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Montreal in August

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Well Bill, for my money, the best CD store in Montreal is Archambault, which is located Place des Arts. They have a quite decent jazz section and often carry rare European imports there.

Here's the contact information and store hours:

Opening Hours

*Mon.- Wed.:

10 am - 6:30 pm

Thurs.- Fri.:

10h am - 9 pm

*Sat.: 11:30 am - 6 pm

Sun.: 12 pm - 5 pm Place des Arts

175, rue Ste-Catherine Ouest

Montréal (Quebec)

H2X 1Z8

Tel:(514) 281-0367

Fax:(514) 281-0366

This information comes from their website:


There are other stores but unless you are looking for French language music or World Music, they really aren't worth checking out.

As for clubs, when I lived in Montreal, my buddies from the McGill radio station and I used to see live jazz at these two places.

(1) Biddle's:

2060, rue Aymler

Montréal CANADA

Telephone: 514 - 842 - 8656

(2) Lion d'Or (Golden Lion)


www.au-liondor-montreal.com LION D'OR

1676, rue Ontario est

Montréal, Québec

H2L 1S7

Telephone: (514) 598-0709

As for dinner, I wouldn't presume to recommend anything not knowing your tastes, but there are many great restaurants in town and one can also eat at the two clubs mentioned above, I believe.

Enjoy your trip!

Vive le Québec!

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There is a really great steak house off St. Catherine's St., just up from the Molson Center. I forget the name of it, but it's mmm mmm good.

Is it the one with the name that is French for "The Tail of the Horse" or something like that? It was yummy. After that we went to Chez Paree or something like that.

I had no control over my time. Typical business trip, but I did come home a day early! :D

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*bump* It's now 2016, and I'm going to be in Montréal (or Montreal, if you're more of an anglophone) for a week starting tomorrow.

What's the skinny on surviving CD shops? I'm not interested in carting back vinyl, so only tiny shiny discs, please. I prefer used. If the shop is jazz-specific, so much the better. If it's old stuff people are likely to call "ragtime", "dixieland", or "cartoon music", EVEN BETTER! :)

Archambault is already on my list.

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With the new board I miss quite often threads where I could deliver a proper input, here's a fine example. Probably way too late to give you tips but as you'll probably know by now, you should have skipped Archambault they are pretty useless music wise and they are way too expensive for stuff outside mainstream.


CD shops have fallen on hard times in terms of quality as less people buy CDs so of course it means less people are getting rid of them.  Your best bet, and it's been a while since I went there so not so sure if it's still reliable,  guessing from what you were looking might have been Cheap Thrills


Hope you enjoyed the trip nonetheless.

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