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  1. Already mentioned  here several years ago that I was to accompany  François Postif when he interviewed Lester Young but had to abstain because I had to prépare an important school  examination. My eternal  regrets!

    As for Lady Day,  caught her when she .sang at the Paris Olympia in November 1958. She was not in top form .but I found her beautiful.

    Saw  her also shortly after when she and Mal Waldron had dinner   with Postif and à couple of friends at  Chez Gaby’s near Pigalle.  She was in top form that night.

  2. Howard Johnson's présence on any session was a sure sign that it would be swinging and enjjoyable..

    Heard him in thé 60's with Archie Shepp and Gil Evans among others.

    Hé  will be missed.!

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