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  1. The only one I really regret buying is the Cleveland Eaton.
  2. To be honest to me it's not that much jazz, so much depends on how you define "jazz."
  3. Because it's a different group than any others mentioned here and I question personally whether it is "jazz" at all.
  4. Wow. I forgot how thrilling the duet between Ella (scat) and Booty Wood (on trombone) was on this Pablo cd! I find the cd sounds best with phase in the “OUT” position on my DAC. Now on to Randy Weston “Solo, Duio & Trio” OJC cd
  5. If it does appear it will be hyped as an incredible lost album!
  6. "A Perfect Match -- Ella and Basie" Pablo cd Everybody is into it.
  7. Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington “The Making of the Great Summit” Roulette cd One gets to be a fly on the wall for portions of this awesome session. Wow.
  8. One Lee Morgan leads to another, this time. . . . "Caramba" Blue Note Japan SHM-CD
  9. I wish they would revisit the first decade or so of the label which I think could sound so much better with the improvements in sound restoration and playback since the label last compiled some. But I have no interest in LP reissues, and no hope there would be cd reissues. Sigh.
  10. Wow. Lovely Linda Sharrock at 18. Pictures of Linda with Sonny have made me realize she looks a lot like one of my first crushes, Iona Baxter, who lived next to us and often baby sat us when I was in Philadelphia my last two years, when I was 10 and 11. She was the prettiest girl in the neighborhood and she was courted hard; the front steps our "houses" shared were often filled with suitors until Mr. Baxter would open the door and grunt a greeting. "Hello Mr. Baxter!" would be a refrain as they all reluctantly went on their way. . . . Sorry just a memory intruding. I have reached the age where memories arise and seem as real as yesterday's news.
  11. I was thinking of playing a Duke Pearson album, but saw this one first and it has lovely arrangements by Duke with an all-star (imo) cast and it sure sounds nice this morning. Lee Morgan “Standards” Blue Note Japan SHM-CD 600×595 109 KB Arranged By – Duke Pearson Baritone Saxophone – Pepper Adams Bass – Ron Carter Drums – Mickey Roker Flute, Alto Saxophone – James Spaulding Piano – Herbie Hancock Tenor Saxophone – Wayne Shorter Trumpet – Lee Morgan
  12. I’m a big Randy Weston fan and have decided to begin revisiting his earliest recordings which are great listens. This one first: “The Modern Art of Jazz,” released on Dawn Records. 530×536 44.9 KB Recorded in New York City on November 21 and November 22, 1956 Randy Weston - piano Ray Copeland - trumpet Cecil Payne - alto saxophone, baritone saxophone Ahmed Abdul-Malik - bass Wilbert Hogan or Willie Jones - drums Then on to: “The Complete Peggy Lee & June Christy Capitol Transcription Sessions” Mosaic Records disc V 500×507 40.1 KB More Peggy Lee sides with the excellent guitar styling of her then husband Dave Barbour. Great singing and playing and great mono sound, both in the original recording and the mastering for cd.
  13. I'm pretty sure that almost all the Bechet Blue Note material came out on cd from Blue Note if not always on "Bechet only" cds. I wish Blue Note would revisit all the material from the first decade with new up to date mastering. . . but I would prefer not vinyl releases. But I doubt either format will be produced unfortunately.
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