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Jackie McLean - Jackie's Bag

king ubu

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I have a special affection for this album. It wasn't easy to come by in days of vinyl and when I eventually got a copy I loved it from the off and I'd say it is my favourite McLean album. I particularly enjoy the tracks with Byrd, Philly Joe is so tasty. "Quadrangle" I find especially striking . The sextet tracks are equally good, how can they not be with a lineup like this. A Blue Note masterpiece from start to finish. Good clear sound on my first generation cd.

The cover art looked so good on the 12" album, it hasn't tranferred well to the cd format.

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Regarding the cover - does anyone know the in of the xxx-out over "Art Sailor" on the stickey? Or was that how the files at BN were kept??

It is all "just artwork", Reid Miles' sense of humor.

The 2 session aspect of the date was less of an issue in the lp format with the sessions segregated. This record also spans the Hackensack to Englewood Cliffs move.

2 wonderful dates combined.

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This album is a timeless classic.

I have the tracks on it on several CDs, U.S. and Japanese, and I have to say that this newish U.S. RVG sounds pretty good. I haven't heard the TOCJ (which only has the original six LP tracks), except for "Street Singer" (not on the LP, of course), which is better on the TOCJ of "Back To The Tracks". The latter is one of the best BN classic LPs that never was.

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I was at Tower about two months ago and I happened to pick up the ?recent? RVG edition of this. I wasn't terribly impressed. He sounds very monotonous. His harmonic ideas were almost as boring as Dexter Gordon - it sounded like Dexter playing alto. Maybe I should listen again. I WAS on the road and in traffic when I popped it into my car's player. Give me "Freedom Now Suite" or "Capuchin Swing" any day but I dunno about this one.

And I thought Tina Brooks was amazing on it - so inventive while playing on the same songs.

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