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  1. I listen to CD, SACD (mostly classical), vinyl (originals and audiophile reissues), lossless files and MP3s (outdoors). Every format has it's advantages and drawbacks. Although I am an audiophile, I can enjoy MP3s, just like I can enjoy Charlie Parker audience recordings. But I think MP3s will be replaced by lossless files in the next years, as download speeds and storage capacities grow. There is no absolute need for lossy compression any longer. The main reason why download stores stick to MP3 (often at the highest bitrate 320kbs) is that it's currently the only universal music file format, that plays on all portable players and music servers. If more players supported FLAC, I'm sure the download offer in that format would increase.
  2. They are on iTunes and Amazon too. It's strictly an MP3 business with no physical product. With public domain music, anyone could do that. But I'm not sure the music is in the public domain in the US. Given these conditions, the prices are outrageous (£7 per album) http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/search/ref=sr_nr_p_n_format_browse-bi_0?rh=n%3A77197031%2Ck%3AAll+My+Succes%2Cp_n_format_browse-bin%3A78186031&bbn=77197031&keywords=All+My+Succes&ie=UTF8&qid=1286885072&rnid=78184031 http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-my-succes/id396049081 Because of the presence of many french artists, I think it's indeed a french company, called "Elver Records" http://www.emusic.com/browse/0/b/-dbm/b/0-0/1400220703/0.html Here's an "original" "Tous mes succès" release: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tous-mes-succès-Christian-Adam/dp/B002ZSRX1E
  3. Some experts have said that no Clenbuterol has been detected in spanish beef since 1999.
  4. The blood transfusion theory is interesting, because unlike the minimal Clenbuterol consumption (detected only once), it could be a sign of effective doping.
  5. If people care about backup, digital files are much easier to preserve for eternity than analogue tapes and films. The tragedy is that many omit even the most basic backup steps.
  6. Given that the amount of clenbuterol found is 400 times less than normal doping tests can detect, I think contamination is the most likely cause, and Contador shouldn't be punished for that. Very recently, a german table tennis player was tested positive on clenbuterol too after having played in China. That sport hardly benefits from muscle building. Banned drug ‘Clenbuterol’ puts two players in hot waters. Contador's contaminated food: excuse or possibility?
  7. I used Google translate, expecting to have a good laugh, but no luck, it's quite accurate
  8. Hard to say. The EU Commission proposal to extend the copyright duration is currently being barred by a blocking minority in the EU Council so slim that Luxembourg had the deciding vote. The music industry even mobilized Bono to make a personal phone call to our culture minister.
  9. On a lighter side ... complete article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/africa/9017506.stm
  10. Well, if they wanted to recreate the Macero mix from the original unmixed tapes, it would be a re-mix, not the Macero mix. Wilder tried to reproduce the Macero mix as well, but that's a difficult task, so differences exist. It could be that a copy of the LP master tape was used, which can be in better shape than the original. Many japanese reissues are made from first-generation analogue copies of the master tapes, that were treated with better care than the real master tape.
  11. If the toolbar came with a software you installed, it's better to uninstall the toolbar completely, using the "Programs" function in the Windows control panel. Even if the toolbar is no longer visible in the browser because you unchecked it, it may perform certain functions in the background that you don't want. Usually, you can prevent the installation of a browser toolbar add-on by selecting "custom installation" during the setup of the software and unchecking the toolbar installation option. Unless it's a software that doesn't ask you if you want the browser toolbar. I would stay away from such a program.
  12. Let's phrase it differently then. A drug seller will ask the highest price he can get on the market, whatever his costs are. Generics are cheaper because the maker can't ask the same price as the original, because at identical price, the buyer will prefer the original (although it may not be better than the generic). If the public domain CDs had to use a generic title and cover, they would not look as interesting, and the buyer would prefer the original CDs, if the music content and price is the same. Many would also prefer to buy the original "Kind of blue" instead of a "Miles Davis 1959" CD even if the later contained bonus material.
  13. I was at the FNAC - biggest book/CD/video store in Brussels - last week, and the jazz section is completely dominated by those public domain reissues, especially those who copy the original artwork (still protected by copyright BTW). Most sickening is the fact that these are often more expensive than the original CDs (13 Euro vs 10 Euro), while their only advantage is the random addition of unrelated bonus tracks. I think it's a serious case of unfair competition. When a patent on a successful drug runs out (after 20-25 years), generics makers can copy the formula of the drug, but they are not allowed to copy the trademark of the well known drug. Consumers can still clearly make the distinction between the original and the (legitimate) copy. Generics are also cheaper than the original drugs, because they have the subjective disadvantage of being a copy. Here we have public domain CDs reproducing the artwork of "Time out" and other classics where one needs to look twice at the back of the CD to find out that's it's not an official reissue by the original label. Given the prominent display in stores here (and the availability in US stores where they are in fact illegal) and the rather high price, many non-experts will think these are some sort of new "deluxe* reissues.
  14. I'm not a big fan of alternate takes, but at least that's a change from the usual repackaging/remastering job Concord has done in the last years.
  15. If the words "web-based" and "email" weren't in this text, I would have thought it was copied by error from a 1990 catalogue.
  16. No, as discussed above, it's the remix. Here's a summary someone made on the Steve Hoffman forum: The upcoming vinyl reissue is supposed to be based on the Macero mix.
  17. These things can happen to anyone ... Microsoft loses hotmail.co.uk domain – for a while (2003)
  18. Impressive for Nadal to have surpassed already Lendl, Connors and Agassi in terms of Grand Slam titles. The historical comparison is slightly flawed of course, because before the 1990s the Australian Open was no considered that important, so many top players only played it occasionally, allowing the Aussies to rule at home. Borg played it only once, early in his career.
  19. Claude

    windmill tilter!

    BTW, BGO CDs are also available directly from the label website, at a price (£9.99) which is usually lower than on Amazon etc, with free worldwide shipping. I ordered a couple of CDs from them recently (mostly Iar Carr/Nucleus stuff), and shipping is very fast. I'm ordering Windmill Tilter now http://www.bgo-records.com
  20. I think in the case of the Amazon preview clips it was actually a composers union who wanted to be paid for the use of the clips, not the labels whose CDs Amazon is selling. That would have been dumb indeed.
  21. I like his early stuff. The worst disc in that box is the "Bird" soundtrack, because of how it was made (Bird solos overdubbed with new band). Good idea for the movie soundtrack, useless as a CD.
  22. There is conflicting information about which mix was used for this reissue (the original Teo Macero mix or the 1998 Mark Wilder-remix) For the Miles fans who already have the 4CD "Complete Bitches Brew sessions" box set, the most interesting aspect of this new reissue - besides the concert DVD - would be the original mix (as announced in the press release). One Amazon cutomer is certain the the 1998 remix was used again: http://www.amazon.com/Original-mix-or-1998-remix/forum/Fx38HKZUF6YLPIR/TxUO0ZDN1GQ39X/1/ref=cm_cd_fp_ef_tft_tp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=B003M0H4NG
  23. Just an update. CD Pacific doesn't seem to get the AP SACDs anymore. I've bought a couple of titles from various Amazon UK marketplace sellers, for around 20£ including shipping, and from CD Universe, for $20 (on sale) plus shipping. I recommend using this list to follow the shopping list, as it is a safe way to get the right discs (and not a different reissue) from Marketplace sellers. http://www.sa-cd.net/alltitles/51
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