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...because we are going into the studio...


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Maybe there could be a Special Limited Edition 2-CD set:

Disc one would be the actual album;

Disc two would be the studio chatter/cussin', false starts, breakdowns (musical and otherwise), and alternate takes!

I'd buy that in a second! :wub:

Plus, bitching about other board members. :P

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Through various shady undisclosed sources (mainly, I made ‘em all up), I have been able to obtain early demos of the new Organissimo album. I can tell you that the music is unequivocally brilliant, and should cause a fuss like nothing this side of Smile. The tapes I’ve heard reveal a band in transition, with one foot in the traditional greeeeazy blues they’re so steeped in, and the other foot in a combination of Ornette-inspired avant-garde mixed with Styx-inspired rock & roll. Don’t ask me how, but it WORKS!!!

The studio chatter is also a treat! Check out these highlights:

Unidentified voice #1: He cahn’t play the fucking solo!!!


Joe: Randy, what’s wrong, man? You’re not your usual fiery self!

Randy: I don’t know, man; I just can’t get into it.

Jim: Here, read this; this’ll get ya goin’.

(loud growling sound from Randy, fierce pounding on the drums, excellent take of unidentified original ensues)

Engineer: Great take guys!

Joe: Damn, Jim. What’d you show him?

Jim: This. I printed it off the forum.

(Five second silence, followed by horrified gasp)

Joe: Shit man; that’s harsh. I can’t believe he’d switch sides like that.

Jim: Yeah, who knew he was a closet Yankees fan all these years?


Jim: Here guys, I got one for each of you.

Joe: A “WWJD” bracelet?

Randy: Uh, Jim....

Jim: No guys, it’s not what you think. These stand for “What Would Jimmy Do.”

Joe & Randy: RIGHT ON!!!!


Anyway, these are the highlights. I hope they make it to the second disc! :tup

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For those that may not be reading the Don Patterson thread, here is a cut from our tour with Arno Marsh in August. This is an original tune written for DP called "Patterson's People". It was recorded live at Gull Landing in Pentwater, MI. Our man Chuck Nessa was in the audience! :)

This is a little taste of what might become a live CD with Arno.

Patterson's People - remix!

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Our man Chuck Nessa was in the audience! :)

"Their man" CN was sitting at the corner of the bar, 5 feet from the band and directly under the closest drain from the storm off the lake. Great (and memorable) night.

Never been to the club before, but the folks were dandy and the band was a blast. Pleased to meet and talk to Arno after years of "knowing about him". A wonderful evening all 'round.

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