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Keith Jarrett - Up For It

Joe M

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I'm surprised no one has talked about this new cd yet. It was recorded live at Antibes last year. It's a very inspired trio set, recorded under some apparently less than perfect conditions, but all three (Peacock and DeJohnette) rise to the occasion. I think it's easily among the best cds by the group. Almost all of the material has been recorded by Keith, but it's all very fresh. Keith's solo on Someday My Prince will come also really surprised me, for at times it sounds (at least to these ears) as though he's making some very subtle allusions to Wynton Kelly's solo on the Miles album of the same name, which certainly caught me off guard. He's not quoting Wynton, but at times he approaches the various changes in a way that seems to make reference to Kelly's solo. It's also interesting to hear the trio return with a cd of standards after the last two records, they sound energized. Any thoughts?

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Guest Mnytime

I haven't heard this one yet, hope to soon. Can't quite keep up with this juggernaut of a tro - still digesting and enjoying the fine WHISPER NOT (ECM).

Well considering they are the most recorded Trio in Jazz History it is understandable. :g

One thing for sure Jarrett must be the best paid Jazz Musician today. If he isn't #1 he has to be a top 5 at the least.

Even with the high prices of the Disney Hall show it sold out quickly. And we are not talking about a small place. I think it is supposed to hold 4000+ people. Though I am not sure on this. Does anyone know if they even started having peformances yet or is that later in the year.

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