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Jimmy Smith Memorial on WKCR


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Last 15 minutes of an EXCELLENT tribute!

Excellent indeed! I wish this could've gone on for another few days or weeks! :tup

Yeah, I just loved it!

I taped the majority of it - a few hours overnight I left out -

and am gonna save it to a few DVDs just to look (hear?) back on in the future.

As for the DJs. I don't have a problem with the talking as long as it's not bumbling

like a couple of the folks that showed up during the marathon. BUT, I'm guessing that

they may've been young(ish) and inexperienced and I was there once too, so I can see

the nervous possibilities. Our local jazz station provides some real laughs when you hear

the students. But hey, they're gettin an education!


Now playing: Fran├žois Bayle - Grandeur Nature

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Please remember that WKCR is still in dire straits financially, despite the success of their recent fund drive. While you're enjoying the music, please support them via the "pledge" page on their website.

Who else would drop everything to pay proper tribute to a lost great like Jimmy Smith?


My thoughts exactly!

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Yes, absolutely right, the folks who stumble and butcher names are the student broadcasters, not the veterans. I do cut the rookies some slack - they're *not* experts and they're probably quite nervous at times being on the air. Eventually they get comfortable, and hopefully get corrected that it's not Charlie Roose and Clint Howston.

The veterans manage to supply all the title and personnel details with ease and style, each with a particular personality - Sharif Abus Salaam, Ted Panken, Sid Gribetz, et al. They also, of course, have their music selection personalities - something that is pretty much forbidden by WBGO (and a lot of other stations that are heavy handed with playlists) and something that is harder to read from the WKCR rookies.

I think it's vital to keep the veterans on - they benefit the listeners, establishing the high artistic quality of the station AND they serve as models for the rookies.


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I thought the comparison between DJs was a bit humerous.

Ben Young: (this is a generalization)

"That last album was Jimmy Smith with blah, blah, blah, recorded on blah, blah, blah, at a time when Jimmy was recording for Verve with big band arrangements by Oliver Nelson, etc, etc

Student DJ : (I'll try to quote as directly as I can remember)

"That was Jimmy Smith on organ backed by SOME HORNS, playing... soulfully." :D

His commentary is a good example of the difference between accuracy and precision. :D

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I'm playing up in Petosky this weekend and for my 3+ drive up here I listened to all Jimmy Smith. I dug out some gems that I hadn't heard in a while, including:

Live at the Keystone with Eddie Harris

The Boss

Second Coming

And the ol' standards:

Midnight Special

Mosaic Box

The Sermon

Last night for the first set, we let the bassist and vocalist in my R&B band sit down and we played all Jimmy Smith tunes as a trio.... organ, guitar, and drums. It was a lot of fun and I don't think anybody in the audience liked it, but who cares?

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