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What vinyl are you spinning right now??


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Trying to decide if I want to spring for the Super Deluxe Edition that recently came out. The OG vinyl has always sounded so good to me, I want to justify the purchase but can't convince myself. The CD version I have is adequate but sounds slammed to me, unlike the vinyl which makes sense given the "newness" of cds at the time. Also trying to decide if I want to get Emancipation on vinyl given my affection for that album (strangely I know but probably my favorite Prince album) but never being happy with the cds sound. 

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15 hours ago, HutchFan said:

More "Mr. 5 x 5"!


The Jazz Odyssey of James Rushing, Esq. (Columbia, 1957)

Thanks, kh158, for prompting me to pull these LPs out with your post above.  I hadn't listened to Jimmy Rushing in a while.  A terrible oversight on my part!  ;) 


I'm thankful I did not trigger a trombone choir themed listening party. 

Introducing the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra (Solid State)L

Lionel Hampton, Lionel (Audiofidelity)

Benny Goodman Quartet, Made in Japan (Capitol)Image result for Introducing the thad jones mel lewis orchestra solid stateImage result for Benny Goodman made in JapanImage result for count basis the newport years

Count Basie, The Newport Years, Volume VI (Verve)

Oscar Peterson, The Trio Live from Chicago (Verve)

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The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble - Facts Of Their Own Lives [Nine Winds] limbering up for the imminent arrival of the 3LP set


Beaver Harris 360 Degree Experience - A Well Kept Secret [Shemp]


Barefield/Holland/Tabbal Trio - Transdimensional Space Window [Trans African Records]  It's a lot better than the cover suggests.


Anteloper - Tour Beats, volume 1 [International Anthem]


Joshua Abrams - Magnetoception [Eremite] not noticed previously that this isn't credited to The Natural Information Society, only the latter ones in the series are. but what a series and band/concept.

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NP a recent dollar-bin find:


Mongo Santamaria - Soul Bag (Columbia, 1968)
featured soloists: Sonny Fortune (as, bs); Hubert Laws (ts, fl); Luis Gasca (tr)

Mongo's version of JB's "Cold Sweat" is off the chain.  Mongo and Pretty Purdie get down! :g 


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11 hours ago, HutchFan said:


Delightful solo piano.  Most of the music has a ruminative, "after hours" vibe -- like he's playing for himself, rather than an audience.

And note the album cover photo. It seems to capture McShann at a moment when his glance is turned inward.

Image and music in perfect alignment.

Great ! This could have been recorded About the same period when I was lucky to see Jay McShann live. As much as I remember he was booked with a local Rhythm Section, and at one certain Moment in the last set the female singer Etta Scollo (from Sicilia) sat in for one song…...

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3 hours ago, sidewinder said:

this guy was No. 1 influence on Keith Emerson and Jon Lord.

So that's who I blame for my early teenage listening then.  Been looking for the culprit for a while now

3 hours ago, Rabshakeh said:

What is that shirt?

Unacceptable under any circumstances?

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