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Hancock & Hutcherson Quartet Live in London

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Anyone catch the Herbie Hancock/Bobby Hutcherson concert at Barbican Hall, London on Tuesday night?

Line up included Scott Colley on bass and Terri Lyne Carrington on drums. Nice, varied repertoire of numbers - an acoustic version of 'Actual Proof' from 'Thrust', a very abstract 'Dolphin Dance', Hutcherson's 'November', Wayne's 'Footprints' and a superb 'Little B's Poem' to finish off with. Bobby H. in particular was on stunning form, getting some amazing sounds out of the vibes. It's the first time I've seen him live and he didn't disappoint.

Much of the music had the same vibe/feel as 'Happenings' and 'Oblique', so I was happy as a pig in a poke .... :rsmile:

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I had the amazing opportunity to see Hutch with McCoy at Yoshis earlier this year and the guy freakin' floored me. I loved how Hutch would cap off each solo by wacking the High Holy Heck out of the highest note on his vibe...


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an acoustic Actual Proof? wow........ did Herbie rip it up like a demon as he does on "Flood"?

An emphatic 'YES'. The Herbie vamp on this number sounds suprisingly good on acoustic piano. Hutcherson fitted in brilliantly here too.... :tup

I actually got my CD of 'Flood' out after hearing this concert and this one kicks ass. Both 'Actual Proof' and 'Butterfly' are real standouts - one of my favourite albums by the Headhunters.

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