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  1. You are right that was a great night of baseball, but lets face it if the Yankees played all their regulars and put MO in at the end , the Rays would have lost too. What about Crawford, he can't catch that ball? Manny could! Seriously,Crawford may be the best all round athlete on the club and he dives for the ball as if it's a hand grenade.
  2. Last night on Comcast Sports Network (local here in Boston) the host Tanguay said that there is a large portion of Red Sox fans who are routing for them to not make the playoffs. Here is a list of what these fans hope will go away with a total Sox collapse: 1. The end of the Pink Hat Fans (I agree with this ,mostly girls...when I was a kid my Dad would take me into Fenway and i swear everyone sitting around us were business guys dressed in trench coats and smoking cigars while reading The Globe. Now it's broads ,checking their i-phones and hitting on guys down on the lower concourse.) 2. The end of that horrible Sweet Caroline sing along between the 7th inning ...who started that shit ? 3. Goodbye Theo (I think it will be Goodbye Francona) 4. Now this one is the funniest one and totally true "Fenway has become NANTUCKET!..now that is too funny and true Fenway has become like this place to be seen , the fact that they play baseball there is an afterthought....who would have ever thunk this ..... I guess this was the price of 2 WS Championships.......
  3. Mr. MVP has to make that catch , Freddy Lynn used to make those catches crashing into walls..... Oh well I guess Mr. MVP is more of a run and dive forward kind of guy ...Damn! Some fan ran onto the field last night and flipped the bird to the Red Sox dugout ...they deserve it.
  4. http://www.boston.com/sports/blogs/thebuzz/2011/09/report_john_lac.html Lackey......What an Asshole !!!!!!! When Theo goes to the Cubs , I hope he takes with him Lackey Drew Dice K Crawford This is one of the more unlikable Sox teams in a long time , can't wait for The Bruins to start playing for real!
  5. Pedroia might go under the knife for his right knee, will miss a month.
  6. Can't believe Lackey gets the win , he SUCKED. Friggin' Eck kinda gave him props? was he watching the same game? He SUCKED The Yanks are the most amazing team in the world ,cause I always think they suck ,yet they win a lot. I don't know how they do it .....
  7. Of course they didn't mention that.....NESN post game with Gammons and Eck are talking about the drug issues with Manny. Gammons seems like he is losing it , he is stuttering and sometimes rambling about Pujols and his work ethic, They were in the middle of a conversation about Manny ????? Eck looks uncomfortable , like he doesn't know what Gammons is talking about.
  8. They just announced during the Red Sox game that Manny has retired !
  9. Its the only thing that's keeping me from seeking out the nearest bridge to fling myself from - if you believe the Rays will end of the third best non-division winner, then getting off to the same pathetic start keeps me on a somewhat even keel. But Jesus Christ the way they are playing, the Indians will do their best "'1927 Yankees" imitation starting Tuesday and by the time the Yankees leave Fenway Sunday night they'll be six games off the pace. And then you will see people lined up at bridges all over New England. Can you win the World Series even if you never win a regular season game ?
  10. The Lefty thing is outta control ,Ellsbury,Gonzalez and Big Papi have had a field day against the lefties. If Francona had put in Lowrie,Tek and McDonald we wouldn't have any runs.....what is up with the lefty thing ? Fred Lynn always played against Lefties,Yaz always played against Lefties....why does everyone over think the game of baseball now?
  11. Thanks !...it feels good Next year will be bad.
  12. I love all his movies! Alice is another great one,I love the scene where Alice tells Dr.Yang that"penguins mate for life" and Dr.Yang responds with "ah you think penguins are catholics?" Also recently saw Small Time Crooks for the first time and Elaine May totally steals the movie,ya gotta see it just for her performance!
  13. Would it not be ironic if say the parents of JSngry conceived him while "Baby Let's Play House" played on the radio.
  14. Hey , I wanted Crawford from the start and I was NOT sad to see V-Mart go. I still can't believe the local sports media was all upset over letting Martinez walk.....the other thing about signing Crawford is that it's also insurance in case Ellsbury re injures himself or when his comtract is up brcause as you know Bor-ass will be chasing huge money again as always.
  15. NESN is Flashing Breaking News ...the Red Sox have acquired Adrian Gonzalez.....
  16. They were just commenting on Comcast Sportsnet and Buckley said that the deal should be in the Mark Teixeira range .....In fact he is a better player than Teixeira. So this should not have been a surprise for the Sox brass. They were talking about next year with the 3 big 1st baseman out on the market ,Pujols,Fielder and Gonzalez and that the Yanks will not be driving up the price on any of these guys with 6 years left on Teixeira and big salaries on Jeter,Posada.....so the Yanks have dug them selves a ditch. But right now the Red Sox have taken a Major PR blow !!!!!!!
  17. He wants $160 mil for 8 years and the Sox couldn't /wouldn't complete that signing ??????????? That's Theo and his Bullshit years crap .......the guy should be good for 8 years !!!!!! Theo SUX
  18. Great day For Red Sox Fans !!!!, It's all Red Sox talk right now (in the face of the upcoming pats/Jets game) on EEI proving that this is a Baseball Town always has been ,always will be.
  19. I'm so surprised that the media guys here in Boston never saw this coming ,I am telling ya these guys on Comcast Sportsnet (whatever it's called?) know shit about baseball and that includes Framingham Lou. Friggin' Merloni was flabbergasted by this ....Pitchers had a higher ERA and hitters a higher BA when V-Mart (stupid nickname) was behind the plate. The Red Sox have money to spend they just didn't want give it to him....you had to see this coming when they only offered him 2 years at the beginning.
  20. I could of told you that the Sox were not interested in resigning Martinez. They had their chances back in Spring training and during the season , I think one report had the Red Sox offering him a 2 year deal back in August. The problem with Martinez is that the Sox feel he may give them 2 years behind the plate and then 2 years as a DH and they would end up over spending for a DH. I say they stick with Jarrod Saltalamacchia with Tek as a back up /tutor..... Now they need to replace their #3 hitter with Carl Crawford.
  21. The funny thing about the baseball gods is that despite an injury riddled season and not having Youk & Pedroia it all comes down to Papelbon,Take away his 7 BLOWN saves and the Sox are leading in the wild card race! That is kinda amazing...still think that Francona should be voted manager of the year.
  22. Johnny Damon claimed off waivers by the Red Sox
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