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Proposed jazz gig for DC area members


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I don't know if the coupon is online, but the blurb on the hardcopy seems to imply that you need an original.

I was able to fish out two more coupons from the recycling bin at work, so I have 3 so far. I may get two more tomorrow. The coupon is for a free cover (vs. $5).

There is no official minimum, but I think they assume that those sitting at tables from which you can actually see the band are spending a bit of money on food or drink. I plan to eat dinner there, but I'm sure you can just get an appetizer or a glass of wine or something. Caveat: the food is pricey; the cheapest thing is a salad for $10-$11, but most dishes are $16-$18. I think the musicians are paid out of this food surcharge, however.

I hope some of you can join me on 10/1; it should be fun. I'll try to get more coupons.

I'll up this thread as we get closer to the date.


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Upping this only because now I'm not so sure I can go - my wife is sick, so I may have to hang out with my son that night.

I'm still trying to go, so if you are interested at all send me a PM with a phone number to reach you on Friday - I'll know at the last minute. If I can't make it, but you want a coupon, maybe I can somehow get that to you depending on where you are on Friday.


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