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  1. Played Doc from his "comeback" years, the 1970's and after last night on Jazz From Blue Lake. (blurb). Was reading yesterday that 97 percent of the radio audience listens on a radio receiver or on their car stereo. Here's to the 3 percent of you going mobile or streaming through a computer. Last night's broadcast of trumpeter/vocalist Doc Cheatham is available to hear today fromwww.bluelake.org/ondemand. Tonight we're featuring his grandson, Theo Croker, after 10 p.m. eastern. (Image of Doc by Herman Leonard).
  2. Been looking for Billy Strayhorn's "Cue For Saxophone" pretty much forever. Was about to pull the trigger when a friend suggested buying the entire jazz output on Felsted. So now I know "The High and Mighty Hawk" and a brilliant Budd Johnson session with Charlie Shavers, Ray Bryant and Jo Jones. Had to share...(blurb)... British-born jazz writer/producer Stanley Dance was a close associate of Duke Ellington and Earl "Fatha" Hines who was given the green light to record a series of "mainstream" jazz recordings for the Felsted Record label in 1958 and 59. We featured them in the first part of each hour Friday night during Jazz From Blue Lake, available through the end of today here:www.bluelake.org/ondemand
  3. Drummer Matt Kane's new album "Acknowledgement" includes several Bobby Watson compositions. On top of that, seeing Watson live from the East Room of the White House on International Jazz Day made me realize it was time to feature his music in the first part of each hour during Jazz From Blue Lake. Here's a link to our 5 hour broadcast: www.bluelake.org/ondemand (Photo By Lafiya Watson.)
  4. In case you missed Blue Lake Public Radio's 5 hour broadcast of jazz on Friday night, with the spotlight on clarinetist/bandleader Benny Goodman, the program is available to listen to right now here:www.bluelake.org/ondemand. In a rare instance, we featured many of Goodman's hits, which are mostly vocals. Hadn't done a program like that before as, of course, we leaned on the instrumentals.
  5. Featured during the first part of each hour last night on Jazz From Blue Lake. The files are up today only at www.bluelake.org/ondemand
  6. Jazz From Blue Lake's tribute to Miles Davis is available on demand today. The third hour, "Out on Blue Lake," is dedicated to Marco Eneidi, including a special hour long live broadcast from 2001 by the late saxophonist. Hope you'll celebrate Miles' 90th with us: www.bluelake.org/ondemand . Image by Baron Wolman.
  7. Was fun to pull out the Ornette Coleman albums on Blue Note and Impulse to kick it off Jazz From Blue Lake last night. The program is available today via www.bluelake.org/ondemand . (Photo by Marc Marnie). Redman said, "MUSIC-- that most elegant of travelers, living in living, spanning a million reincarnations/Pacifying agnostic and pious alike/MUSIC -- mastermaker of the body --intimate with the soul -- laying shame all explanations/MUSIC -- true god of the universe."
  8. Last night Jazz From Blue Lake featured the music of Jackie McLean at the top of each hour. The program is heard here today:www.bluelake.org/ondemand . And here's a reflection on the saxophonist/educator written 10 years ago by the Detroit Free Press's Mark Stryker: "When [McLean] died in the spring of 2006, I opened my obituary/tribute with this: 'There was nothing in jazz like the sugar-free sound of alto saxophonist Jackie McLean, who died last week at his home in Hartford, Conn., at age 74. McLean produced a searing, anguished wail that rode the sharp side of the pitch like a cowboy trying to tame a wild steer. Even those of us who worship him recognize that his acidic tone and slippery tuning are not to everyone’s taste. But for true believers, McLean’s bittersweet sound remains one of the most soulful cries in American music, and the hot-blooded intensity of his style manifests the same urgent quest for self-expression that made us fall in love with jazz in the first place.'"
  9. The recordings of the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra taking the stage at the Village Vanguard opening night 50 years ago capture a band in a crowd at one with time. Yesterday marked the 87th anniversary of Mel Lewis's birth, so we dove in to this new deluxe double cd package of those historic New York nights during the first part of each hour of Jazz From Blue Lake, which you can hear, here: www.bluelake.org/ondemand
  10. Guitarist Ed Cherry is known in jazz circles for his time with jazz giant Dizzy Gillespie. Today, he's enjoying the organ/guitar/drums combination with two recent releases on Posi-tone records. Friday night's Jazz From Blue Lake, featuring music by Ed Cherry, Jack DeJohnette and The Beer City Saxophone Ensemble is still available today on demand fromhttp://
  11. Joe Chambers is a musician's musician -- a master of drums, mallet instruments and piano; composer and bandleader. Last night Jazz From Blue Lake featured this veteran of 1960's Blue Note Records sessions with Max Roach's percussion ensemble M'Boom, and the Woody Shaw "Iron Men" to kick it off. You can hear the program today only via the links here:
  12. Here are today's on demand links to last night's radio program: Women's History Month continued on Jazz From Blue Lake last night as we heard the dramatic music of Abbey Lincoln in the first part of each hour, from her early recordings with drummer Max Roach (many lyrics by Oscar Brown Jr.) to her fully formed originals, so striking in their depiction of the human condition. Photo taken at her home in Manhattan in 2002 by Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times.
  13. In 2006 John Litweiler observed "Fred Anderson has finally become recognized as a major figure in the free-jazz, free-improvisation world." The tenor saxophonist, talent nurturer was featured in the first part of each hour last night on Jazz From Blue Lake, including performances with Adam Rudolph, Ken Vandermark, Timothy Daisy, Harrison Bankhead and others. We also included Roscoe Mitchell's brilliant tribute to Anderson on Chuck Nessa's label. You can listen to Jazz From Blue Lake today only, here:
  14. Since 2012, the Mack Avenue Superband highlighted Labor Day weekend at the Detroit Jazz Festival. This past weekend they started, for the first time, to tour. Blue Lake Public Radio featured recordings by the band, with Gary Burton, Christian McBride, Tia Fuller, Warren Wolf, Rodney Whitaker, Evan Perri and many others in the first part of each hour here:
  15. 70 years ago yesterday, Norman Granz presented one of his most sublime Jazz at the Philharmonic line-ups ever as Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker, who were playing at Billy Berg's in Los Angeles, joined the concert alongside jazz giant Lester Young. Parker's solo on "Lady Be Good" is one for the ages. We heard the concert, as well as many new records in a variety of settings, last night on Jazz From Blue Lake, available here today only:
  16. Truman Capote snarked on jazz violin in "Breakfast At Tiffany's." "As out of place as a violin in a jazz band." That bugs me. Hey Truman, put down the pen and put on some Joe Venuti records, or Eddie South. In the meantime, Blue Lake Public Radio celebrates the third great early jazz violinist who helped internationalize the music, the late Stephane Grappelli. And included in the radio broadcast are several contemporary practitioners of music more real than fictional! Here are the temporary links to the broadcast:
  17. As James Carter tours Europe with his organ trio, just having debuted the Sierra Concerto with orchestras in Leipzig and Berlin, Blue Lake Public Radio celebrates the music of the Detroit native during Jazz From Blue Lake, available here, temporarily, on demand:
  18. Jimmy Cobb was on our mind yesterday as the great jazz drummer celebrated his solar return. We heard music he recorded with Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Art Pepper, as well as Michigan's own Ron Di Salvio, and took the program "Out on Blue Lake" in the 3rd hour. Here's hoping you'll check out these temporary links to the broadcast:
  19. Kenny Wheeler was a master of his instrument. We remembered him last night during Jazz From Blue Lake by presenting his recordings in the first part of each hour, including an appearance he made live on Blue Lake in 2002. Here's hoping you'll enjoy the new format for our on-demand listening. The sound quality is truly spectacular. Here is the page with the links, which expire at 10 p.m. eastern time tonight:
  20. He came to America in the 1970's to play with Art Blakey and was taken under the wing of Gil Evans. Trumpeter Shunzo Ohno kicks of Jazz Appreciation Month on Blue Lake. Avant garde fans will want to go two hours into the file for "Out on Blue Lake" featuring new releases by Milford Graves and Bill Laswell, William Parker and Andrew Cyrille on Tum Records, plus Jack DeJohnette's "Made in Chicago".
  21. Taking it out with Ann Arbor's pianist/keyboardist/composer/bandleader: Link only good for today.
  22. Rosey without the trash singles:
  23. Eddie Lockjaw Davis spanned jazz styles, from swing to bop to r&b, in a highly original tenor saxophone sound and approach to improvisation. We began our retrospective during his year with Count Basie and include his blues drenched combo with organist Shirley Scott in last night's broadcast of Jazz From Blue Lake, on demand today only from here:
  24. If you're in the mood for great vocal music, here's last night's broadcast of Jazz From Blue Lake featuring Rene Marie, all 5 hours:
  25. 2/12/64 the Miles Davis Quintet at Philharmonic Hall, Lincoln Center, is the centerpiece for last evening's Jazz From Blue Lake broadcast, available here on demand throughout today only:
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