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  1. I *think* we'll nose it out against the Twins, but the whole "Yankees have dominated them" narrative makes me really anxious. And it's a 5-game series. NY better get it in gear after that fizzled-out ending of a season. Quote Two games up in a 3 of 5 and I'm still nervous. The Twins looked really good in our previous matchups with them. Now that they're home, they should perform better. Should the Yanks prevail, as is likely, the Astros are quite formidable. In order to beat them, the Yanks would have to make their great starters work so that the relief staff can then be attacked.
  2. A great musicians joke when it comes to requests: Guy comes to a party, sees a piano, sits down on the bench and begins to play very lyrically, up and down the keyboard, but nothing recognizable. Hostess comes over, says "You really play well, do you take requests"? Guy replies "I only know two tunes". Hostess: "Which ones"? Guy: "Happy Birthday" and "Lush Life".
  3. If Dave Roberts brings Ryan Madsen in again with runners in scoring position, he deserves to get wiped out by the Sox. Asked to bail out Kershaw in Game 1, Madsen failed and again tonight he failed to save Riu who left with the bases loaded, two outs and a one run lead. So Madsen allows 5 Boston runners to score yet has a World Series ERA of 0.00 having stunk up the joint twice.
  4. This duo will be appearing at the Miniaci Arts Center (Nova University) in Davie, Florida this coming Saturday, March 4th. It's billed as a "Farewell Concert", perhaps Gary is retiring. Worth attending if you're in southeast Florida as I've seen this duo before and enjoyed it immensely. Tix are $40 + handling for all seats in the house and it's a fine venue anywhere you sit. The link: http://southfloridajazz.org/
  5. Thank you one and all for the good wishes. And a very happy and healthy new year wish to each of you.
  6. Back in November 1981, I very fortunately attended the evening concert of an all star gathering of musicians honoring Monk who was known to be in poor health at that moment in time. Indeed, Monk passed away 3 months later. The afternoon and evening concerts were titled "Interpretations of Monk", the four sets eventually being released sometime in 1994 on a four CD issue by DIW that I purchased immediately on sight. I note that it's currently available from various sellers on Amazon for upwards of $95. The front line for all four sets consisted of Don Cherry, Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd and Charlie Rouse. Richard Davis was the bassist throughout. The drummer consisted of Ben Riley on the opening set of each concert, Ed Blackwell on the closing set of each. The pianists were Muhal Richard Abrams (1st set), Barry Harris (2nd) afternoon concert; Anthony Davis (1st set), Mal Waldron (2nd) evening concert. The variety of tune listings give an indication of how much work and rehearsal went into these concerts: Disc: 1 1. Announcement - Verna Gillis 2. Introduction - Nat Hentoff 3. Crepuscule With Nellie 4. I Mean You 5. Ask Me Now 6. Gallop's Gallop 7. Blue Monk 8. Four In One 9. Poetry - Amiri Baraka Disc: 2 1. Introduction - Stanley Crouch 2. Monk's Mood 3. Evidence 4. Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are 5. Thelonious 6. Well, You Needn't 7. Announcement - Verna Gillis 8. Ruby, My Dear Disc: 3 1. Light Blue 2. Eronel 3. Bye-Ya 4. Pannonica 5. Off Minor 6. Epistrophy Disc: 4 1. Announcement - Verna Gillis 2. 'Round About Midnight 3. Let's Call This 4. Reflections 5. Friday The 13th 6. Rhythm-A-Ning 7. Epistrophy
  7. I can't believe that I never knew this edition existed.  I'll go for it.  PayPal OK?  Reply to Newkophile@comcast.net.


  8. South Florida Jazz will be presenting Steve Turre at the Miniaci Arts Center of Nova University on Saturday, June 11th. Turre will lead a three trombone front line that includes Frank Lacy and Steve Davis. The concert is titled "The Bones of Art", in that the sextet will be performing music associated with Art Blakey. Tix are $40 plus a $7.50 handling charge that can be eliminated if you show up at the box office to purchase tix at least 30 minutes before show time. These concerts are well attended but seldom sell out. http://southfloridajazz.org/cms.php?id=180
    1. Glad to see you and your wife are doing well in the aftermath of such a horrific tragedy.  If you recall when we visited two years ago we stayed at an apartment near the Metro stop at the Place de la Republique.  Soyez bien!
  9. Mets really mean business, breaking Cub rooters hearts with 6 runs in the first two innings. Even imperturbable Joe Madden looks shell shocked.
  10. Don't know if this has been posted anywhere else on this forum, if so I apologize, but I'm watching a baseball playoff game and during a commercial break, I'm hearing Miles. It's a Lincoln car commercial with Matthew McConaughey and the soundtrack sounds to me like it's from "Ascenseur pour l'échafaud", the Louis Malle 1958 film aka in English, "Elevator to the Gallows" in the U.S. or "Lift to the Scaffold" in the UK. Anyone else corroborating this?
  11. Have been listening to this the past few days and am continually being knocked out. '60s Rollins is heaven for me and there are some absolutely fantastic takes on this compilation, e.g., all the takes of "Oleo" plus single takes of "Lover", "Three Little Words", etc. A dream come true to hear Newk at length during this particular period of his marvelous career. BTW, Billy Higgins' support - fabulous!
  12. Don't see the white eyeglass frames as an affectation or anything else for that matter. Close your eyes and keep your ears open to the voice. Caught her at the Miniaci Arts Center at Nova University in Davie, FL, this past May. Performance was uneven, partly because she is arcanely eclectic, e.g., choosing an Ethel Waters obscurity that left me cold. However, when she sings more familiar material, e.g., "I Didn't Know What Time it Was", she swings. Her stage manner is wonderful, her explanations as to why she chose each number were definitely appreciated by a very receptive audience. Thumbs up!
  13. Michael Weiss goes back a while with McPherson. I'm recalling the time around 1990 when I saw Michael lead a quintet featuring McPherson and Tom Harrell at Alice Tully Hall. Went with a few non-jazz friends from work whom I convinced to go. Everyone enjoyed it - wonderful concert.
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