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Bud Powell Blue Note/Roost Box


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It's good music of course--the first two discs are some of Powell's greatest recordings, & the last two while not nearly as essential are at a consistently good level, unlike some latterday Bud. That said the RVG remasters are I understand a considerable improvement on the rather unimpressive sound of some of the earlier sessions (I haven't done the comparison myself: I'm going on what Stuart Broomer tells me) so bear that in mind. The liner notes are OK but not remarkable.

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Guest Mnytime

The music is essential that is a given. If money is an issue and the box is at a really low price than get the box. If not than the RVG's are the way to go.

I would also like to point out that the Verve box is well worth getting as well. The first disc might be Bud's best playing.

If you ever come across these great but not often mentioned recordings pick them up

Bud Plays Bird (Roulette)

Bud Powell in Paris (Reprise) listening to this one now

Round Midnight at the Blue Note (Dreyfus)

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Just bought (being a Powell FANATIC) a 24 bit lp facimile TOCJ of this released last November in Japan. It should arrive in a few days. . . . This should be the last non domestic piece of the puzzle I need for the material in the box set. I prefer the Japanese issues, and/or the US RVGs. Still have to try to find a cheaper copy of the expanded Japanese "Bud Powell Returns" than I have yet seen. . . . That has three additional tracks I've never heard.

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