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  1. I never thought I would quote a Fleetwood Mac song, but this line has increasing significance sine the end of 2020: Damn your lies!

  2. Larry, if you're looking for a recent reissue of the Charles/Pettiford "3 For Duke" date Japanese Warner released one recently that sounds fantastic:


  3. I got married February 20 and I'm so happy!


    1. page


      Enjoy my friend. I'm so happy for you! :)

  4. Married again and so happy!


  5. Inordinately impossibly going to really like the ERRs.

  6. Hi Joel. Beautiful guitar. Enjoy your posts and posting.

  7. Two wheels are just right

  8. Allen, remain "positive." :)

  9. Keep on keepin' on Steve!

  10. Welcome. . .back?

  11. Thanks. Accidentally profound I'm sure.

    Sounded like something Charlie on NBC's "Life" would say. That's a good show. Have a suspicion last week we saw the last episode ever of that as the "season 2 finale."

  12. Hey E,

    Where does your tagline come from ("There is no nothing, otherwise it would be something. Never forget that.")? Sends very Charlie Crews.

  13. JETman. . .from the Planet Rocsuxia

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