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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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This evening, inspired by the Twofer thread.


Mango Santamania - The watermelon man - Battle (Milestone twofer) Contains 'Watermelon man' and 'Mongo at the Village Gate'

Now, inspired by an exchange on the 78 thread, I dug out

Al King - Think twice before you speak/The winner - Flag (Sue UK)

But I found I'd got my 45s in that area of the alphabet terribly mixed up, so, to find it I had to sort out several inches of singles and, inevitably, I dug out a few others to listen to :)

More R&B from the west coast

Jimmy Johnson - Don't answer the door pt 1/pt 2 - Magnum (Sue UK)

Jimmy Johnson - Black cat bone pt 1/pt 2 - Magnum

Lighthouse All Stars - Big boy pt 1/pt 2 - Skylark

now I've got to put all of them back in the right places without mixing them up again :g

so I'm listening to


Richard 'Groove' Holmes - Swedish lullaby - Sison Music


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John Coltrane: Impressions (Impulse mono)

Just got an HMV mono copy of this. It's nearly on a par with the first LP released from the the VV. I've had the multi CD set for years but as as ever it takes the LP format to allow me to focus on the material. Plus also the vinyl gave me the two studio tracks which I didn't otherwise have. Great album.

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Gus Mancuso----------Introducing Gus Mancuso---------(Vogue UK)

1956 recording for Fantasy. Mancuso on baritone horn ( trombone like sound) was unknown to me but Richie Kamuca gets plenty of space. Cal Tjader is on drums. Much meatier than some west coast sessions.

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