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Found 2 results

  1. Quite a bit of my listening time these days comes during my commute. What I’ll do is make notes when something really strikes me and add it to a list of songs for the next BFT. I’ve taken to loading my iPod with tunes by clicking play on a song set to shuffle, then forwarding. This gives me an eclectic mix of my collection and forces me to listen to some of the stuff hidden in the corners. 01 - Dick Cheney The Soggy Po’ Boys (2013) Seedy Business Mike Effenberger - piano, Stu Dias - vocals, Jim Rudolf - drums, Nick Mainella - clarinet, Zach Lange - trumpet, Colin Mainella - trumpet (solo), Eric Klaxton - tenor saxophone, Claude Fried - sousaphone, Matt Young - clarinet (solo) This is a local band of young-ish (mid-30s and lower) guys who play ALL sorts of music. This is one of their projects. They’re a lot of fun to see live and I just love this tune. 02 - Into A Fantasy Cecil McBee (1982) Flying Out John Blake - violin; David Eyges - cello; Cecil McBee - bass McBee is my all-time favorite bassist and something about this track really struck me. It’s not “Jazz” but it certainly is creative, interesting and thoughtful music. 03 - Arise Automaton Chris Klaxton (2015) Collage Chris Klaxton - trumpet, Taylor O’Donnell - voice, Mark Small - tenor sax, Kendall Moore - trombone, Tim Jago - guitar, Mike Effenberger - rhodes, Michael Piolet - drums, Sam Weber - bass Chris is really the backbone of the local music scene in the New Hampshire seacoast right now. He’s creative, interesting, talented and a super good guy. We did a session this spring and he handed me this, a copy of his latest effort. I really like what this band is doing. 04 - You’re Looking At Me Bill Saxton (1991) Live At The Henkelmann Jazz Club, Vol. 1 Bill Saxton - tenor sax, Christof Sänger - piano, Christian v. Kaphengst - bass, Heinrich Köbberling - drums Bill Saxton is one of those guys I like, but see in the second or third tier. It seems like I enjoy him because I identify with his struggles as a player. However, I just think this is a beautiful ballad. 05 - Nommo Max Roach (1966) Drums Unlimited James Spaulding - alto sax, Freddie Hubbard - trumpet, Ronnie Mathews - piano, Jymmie Merritt - bass, Max Roach - drums This one probably wasn’t going to fool anybody, but it is SUCH a bitch of a tune! Had to include it. 06 - Sister Caroline Nat Adderley (1958) Branchin’ Out Nat Adderley - cornet, Johnny Griffin - tenor sax, Gene Harris - piano, Andy Simpkins - bass, Bill Dowdy - drums J-Griff fools nobody. This came on the rotation and I just had to include a cut. No surprises this would be good when you look at the personnel. 07 - Ballad For Old Souls Muhal Richard Abrams (1972) Things To Come From Those Now Gone Muhal Richard Abrams - piano, Rufus Reid - bass, Emmanuel Cranshaw - vibes Another one that just caught my ear in the car. Beautiful song. 08 - Rain Is Coming Hamid Drake/Albert Beger/William Parker (2005) Evolving Silence Vol. 1 William Parker - bass, Africa hunter’s harp; Hamid Drake - drums, percussion, Albert Beger - tenor saxophone I love William Parker and Hamid Drake. I discovered these collaborations while trying to fill in some gaps in my collection. The world needs more of this music. 09 - In A Sentimental Mood Elvin Jones Jazz Machine (1980) Soul Train Ari Brown - tenor saxophone, Marvin Horn - guitar, Andy McCloud - bass, Elvin Jones - drums Andrew White also appears on this record, meaning there is a LOT of tenor. This was posted on FB and blew my away. I love Ari Brown and really don’t understand why he gets no love from the Jazz community. Though, that seems to be something afflicting the Chicago community in general. 10 - Three Gymnopedies, No. 1 Mal Waldron (1984) Plays Eric Satie Mal Waldron - piano, Reggie Workman - bass, Ed Blackwell - drums Come on. Someone once commented (perhaps here), “I’d listen to Mal Waldron set his drink on the table.” A former student hipped me to this album and boy am I glad he did. 11 - Round Midnight Max Roach (1981) Chattahoochee Red Cecil Bridgewater - trumpet, Odean Pope - tenor sax, Calvin Hill - bass, Max Roach - drums This is the second time I’ve gone to this well for a blindfold test. I love this record and can’t understand why it’s never found its way to CD (what gives, Columbia?). In my opinion, it is the best of the albums produced by this band. Hopefully this provided a balance of identifiable and challenging. Thanks to all who participated.
  2. Hope I'm not stepping on toes but I want to make sure this gets up for the first of July. Family on the way in and may not be able to get on line. Discuss it here, download it here or find the link to the online test here. One stop shopping. Should be a couple of gimmes in here, but there should be some near impossible ones, too. Something for whatever ails you! http://thomkeith.net/index.php?cID=136
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