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  1. Are any of you using "The Cloud" to store your CDs and albums? I found a site, TeraBox, that gives you 1 TB of free storage. I started moving my CDs to there so I can access my music anywhere. It also serves as a backup if ever I lose a CD or album, I have a copy some place. 

  2. The life he lived, drugs and alcohol, you would think he would’ve been the first of the big time rock ‘n’ rollers of the 50s to die. He outlasted them all. 

  3. 16 hours ago, Chuck Nessa said:

    Might you mean Brian?


    Thanks. Corrected it.

    6 hours ago, mikeweil said:

    Following the turorial step by step should do it. If not, contact Steve Albin with a specific description of your problem, he's  nice and always wlling to help. 

    Can you say where your problem starts? When you open BRIAN, it starts wit the sessions window. You click on "new session" and fill in the fields one by one, starting with the date. In case you don not have an exact date you type in an approximation (which determins the order in which the sessions are displayed in the report, check the "ca." box, and type in a "text date" which will be shown in your report. Type in the rest (not all are necessary) and click "save session".After that you can add tracks. You then switch to the personnel tab and mark the tracks to which you want to add personnel.

    Learning to  use a database can be a drag at first ..... I know how you feel.

    After I've click on add a new session and fill in the fields, I can't the songs to appear in the session. The two entries that come with the DB show up when I generate a report, but the session I add is blank.

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