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  1. The Swiss Krisses "Leave it all Behind You" Alamy Alamo Records
  2. Pee Wee! Pee Wee Russell / Coleman Hawkins “Jazz Reunion” Candid Records cd 2022 Seems perfect for watching the snow fall through the bare branches out my (upstairs) window.
  3. Ella Fitzgerald “Sunshine of Your Love” Verve cd Although this whole disc shows Ella really “on” and sounding great. . . the title track is the show stopper! Sound isn’t fantastic. This originated as an MPS and there are MPS cds out there. . . but they don’t always sound that good so I went with the Verve. May try the MPS one day.
  4. Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis with Red Garland and Shirley Scott “Gentle Jaws” Prestige OJC cd Just what I needed after some JATP jams! 640×561 41 KB Quartet sessions with either Red or Shirley on piano, from two LPs and one track from a compilation. Pulled a few Lockjaw cds from the shelves. . .he has a unique sound and technique that I sometimes crave in batches of discs.
  5. Drummer Pete La Roca’s only leader date for Blue Note, “Basra” (here the Japan cd UCCU-8110) The quartet does an amazing job here but Joe Henderson seems inspired and is a real standout. Right NOW: It took some prodding (if you paid for this set with PayPal I recommend contacting them if you haven't received a shipping notice) but my JATP Mosaic set arrived last night right after my wife came home and I shut off the system. Playing the first disc right now. Sound is really good. No loudness war mastering here–I had to increase the gain in my system a lot. Lester is playing and all is right in my world. Classic Jazz At The Philharmonic Jam Sessions 1950-1957, disc 1 of 10
  6. I never did receive a shipping notice or tracking number but mine arrived today at last. Right when my wife came home, so I've only glanced at the excellent booklet so far. Tomorrow I'll spin some.
  7. For me that would be the band with Hank Jones, but this is a great one too.
  8. Joe Lovano with US Five “Bird Songs” Blue Note cd Mostly songs played by or written by Charlie Parker. Very nice cd.
  9. The birthday boy, whose music brightens my life. Disc 1 I don't think Tom would mind if I posted a picture of the girl from Ipanema.
  10. Ray Charles “Live at the Olympia Theatre, Paris, 1962” disc 1 of 3 Sound is okay. Dynamite show.
  11. Spaghetti and the Meatballs "Pass the Cheese, Please"
  12. Overnight sensation that I am this morning I discovered I'm a "Rising Star!"
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