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  1. New favorite display font!!! Beautiful impact and amazing Readability. This cover art is worth its salt in my book. Who designed it??
  2. Your feedback is well shared. After purchasing it, I do find the style was a bit commercial without more emotion from the Chevrolet-famous Ms. Shore. (But that commercial would have benefited possibly with a jazz feel and a scat chorus or two as well.)
  3. Is this album as interesting as most of Andre Previn’s? I was impressed with “The Man I Love” from the first listen. Surprising, in a good way.
  4. Re: Cal Tjader “Our Blues” How would you say this stacks up with the At Grace Cathedral album?
  5. Non-jazz, but a welcome departure from holiday music and jazz light... Juice for a new year.
  6. Re: Houston Person April in Paris, the sax shaped Eiffel Tower in the cover art is pretty hip, huh? Jon King should read - Live in Paris
  7. Interesting, TTK. Also, wanted to suggest a great, but obscure, downloadable anthology that I listen to when time is limited. The Definitive Rarities Collection - 50 Classic Cuts, Nina Simone Great alternate performances and live material that shines in a freer way than her more accessible albums that we also collect.
  8. Would anyone guess to whom I refer? Hint: Today marks her 90th Birthday (1933-2003).
  9. One person's junk is another's treasure....vis a vis Easy Listening All music is not musical to me. Certainly, not beyond my picky affection for acoustic drumming. Anything that does not swing, rock, roll, waltz, shimmy or make me want to dance otherwise, can be tedious and outright distracting. Most people seem to like dancing, as do I. I once walked out of a famous country and western singer's performance, when I overdosed on repetitive rhythm guitar licks played with no regard for soloing even in a shit-kicking, heartland affirming concert facility where I once had marveled at one of Louis Armstrong's bands, the MJQ, Ella Fitzgerald, David Clayton Thomas and others. I enjoyed the music, and was turned off by the garage band C&W sound attack. Easy listening for the most part has never moved me dance - just to hang up, leave the elevator, or find another chain store with better demographics. Give real drums a chance, electric drum machines are like that endless 2-chord "soloing" in that guitar player's trick bag. Lacking.
  10. Well, another brick in the wall…. Thank you for that info.
  11. Could you elaborate please? First time knowledge. I thought strobes were for dancing.
  12. Well, this looks interesting. Are the tunes still requested? I like Mehldau’s Hendrix and Beatles tracks, for example. Once requested “High Heeled Sneakers” during a set at a bbq blues place in Kansas City, and The Rest Is History thanks to Linda Schell and her Blues Thang.
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