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Dick Sherman etc.

Larry Kart

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Trumpet Guy, listened to the Cohn-Sims "From A To Z" with Dick Sherman on the way into downtown Chicago yesterday morning, and he is without doubt one of the Fruscella, Joseph, Sunkel circle and definitely worth hearing, as is the entire album, which includes am intense, moody Ralph Burns ballad titled, yes, "Crimea River." Sherman, who's on 10 0f 16 tracks, shows his colors on the first track by quoting from "Venus De Milo" and sounds very confident throughout in fast company.

The vaunted Jazz Record Mart had the Fruscella-Getz material you mentioned -- Fru and Getz from Birdland in 1955, "Pernod" and other tunes -- and you're right, it's superb, many thanks. Unfortunately they didn't have your album. Also, Sherman does solo on"Elliot Lawrence Plays Gerry Mulligan Arrangements" (OJC).

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Very cool Lawrence!!I have to get "From A to Z" pronto!Dick Sherman is not alive, correct?

The Fru/Getz is great too,but I was also refering to a 54' date in Virginia not on CD.Email me...

Thanks for looking for my cd too!

In the last year or so,I've become a Hackett fan--I find these cool offshoots(Joseph,Fru) most interesting!

Few things move me more than Don Joseph's solo on Mulligan's "All The Things You Are"--in fact that whole arrangement kills me!

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Dick Sherman also co-led at least one record date. A Gene Quill-Dick Sherman

Quintet session in 1955 for Dawn (with Dick Katz, Teddy Kotick and Osie Johnson).

The date was released on the Dawn Jazzville series volume 1, side B.

Side A had tracks by Les Jazz Modes.

This was reissued on LP by Fresh Sounds.

Sherman plays a superb 'Everything Happens To Me' on his quintet date.

Had forgotten about this session until I got into this thread. Gave it a listen

last night. Beautiful session. And it's always nice to hear Gene Quill.

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The Sherman-Quill date is on CD: the following information is from the freshsound.com site. I have this double disc set, some very nice music by some virtually unknown musicians. Can't remember which tracks are the Sherman-Quill ones. Would have to look this up home tomorrow.

Jazzville - 2 Cd

Various Artists

Featuring: Dick Sherman, Eddie Mattson, Frank Rehak, Melba Liston, Gene Quill, Norm Marnell, Marty Flax, Dick Katz, Walter Davis Jr., Alex Smith, Teddy Kotick, Nelson Boyd, Paul Worthington, Art Taylor, Charlie Persip


CD 1

1. Blues For The Camels

2. Lover Man

3. Achilles Heel

4. Everything Happens To Me

5. Rubbin The Genie

6. Insomnia

7. Very Syrian Business

8. Never Do An Abadanian In

9. Zagres This

10. Donnybrook

11. Limehouse Blues

12. Darn That Dream

13. That´S Earl Brothers

14. Nothing Could Be Finer Than Mi

15. Have You Met Miss Jones

16. Body And Soul

CD 2

1. Blues For Sal

2. Flying Home

3. Aaron´S Blues

4. You´re My Thrill

5. Platter Pie

6. Why Shouldn´t I

7. Ah The Pain

8. Everything I´Ve Got

9. Irma

10. Things I Love The

11. Why Was I Born

12. Suddenly It´s Spring

13. My Future Just Passed

14. Enchanted April

15. Lover Come Back To Me

16. Ain´t Misbehavin'


BAR CODE: 84 27328 44114 8

PRICE: 12.00 €

By the way: freshsound's running a Dawn special offer: single CDs 6.5 Euros. The above one is the only double, for 12 Euro - not too bad prices, I'd say. Shipping for Europe is alright, but I have no idea how much it costs to the US. Anyway, there's some nice music by the likes of Zoot Sims, Al Cohn, Randy Weston, Joe Puma, Dick Garcia, the Jazz Modes and some others.


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Caught another very worthy Dick Sherman date. He was the trumpet player on tenor

saxophonist Buddy Arnold's 1956 date for ABC-Paramount 'Wailing'.

The session was reissued years ago on LP by Fresh Sounds.

And it's really wailing. Very similar to the wonderful albums that Al Cohn and Joe Newman recorded for RCA at around the same time.

The band is Dick Sherman, Frank Rehak, Gene Quill, John Williams, Teddy Kotick and

Shadow Wilson. Dave Schildkraut and Osie Johnson sub for Quill and Wilson on

several sides.

Dick Sherman provided two originals 'Patty's Cake' and 'Moby Dick'.

Arnold plays bass clarinet and Quill clarinet on 'Patty's Cake'.

Buddy Arnold is a very good player out of the Brothers school.

Seems he is very much involved nowadays in drug rehabilitation programs.

More on this at http://members.tripod.com/~mikelil/buddy.html

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