed at. How does that help the band in any way??? Hell, I'm embarrassed by your responses, and my name isn't associated with the board in any way... think of how Jim, Joe and Randy must feel to see stuff like this. Just sayin'... Oh, and welcome TJC3! Cheers, Shane
  15. Weizy, Is that a Blue Note coaster??? Where on earth did you get that, and how can I get some? Excellent beer choice, BTW. Cheers, Shane
  16. Wow, has eMusic really phukked up their pricing plan, especially for jazz releases. Most of my "Saved For Later" albums that had 4-7 tracks have been bumped up to 12 "credits"... Most of those Soul Notes/Black Saint albums are 12 credits, no matter whether they have 2 tracks or 9 tracks. Even those new Billy Harper albums (put out by Billy himself) are 12 credits. No thanks... It looks like the Fantasy family of labels have resisted the new pricing... for now. Man, I've been with eMusic for 6 years now... but I think it's time to move on.
  17. You know all of us Organissimites are sick puppies when we start saying things like "ONLY a SMALL collection of 1,000 CDs"! And that's why I love this place! Cheers, Shane
  18. Whoa, $900 just to ship it over here! It'll be interesting to see how much this actually goes for. Cheers, Shane
  19. Street team aside... I gotta say, I dig Little Miss Cott... quite a lot!
  20. Please, I beg of all you fine gentlemen and women... please stop saying Black Mamba. No one here in LA uses that nickname for Kobe, and lord knows Kobe is not worthy of it anyway. Please? Thank you for listening! Cheers, Shane
  21. Not an urban myth... it's real. It's in one of the "deleted/outtake" scenes in "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular" episode. I know one of the writers on the show... I'll see if I can convince him to get the Reptet in there somehow! Cheers, Shane
  22. Nice tune! But Jim, my man... ya gotta lay off the Ambien! Cheers, Shane
  23. What a farce. Seriously. This decision is a complete joke. Somewhere Walt Disney is laughing his ass off.
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