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BFT # 18 - Disc 1


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Okay, let's get it going, as the discs shipped to the USA seem to drop into the mailboxes as fast as I hoped they would.

To avoid confusion: Disc 1 has 12 tracks!

Both discs are pretty different, as you might notice. So if you don't like Disc 1, you'll probably like Disc 2 better ;)

A big hug goes to Mr. Bassman who did the burns for me - I am still without such a device and glad my old machine is still running.

I am even more interested in your reactions to the music - for me, it's not just a guessing game, so feel free to write elaborate comments on why and how you find it fabulous or disgusting.

Have fun! I will, for sure, and thanks a lot for letting me have some! :tup

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Just managed to sit down with the first disc, and I wrote as I listened...


1. Right from the get-go, this has a very together feel to it. Interesting little theme, with nice unison lines and stop time. Challenging to play, no doubt, and thus a challenge to listen to. Beautiful sound, nicely mixed. Piano and vibes can sound so great together, especially when the pianist has such a nice percussive touch. Nice work by the bassist, too! And, of course, the DRUMMER! :D I could listen to a whole album of this, with no problem at all. No clue yet who it is, though...

2. For me, this track was less enjoyable. Nothing wrong with the musicianship, but the way it jumps in your face with the heavy beat and the scatting right off the bat... and I’m personally less fond of the electr(on)ic instrumentation here. Guess I wasn’t quite ready to party yet. :rolleyes: Anyway, certainly well-played and all, but funky ain’t really my thing anyway. No guesses.

3. Wow, drum energy to burn on this. Maybe a little too much, for my taste. The drums (especially the cymbals) became overwhelming after awhile... both in terms of their prominence in the mix and the volume level. I’m glad I had the option to turn the volume down a bit! :) The theme is kind of monotonous (glad there was a decent bridge). I do like the organ (and it’s player). Not necessarily great, but my favorite aspect of this track. Overall, too much (loud) drumming in my ears.

4. I didn’t care for the theme on this track either, but the solo passages have a very nice feel. This piece kind of has a Blue Note vibe to it, IMO. Really groovin’! The percussion is extremely tight and tasty here. I like the baritone sax player’s sound. Seems warmer to me than a lot of baritone players. And the trumpeter- man, I appreciate a middle-range approach on the trumpet. This guy is under control, and although he lights a fire, he doesn’t resort to any screeching or overblowing. Thumbs up for the organ on this one, too. I wish I had a better ear for discerning different organists’ sounds. This guy sounds even better to me than the player on track 3. This time, the percussion draws me in. The energy is more controlled and tasty. Nice track.

5. Swingin’ head on this one. The drummer’s a little busier than I generally prefer, but not to the point that I’m overly distracted. The first tenor solo didn’t do much for me... didn’t really tell me any stories... just a lot of fast blowing. The second guy has a bit more to say, IMO. A little more taste (at least on this track). I might have to listen again to be sure that I’m being fair to the first guy, though. :) Very solid bass playing throughout, including the solo. And I’m not much for bass solos. Pretty nice fours... nothing really made me fall off my chair, but nice. Overall I enjoyed this, but not sure I’d buy it (the sax players didn’t really get to me).

6. Neat intro... I WAS on the edge of my seat for that! Really had me guessing as to what melody was coming. Ahhhhhhhhh.... THAT melody. If this isn’t the greatest jazz composition of all time (well, there’s no such thing as greatest, but you know what I’m sayin’)... then it has to be right up there. I’m intrigued... I can’t say who this is with any certainty, but it’s very distinctive. I mean tasty. I’ve heard too many people play this “too straight”, which is almost forgiveable for a composition of this quality, but giving it a bit of one’s own personality just makes it that much more enjoyable to listen to. I should probably know who this is (and I probably OWN it :rolleyes: ). At times I’m reminded by the mild adventurousness of Marian McPartland, but I don’t feel like making that official. ;) I can’t wait to get through this disc so I can go back and play this track again. Beautiful stuff.

7. Boy, this tune is familiar... :g Hmmm... boy... I don’t like this very much. Singers are a very iffy proposition with me to start with, and this lady just doesn’t reach me at all. The gentlemanly thing to do is probably to leave it at that. Maybe in the ensuing discussion I can elaborate (but I doubt I’m going to want to listen to this again). I hear a lot of this kind of thing on KCSM (local jazz station)... way too much. Moving on...

8. Instant recognition. A great CD that’s not easy to find. Track 5 from: This CD

9. Another one that’s well-played and somewhat “interesting” to me, but not at all to my taste. I wasn’t expecting anything very sophisticated in terms of the writing after hearing the rhythm intro... but I was wrong. To me, that beat doesn’t really go well with the melodic/harmonic structure of the piece. Could be it’s just me... but that’s my call. I don’t really want to hear this one again.

10. How nice of you to pick another one where we don’t have to guess the title, Mike! :) Okay, one of those voices is Jon Hendricks or I’m Barbara Bush (I’m not). The other voice... hmm... I dunno. Did J.H. say “J.J.”??? I have quite a bit of Hendricks, but I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of this one.

11. Ouch. Lets’ see... what can I do while this is playing... Go to the next track? ;)

12. Give me a melody, or something to latch onto before you start scatting and messing with the blues changes. No lyrics, and no interesting theme to set the mood. Just noodling. I think there’s more vocal skill on display here than track 7, but I still don’t find much to move me. I like that he’s paying attention to the note when he improvises, but the choice of notes isn’t getting it done for me (at least not enough to make this appealing to me). I do like the fact that he doesn’t seem to be taking himself too seriously, as too many singers seem to do these days. The main problem here for me, though, is that this is a bit too laid back and loose. Kind of a “cruise control” feeling. I suppose there’s a time for that, but more often than not I’m going to go to the refrigerator (or the bar, or the men’s room, or wherever) while this is going on.

Oh, yeah... the bass player sounded just fine. :)

Mixed results, but that's the way these things go. Some very interesting stuff, Mike. Thanks. Now on to disc 2...

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Thanks for your comments, Jim! Now that's the type of elaborate comment that I hoped for - I expect everybody to write a statement that long!!! :g

I was expecting mixed reactions to some titles and knew I was taking a risk by including four vocal tracks. I'm actually very surprised what you do like and what not. Nice to see someone knows the work of the leader of track 8! :tup

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here we go!

1. Great opener! love the vibes! MJQ? :)

2. Funky! me like. this one i'll end up buying! :excited:

3. a little too "smooth jazz" for my tastes. wait, listen to that organ wooshing in. overall, fair. :mellow:

4. my favorite track on the album! will definately buy this one! whose on the congas? candido? :excited::excited::excited:

5. ok, nothing special. :mellow:

6. nice piano. was that our intermezzo? :lol:

7. "It's only a paper moon" nice scat, but not ella. hmmmm, lee wiley? ;)

8. sounds an awful lot like wes montgomery to me! good stuff! B-)

9. eh- not reaching me. :huh:

10. "the sidewinder" with vocals! cool!! :lol:

11. :(

12. nice scat, don't have a clue who it is. <_<

an enjoyable bft, thanks mike!!!!

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Nice to see someone knows the work of the leader of track 8! :tup

Yeah, I've got 8 of his CD's, plus a few others he appears on (one of which is with this organist, and the leadership roles are switched). Kind of a low-profile guy, but probably should be better known, IMO.

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Just listened to a good chunk of disc 1 on a drive down to San Diego.  I'll post my guesses and thoughts later, but just wanted to say that disc 1 is loads of fun and mad groovy!

Ohhhh, Ray, you shoulda taken disc TWO!! :o

Actually, I'm serious. B-)

return trip tomorrow!


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I’ve heard too many people play this “too straight”, which is almost forgiveable for a composition of this quality, but giving it a bit of one’s own personality just makes it that much more enjoyable to listen to.

These are exactly my thoughts on how a tune of that caliber should be treated, BTW. :tup

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een: I don't care for these powered up unison diffimcult things that much and the burst that starts off the disk had me scared a little, fearing a disk full. Things tone down nicely, however, and even develop into a childrens tellyvision show type kinda music, which couw happens to like a whole lot. Reminds me of those Savoy outings with Frank Wess and Hank Jones, and who else, somewhat. Very nice. The vibes go about seemingly effortless to produce a nice flow of ideas and the piano isn't far off that particular stream of cream either. Nice opener.

twee: too much sound here really. A lot of heavy-duty drumming and that guy starting his skat without enough introduction leave a hard in your face impression, making me wonder what kind of drugs these guys are on more than enjoying it all so to speak. There is a lot of drive here that I actually would like quite a bit, but the skatting I do not like and the tenor I found a little bland really. Fun stuff for the party tent when dancing to sweat out the downed beers, but maybe not in this particular form.

drie: Young-like organ with a lot of drums everywhere, everywhere, raah, drums! the drums made me a bit nervous; this must be one of those 20 microphones for the drums alone recordings ;) The tenor again sounds a bit bland, even smooth in places. Nice enough for sure. But it never hits "the zone" really, which may be due to the sound as much as to the music itself. Playing this stuff on head-phones, the tenor really got scary after it laid out and started the riffing behind the organ/drum solo, popping up then left, then right like a regular spook!

vier: more of the even more Young-like organ with baritone and trumpet this time. No theme to speak of, but pretty cool solos. The baritone sounds very familiar, I'd be really curious to find out. Trumpet kindles that Blue Note type fire even more, very nice! whodis? The interplay of the organ and the percussion is pretty cool and the original head makes more of itself in this freely diversified form. As it is with these percussive excercises, they *are* a bit repetitive, but luckily this one veeres off into multiphonics just in time. Cool track.

vijf: a tune that borrows heavily from another tune I know well enough to forget the name of. The execution of the head sounds a bit bored and so does the first tenor solo for starters, but luckily it turns around real fast to become more interesting. Ugly distracting snapping bass slap sound off the left channel thoughout. The second tenor solo I find even more interesting than the first. Drats if these tenors do not sound familiar! I have the distinct feeling I'm having a blackout here...

RE. blackouts, I've been having many of those lately. It's probably also because of the loads of unknown jazz I have been hearing where the players sound just as good as (sometimes even decidedly better than) the heroes on many if maybe not their greatest days.

zes: on my third time through I really started to notice the intro. It's the bestest thing about this performance which is otherwise rather middle of the road I find. at times nicely baroque, then nicely romantic, all at just the right moment and dose. Not really telling me much of a story beyond the one already there in the melody. Less maybe as the arrogant element of the story told seems lacking. I was really wondering when this would take off and tipped for the solo part, but nah. tweedle deedle, restaurant.

zeven: nope. this doesn't cut it. The singer seems too much set on thinking up variations instead of having them happen.

acht: pretty cool guitar getting its rocks off. very laid back in the good way, though the organ seems to be stumbling at times. Haven't got a clue on the players at all. nice.

negen: I like this kind of beat, though this particular one really wears out. The blowers play an interesting tune then to fall into uninteresting soloing. Piano has me think of Shipp and I could imagine that it's him indeed. The trumpeteer knows his Morgan licks, the tone is somewhat reminiscent of Tolliver or Shaw. There is this awfully well known melodic lick around 4:15 there that makes me cringe for not recoginising it; Hill? Liked the piano best here. The quote at the end is a bit unfitting I find as I have heard hipper hoppy jazz sounds than this one.

tien: the first time I heard this, I was laughing my pants off. This is really very silly to be frank. Nice for its novelty value, but not much more I find on repeated listening. The skatting is cool fersure, but the lyrics are downright dumb. Good for a Saturday night tellyvision show, but nothing here adds to the original - later much maligned - music.

elf: this took me some, but heck, it's quite nice really. The take-off is a bit cumbersome, but once this piece picks up mass (most notably with the plucked bass), it starts growing and going logical places that still surprise me enough to be intruigued. Parts of this remind me of FZ's CiviIII, particularly after when the harp starts mutilation. So, I HAFC, but would be DITK (darn interested to know).

twaalf: reminded me of Bag's Groove a bit (more of those reminders on disk two, but that's just me I guess). This is nice enough if not for the in the face recording (really feel like the guy is spitting up my face), and the noodling doodly dinka dunka quality of the skat that is only saved by the beatbox ditty coming right after.

All in all this was a bit of a let down. Many nice enough stuffs, but none that made me go all shivering to know and then buy. Is that okay? :unsure:

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Huge thanks to Mike Weil for the fine array of tunes, continuing the standard of excellence in the praiseworthy tradition that is Organissimo Blindfold Test.

BFT#18 Compiled by Mike Weil


1. Lem Winchester?

2. A little too wacky for my tastes. Don't know.

3. I can guess it is a newer organ player, but not much more. DeFrancesco maybe?

4. Charles Earland? I think I might have this.


6. Bill Evans? Keith Jarrett?

7. No guess, but I dig it!

8. Pat Martino?

9. Sample originally appeared on Jeru's "The Bitches," DJ Premier. Kind of cheesey to me.

10. Vocalese "Sidewinder," I was pissed I didn't spot the song until the dude started singing "Sidewinder." Somewhat misses the mark for me.

11. Reminds me of Bjork's "Cover Me" from the album Post. Slow and meditative...Alice Coltrane, perhaps?

12. Cool, somehow not as wacky as track 2...wtf, beat box? Who is this, Doug E. Fresh? Biz Markie? Rahzel? The noisemaking dude from Police Academy and Spaceballs? I like this one a lot.

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RE. blackouts, I've been having many of those lately. It's probably also because of the loads of unknown jazz I have been hearing where the players sound just as good as (sometimes even decidedly better than) the heroes on many if maybe not their greatest days.

Let's call this morbus organissimus ... :g

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track 1 - OH YEAH. Bring in da noise, bring in da funk. This vibes player is recorded SOOO cleanly. Can't be Bobby Hutcherson - too clean. Not Terry Gibbs - too good techniquewise. Can it be latter day Mike Mainieri (the guy from Steps Ahead). Matthias Lupri? Or that other dude who's from Europe.

track 2 - I totally dig this. The backbeat on the drums is sooooo funky. this track has been played and replayed over and over and over in my computer, my iPod, my car, and my stereo since I recieved this BFT. I WILL buy this.

The vocalist doesn't bother me that much although the people above have stated valid arguments concerning lack of buildup of a solo with a definite direction. It's like he was really psyched to start singing (high on life hopefully). Still he can scat better than a whole lotta cats out there.

And that freakin sax solo is totally ill in its laidbackness while still being on top of the beat. I love the first few notes how he uses alternate fingerings to get different timbres out of the the same note. His chops are obviously first rate. Definately a younger guy who has checked out funk/hiphop/jam bands and the like.

I just love the upbeatness to this whole song. It's so freaking happy. And oh I almost forgot, the bassist makes things COOK!!!!

track 3 - I really dislike the keyboard intro to this although the bridge is pretty. The altoists sounds like Maceo Parker but it doesn't sound anything like any of the bands I've heard him with.

(I have the feeling one of these is on one of those sampler CDs from the magazine JazzThing). Whenever my friend is an airport in Germany, I ask him to bring me back one of those even though I can't read much German. Their samplers are always good and always make me buy something.)

More soon. Thanks Mike - this is so much to process.

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I haven't read any previous comments or used AMG or anything else - just listened, so comments are correspondingly sparse!

1. Liked the cheerfulness - vibes (?) sounded almost like a marimba at one time I thought. No idea who or what.

2. I'm not a vocals fan and scat is even more remote for me, but I found the exuberance infectious. No clue.

3. I tried to enjoy this but failed dismally. Echo, drums overpowering. NMCOT.

4. I'm just taking a wild guess at Ronnie Cuber. Again NMCOT, although if it does happen to be Cuber, I like him generally.

5. This one I know - vegetable connection to Sinatra, and the album is food too.this album #5

6. The one we should all know. Chelsea Bridge of course but not really my territory so not familiar. Guess it's a great, so the composerr of Duke.

7. Paper Moon - no idea who.

8. If I was ever to get to like the organ, it would be palyed like this. Guitar sounded a bit like Kenny Burrell I thought.

9. "hair on the chest" - had to turn down the volume - central heating broke down. NMCOT ad infinitum.

10. Sidewinder - quite a nice version. No clue as to who.

11. Harp I can hear but not at all sure what else is there. Celeste? Cello? Well outside my usual listening but even so I enjoyed it.

12. No ideas. I can listen more easily to vocals in this kind of setting though. There's a great version of Sarah with Ray Brown only, sing Body and Soul. Yeah!

Nice one, Mike! I will isten again and post if I can think of anything else, but will read other comments too now. On with Disc 2 first!

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This is my first BFT so you may have to bear with me somewhat. I think it's safe to say that I won't recognise any of the tracks but here we go.

Track1: Liked the interplay, but the vibes/xylos sounded far too clean for my liking. No idea who it is, sounds like an 80s recording to me.

Track2: Love this! the scatting works really well with the organ and had me nodding along. I even enjoyed the false ending which is rare - a nice fun tune.

Track3: Not feeling this - it doesn't seem to go anywhere and the organ's too weak to carry the tune. I suppose it gets a little better near the end though.

Track4: This I like a great deal - Can't wait to find out who this is. Like the rhythm work and think it goes well with the sax player. Sounds like something on Prestige to me but once more I know not who.

Track5: Another winner for me - loved the whole feel of this one. The brass played off against each other well.

Track6: A welcome break from the uptemo-ness of the past few tracks - this reminds of Ahmad Jamal in the sparsity of the intro but I think the quality of the sound is not like the Jamal that I know.

Track7: I like the scatting at the start but the rest of the track doesn't do it for me. I suppose I don't get points for saying it's Paper Moon

Track8: Another winner - love anything with organ/guitar playoffs so am liking this a great deal. The guitar is kinda like Grant Green but I don't think that it is him.

Track9: Not up on these Hip Hop / Jazz mixtures so don't know this but quite like it. I think it does peter out somewhat as the track goes on. I don't think the trumepter is quite enough to carry the whole thing but I liked it more when the piano comes in. This is okay actually, not mind blowing - but the Hip Hop stuff seems to have vanished somewhat. I'd guess it's one of the Jazzanova things but that's a total guess

Track10: Sidewinder, I quite like this version though and kind of recognise one of the vocalists but can't put my finger on who exactly it is. This is nice and laid back though.

Track11: Like this one - again no idea who it is. The only harpists I know are Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane and I'd say it's the latter if I had to pick one but I don't think it is. Reminds me a bit of some Pharoah Sanders sans the sax.

Track12: This one has just drifted by me - doesn't grab me much I must say. Like the beatbox but doesn't sound like someone proficient.

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Here goes in one sitting...

1) Busby Berkey Bells. ?

2) Electric bass and scattin'... I'll move on for those reasons.

3) Larry young-ish but not cause it's too new sounding. Be interested to see the guesses here. A bit too light on the horn for me.

4) Latin go lightly. Another that's is newer than I'd like to venture a guess for. I bet Mike tossed this in to sate his Latin Jazz Quintet tastes. Nice tune here now that the bari gets going. Sounds like something on the Concord label?

5) No clue at all AGAIN! But dis be da bes so far!

6) "LL" by who knows?.. this is a real nice rendition. Another good un.

7) "Only a PM" some femy beat box with a nice Caribbean waft. Don't think i've ever heard this woman so no clue again!!

8) This one will get the nod immediately form JR. Has a real Wes sound but no idea of the organist. I will defer to the heads that prevail.

9) Hip-Hop vox... combined with this smooov jazz would make guys like Matt Shipp, dj Logic et al confess their sins. Considering this one goes on for about seven minutes too long my guess is that it's some Roy Hargrove thing. The piano player is good! but the rest ... ugh!!!

10) Lee's tune by? hmmm, Too obvious to be Hendricks - sounds a bit mod-er than that. an AMG googling easy one I would think if only I could get with that new format there. My guess is some post Tamiko-esque version by Hendricks.

11) Nice one! I like it. That crazy harping is reminding me of that Wilner / Mingus disc that all were up in arms about.

12) Another beat-box here.

All the voice work here is touching on such a variety of styles ... and the fact that I listened to this after Tom Wait's new one -'Real Gone' - makes for quite the polarization.

Thanks Mike for such a "great sounding" BFT at the very least. I'm anxious to move on to #2 this afternoon.

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Returning to this disc after a lengthy and torturous :rfr examination of track 15 on disc 2 (not giving up yet, though!)

Listening to track 1 again, it occurs to me that this is a more modern recording than I had realized (I think). In terms of the vibist's identity, I must admit my ears are not that sharp to be able to pick out one guy from another most of the time. I am aware of a few great players, however. So, a bit of a shot in the dark, in case it's helpful to anybody else down the road here. Could he be Steve Nelson? Joe Locke? I haven't heard that much of either player (although I did see Nelson in a club... but that was with George Shearing's quintet, so...), but they seem like possibilities...

... man, track 4 is good... organ reminds me of Larry Young... or Larry Goldings?... great group sound with that instrumentation (doesnt' seem like a common blend, but Google can't seem to find it for me <_< ). Great percussion work... this track just flows so well... like a classic Blue Note session... but what is it... :unsure:

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Listening to track 1 again, it occurs to me that this is a more modern recording than I had realized (I think). In terms of the vibist's identity, I must admit my ears are not that sharp to be able to pick out one guy from another most of the time. I am aware of a few great players, however. So, a bit of a shot in the dark, in case it's helpful to anybody else down the road here. Could he be Steve Nelson? Joe Locke? I haven't heard that much of either player (although I did see Nelson in a club... but that was with George Shearing's quintet, so...), but they seem like possibilities...

Re track 1: The vibist has not been mentioned by any of the guessers so far.

Re track 4 I will keep my mouth shut for now ... :g

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Finally getting a chance to be along with my thoughts and this BFT. Nice work, Mike—a bunch of really enjoyable stuff here.

#1: Nice vibe work. I first thought it was Booby Hutch, but after a few listens, it’s either late Bobby or someone else. I have no idea what the tune is. Occasionally strange intonation on the vibes—as if they’re being hammered too hard, or something. Not being a percussionist, I don’t know what would cause that…recording, maybe? Enjoyable track.

#2: I love the drum intro. Great beats. Fretless bass—must be fairly recent. I dig the vocalese, but have no idea who or what tune this is. I wouldn’t listen to this to relax, but it would be a good track to drive to work to! Good fender rhodes solo. Three blind mice quote in the bass. Two thumbs-up!

#3: I love how this track is recorded. Great sound, except for the slightly too-boomy bass drum. Very clean alto sound. Again, HAFC.

#4: Lots of organ on disc 1—fine with me! Trumpet/bari doubling is nice—real fat mid-register trumpet sounds like Freddie Hubbard to me, but I’m fairly certain this is not a CTI side. Baritone solo seems a little derivative and unimaginative; I think the player could have done more with less. The very end has these folks playing a LOT like the Red Clay lineup. Hmmm…???

#5: I recognize this tune, but can’t play it. Could this be Rahsaan Roland Kirk playing one of the horns (right channel), or maybe both (miked separately)? Braith? Definitely not Braith. This has got to be RRK—it’s just on this side of free where he loved to be. Diggin’ this track.

#6: Beautiful solo piano version of Lush Life. With 463 entries for this on AMG, that site will be no help whatsoever. Parts of this get a little George Winston-ish for my taste, but on the whole, I like it. It’s recorded beautifully.

#7: My initial reaction was Bobby McFerrin, but of course, it’s a woman singing! Ugh, though, I hate “Paper Moon,” so my interest dropped altogether after the fun opening. Scat is not nearly as accomplished as that on track 2. NMCOT.

#8: This sounds like Soulive or Rodney Franklin, some recently recorded cats. Whoever it is has got to be playing a Gibson hollow body axe. Too accomplished to be GG Jr.; but I’ve got no idea who it is. Nice track.

#9: Another great drum opening; is it DJ Logic on the tables? Oh YEAH! This track ROCKS!!! This is definitely MCOT! Can’t wait to find out what this is—this track will result in a purchase for sure. Hella funky—but no idea who it is.

#10: Sidewinder. I never feel this way, but on this particular song, for my tastes, there’s nothing but the original. The vocals do nothing for me—remind me of the college jazz choir (“Jazz Hands!”). I miiiight get into this over time and with repeated listening…

#11: Aiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee! HAFC—NMCOT! I tried to like this symphony for arco bass, assorted percussion, detuned harp and prepared piano—but just could not get in to it at the end of the day.

#12: Sounds like the singer from track 10—without lyrics this time. I dig this one, but again have no idea who or what it is. Neat track. AWESOME vocal “drum solo!” Very impressive.

Thanks for a great disc one, Mike—VERY challenging—in terms of some of the tracks which were tough to listen to, and in terms of others, which I felt I knew but probably didn’t. I’m looking forward to disc 2, but REALLY looking forward to the answers.


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