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Found 4 results

  1. This new Night Lights show, put together with input from members of this board (you are thanked in the outgoing credits!) is now up for online listening: Mob-Lee: Hank Mobley and Lee Morgan
  2. Yair Dagan has posted an interview that Mobley did circa 1970-71 on the Hank Mobley Facebook page. It’s a panel of three photo scans... I’ll try to post them here as well. Here’s the introduction to the post: Here is a real "gem" I dug out: quite long interview with Mobley by Jan Byrczek in the English edition of the Polish Jazz Forum Magazine. There are very few published interviews with Mobley in existence (As a matter of fact, I was familiar with only two: John Litweiler's in Downbeat from 1973 being the longest and having the most details on his life, and The Melody Maker's Val Wilmer interview from 1968 while Mobley was in London). Mobley's interview with Jazz Forum came out in the second quarterly publication in 1970 (Issue no. 8 pp. 83-85). It is part of a series of interviews with American musicians that made their home in Europe (The photograph is a cut-out from a Jacques Bisceglia photo of Hank Mobley taken in Paris, April 15 1969). The paragraph I liked best is about Mobley's time with Miles: "It was great - I got along with him the best and worked the longest: three years…….I had a lot of fun with Miles because the group only changed once during the three years. We had J.J. Johnson, Miles Davis and myself, at the front line and the rhythm section was Winton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Philly Jo Jones - you cannot beat that, six musicians and all pros, we had to stop the excitement wherever we went". But the most surprising fact, and this comes "straight from the horse's mouth", is: "I have an 8-year old son with my ex-wife who's in the states". From various other sources I learned that Mobley did not marry till the early 70's (when he married Arlene Lissner). In his article "Requiem for a Blue Note Heavyweight", Steve Bloom states that "Mobley had no sibling and never married or had any children of his own" . So, is there somewhere a man in his late 50's carrying Hank Mobley's genes? This question, it seems, will remain open. https://ibb.co/D5VYfP0 https://ibb.co/37XwpCw https://ibb.co/tq91YXT
  3. I'm working on a Night Lights show for the week after next that features recordings made together by Hank Mobley and Lee Morgan. It's been a real joy to go back and revisit all of their Blue Note sessions (and the early Savoy date as well) and assemble a potential playlist. Here are some potential tracks: "Hank's Shout" (from the Savoy date) "M & M" (with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers) One of the first three tracks off Peckin' Time "No Room For Squares" "Carolyn" "Ceora" "Straight No Filter" Possibly something from A Slice Of The Top ("Hank's Other Bag") I'll probably use "Syrup And Biscuits" with a fadeout in the opening "newshole" segment (a segment exactly five minutes long that some stations take, while other stations cut away for news). Anyway, curious to hear what other posters here rank as their favorite Mobley-Morgan encounters on record. This is the third Lee Morgan tandem show I've done; the others are Shorter Lee: Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter and Jackie McLean and Lee Morgan: The Dynamic Hardbop Duo.
  4. I'm a big Hank Mobley fan. But was amazed that James Spaulding wasn't given due credit for his flute work on the third tune, "Cute 'n Pretty" I have to wonder...is that just an oversight or was it something else? I just seems to me that on an album with this type of unique instrumentation [euphonium, tuba, alto, tenor, trumpet] they would mention the flute player. Especially since he has a couple extended solos on Cute 'n Pretty. On purpose or an error in print? I mean, was that standard practice back then? http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51M74bLQvUL.jpg
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